T3 Bespoke Labs 83808-SE Featherweight Professional Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

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Product Description

This unique Hair Dryer dries your hair in half the time. No more sweating in the bathroom and rushing for that important date. No damage to your hair. Leaves hair shiny and smooth.

  • Powerful 1800 watts, yet weighs only 13 ounces
  • Generates Tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technolgy for 60% faster drying. The only dryer with a true ceramic heater coil
  • Eliminates frizzy, "blow dried" look
  • Negative ions add moisture and sheen
  • Comes complete with removable filter and screen, 2 speed settings and cool shot, as well as ionized concentrator

Customer Reviews:

  • Quiet, fast-drying, easy to clean, great for thick hair
    I've had my Bespoke Labs 83808-SE for a few months now and really love it. I have thick, wavy hair and am really hard on my blow dryers - and I've had many over the years. This one is, hands down, the quietest, fastest-drying dryer I've ever had, and it makes my hair shiny and smooth, not frizzy. The lint filter is easy to access and clean. In brief, there's just nothing not to like about it. It's pricey - but, given that I've gone through one or two lower-priced blow dryers every year for the past heaven-knows-how-many years and that it seems like this one's going to last a long time, I think it's actually the most economical choice....more info
  • I'm happy....
    This dryer meets all my expectations. It did cut the drying time for straightening my curly hair, and is not so hot that I worry about scorching. It is truly lightweight and comfortable to use. The cool shot button works very well. My only complaint is that the switches are on the handle, and I routinely switch the dryer off by accident while using it....more info
  • Happy, happy!
    T3 Featherweight (Bespoke Labs) 83808 Featherweight Professional Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

    After seeing a review in the Vogue spring issue, I ordered thru Amazon and received the dryer in days. I am delighted with it. It has instant heat, a cool off button and is light weight. I had asked my hairdresser about it and she was not familar with it. I took it with me to my last appointment and she used it. She is now inquiring if she can get one thru her supplier. I plan to order the travel weight dryer....more info
  • Dont do it!
    I will say that this blowdryer does dry my hair faster than a regular one, but for 150 bucks my hair still comes out frizzy. I tried to send the warranty and yes since amazon is NOT an authorized buyer Bespoke Labs will NOT honor the warranty. It was too late for me to return. I'd rather have bought the smaller version full price at Sephora or somewhere else, but I feel this was a big waste of my money....more info
  • Bespoke T3 hair dryer
    Not only is this the most beautiful dryer I have ever seen, it works as well as it looks. It is light weight, quiet and cut the time it takes to dry my hair by 5 minutes. Rushing to get ready for work in the morning 5 minutes is huge....more info
  • Worst Quality Product - EVER!
    I've had two. First one quit working in 2 months. Replacement ALSO quit working after 3 months. I still haven't gotten all the gory details on WHERE to send this second defective unit. Plus, I have to pay to ship it there AND include a check for $14.95 for "processing". Some warranty. It may be 4 years, but is it worth the hassle - time & expense - of returning every 3-4 months? The worst part is that the first one was a gift from my sister-in-law and she was mortified so handled the first replacement...the store kindly exchanged it for her. She paid $200 for the darn thing, so I would hope so! In any case, I did not want to prevail upon her kindness again, so decided to handle this one myself. I go to the web site - no info there - says to call them. I call them. They tell me to go to the website and send an email. Huh? Why couldn't they have just said that on the website? I suspect because they have a LOT of defective units but don't want people to guess that, and if they had the warranty info there, well, it would be a negative and not a positive. At any case, and at that kind of money, there should be better quality control (AND WARRANTY instructions!) so that I don't have to go thru this every 3 months! What is wrong with this picture? Yes, buy it if you want to deal with the warranty mess and inconvenience and cost. You'll love it for the 3 months, miss it for 2 months while awaiting the warranty info/replacement...and then the cycle will begin again. I have very thick hair with waves and it works wonders and leaves my hair shiny. But, geesh, I could never recommend it to anyone. $200 and I have to send it back for warranty every 2-3 months. Hello??? Bespoke are you listening???? My friends would never forgive me if I recommended such a poor quality product to them. Now that I had to prevail upon my sister-in-law to get her receipt, and I have it in hand, I can now spend my money to send the thing back. This has added 3 weeks to the delay, but I have FOUR YEARS. At this rate, they will probably wait until just about the end of that period to send me a replacement so the new one will be out of warranty practically when it arrives. I got the first one in late Dec 2006. The second one in mid-March...more info
  • Beware!
    When we tried to register the warranty, the company refused because a silver serial number tag on the power cord was missing -- and they said it was missing because Amazon tampered with the product. No kidding! We don't believe for a second that Amazon would ever do anything like this. What we suspect, but don't know, is that the manufacturer, T3 Micro, Inc., is protecting its full-price vendors. As to the blower, what you're getting for roughly half price is a pretty good unit. It is very light and comfortable, but controls are limited. There are two fan speeds, but no heat settings. There is a cool air switch. All in all, it does a very nice job -- and on low speed, it is especially quiet. Despite the warranty situation, we decided to keep the blower. We would have given the blower itself three stars, maybe four, but the warranty matter was very disturbing....more info
  • definitely lightest dryer I ever used
    This dryer is by far the lightest I have used. It does the job but DOES NOT dry hair any faster than my chi. It actually takes longer but I do notice a little less frizz. If you are looking for less stress on your arm and neck I recommend trying this....more info
  • My favorite hair dryer!
    This is my second T3 hair dryer and I love it. Especially the price on Amazon is half off compared to all other retailers! ...more info
    I made my purchase and then read the reviews afterwards. Big mistake! After reading the reviews, I discovered many customers had problems with the serial numbers missing and doubts of authenticity. When my product finally arrived, sure enough, the serial numbers were missing. The product was so obviously fake! It had large white tags on the cord where serial numbers should have been, the box wasn't sealed, and even the plug had a different look from a real one. I would not recommend this purchase, no matter how good the price. Instead, spend your money on a genuine T3...it's worth it!...more info
  • Who knew that it was possible to LOVE a hairdryer?
    Lightweight and super fast. With a vented roll brush, this leaves my hair looking sleek and healthy in record time. I can't remember the last time that I left the house with a completely dry head of hair...it used to take way too long to dry. Not anymore! I also like the little "bling" added to the handle of this special edition (SE) model. Worth every penny....more info
  • T3 Featherweight Tourmaline Hair dryer
    This dryer is worth the money! I've been using cheaper hair dryers for years and finally opened the wallet and invested in a professional quality one. I don't notice that this dries my hair any faster, but it is shinier, smoother, and seems to have more body. For someone who has hair that has all the body and styleability of dental floss, this is a huge improvement. I like this hair dryer and I got a great price for it on Amazon!...more info
  • Great dryer - no warrantee through Amazon
    I recently had the pleasure of taking this dryer for a test spin at a B&B while I was on vacation. It's awesome! I have super fine hair that easily gets frizzy and limp. Also, I don't like to spend a lot of time blowing it out, with high heat and tension, because it is fragile. This blow dryer worked much faster than my Revlon ionic and left my hair super smooth and shiny. The best part is that I didn't have to super heat my hair or put much tension on it to achieve a smooth blow out. I especially noticed the difference when I came home from my vacation and used my Revlon, which resulted in frizzies.

    Unfortunately, I already purchased this dryer from Amazon. It hasn't been delivered yet and I'm returning it as soon as it gets here since Amazon is not an authorized retailer. Unfortunately I will pay more at the authorized retailers but I would rather have the warrantee intact and be able to return it if it breaks. Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom are listed on T3's web site as authorized retailers. ...more info
  • Best Hair Dryer EVER!
    This hair dryer is very easy to use. It is light and the switch is just under your thumb when drying your hair so it is very easy to turn off and on with one hand. Plus the noise level is very low. If you dry your hair while curling it with a brush this should be your first choice. Even if you don't dry and curl at the same time it is a winer. Great! Product. In the stores it would cost you $175.00...more info
  • Serial Number Missing
    I ordered a T3 dryer from Amazon and it came minus the serial # so I was not able to register it with T3. At the high price, it needs to be registered for warranty. Amazon replaced it, and again, the serial # is missing!!! They are not buying these from an authorized dealer. The serial # should be on the cord. Anyone else have this issue?...more info
  • FABULOUS!!!!!!
    I am a hair salon owner and this is the best hair dryer I have used in ten years!! It is light and very easy to direct, with a great professional length cord to make it all the way around the chair and then some!! Thank you so much!

    ...more info
  • No more frizzy hair!
    For my entire half century of life, I've been "blessed" with curly hair which morphs to piles of frizz in rainy, snowy or humid weather. Regular hand-held hair dryers never quite dried my very-thick hair and didn't prevent the frizz. This one not only dries my hair, but does so quickly and a lot more quietly than any other I've used. The best thing is that it really does reduce the FrizzFactor significantly. I won't claim it's completely gone, but having 90% less frizz is cause for celebration and a four-star rating. By the way, I live in "HotLanta" where frizzy-hair weather lasts longer than a Maine winter. ...more info
  • Too Hot To Handle- In a BAD WAY
    T3 Bespoke Labs 83808-SE Featherweight Professional Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer

    This dryer is dangerous, and doesn't work well at all. Yes, it dries hair. There is no standard temperature setting, you can just have high strength or low (wind level, not heat) and it is so hot i've burned myself and my hair on it. Because it gets so hot, it's own internal temperature regulator SHUTS IT OFF all the time in the middle of drying. The only way to turn it back on is to wait until it decides it's ready to go again (several minutes of sitting.) It is quieter, but who cares, if it's quietly burning your skin and hair? i am actively pursuing a refund, don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Great bargain
    This is a great product and the price half of what you would pay at a salon....more info
  • hair dryer looks silver in picture but it's actually white
    bought it. didn't use it. wanted a silver one. picture looks silver. returned it. will get exactly what i want instead. ...more info
  • you wil not be able to get a warranty from the manufacturer
    I really like the hair dyer.It is light, drys hair in half the time,but I had no idea that Amazon was not an authorized dealer. If you don't mind taking the chance paying $100 with no warranty,it's a great dryer.I think it is deceptive of Amazon to sell this product as new, and not let people know what they are getting into. Marianne ...more info
  • lasted only 3 months
    I am a stylist and I loved this dryer. I had a co-worker who had one also. Both of our dryers only lasted for three months....more info
  • Amazing!!
    This is the best investment. I wish I had known about it years ago. This dryer cuts drying time in half and my hair is shiny when I use it. ...more info
  • Bespoke T3
    I Love this hair dryer so much. I used it at a friends house several times and finally just bought my own. Sephora sells it for $216 (after tax) and Amazon-$145. Money well spent! My hair is long and thick and it usually takes about 12-15 minutes to dry and that's after I've towel dried it, applied makeup, fixed the bed, etc...
    My T3 takes 4 minutes, I've actually timed it. I know its, "just a hairdryer" as my husband would say but if you are anything like me in the morning every second counts. I love it and Amazon always comes through with the best prices!! Can't wait to buy the straightening iron!...more info
    Lasted 7 months. In that 7 months it sporatically shuts itself off. Now its completely dead. The manufacturer won't warranty it because amazon is not an authorized dealer.

    My $10 conair has lasted at least 15 years! What a waste. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    The Bespoke T3 hairdryer performs excellent, it is a bit expensive, but certainly worth the money....more info
  • I tried to like this hair dryer.
    I bought this hair dryer with high hopes that it would be the dryer of my dreams! Not so. I used it for about a month, trying to like it. It was quiet and light weight, but didn't dry my hair in half the time of my cheap dryer like everyone states it should. It took about the same amount of time due to the fact that it doesn't have much blowing power. It's like my old hair dryer on low! I hated it so much I sold it on ebay and bought an Elchim 2100. Now, that dryer really BLOWS! It's also a whole lot less expensive and supposed to last for 2000 hours of use. At 5 minutes of use per day (yes, it's that fast), that's 65 years!...more info
  • Unauthorized Seller
    As far as the product goes, it is a fantastic hair dryer. It leaves my hair feeling soft and looking silky after blow drying it before I even do anything else to my hair. However, my gripe with this product is that Amazon is NOT an authorized seller of the product and, thus, I cannot register the hair dryer. T3 actually told me I should send it back to Amazon and refuse the credit card charges with my credit card company. Fortunately for Amazon, and unfortunately for me, I don't have the time or money to spend trying to resolve this issue. I just pray that my investment in this hair dryer, which I hope is authentic, will not be short-lived. Let the buyer (of this hair dryer from Amazon) beware!...more info
  • Great Dryer! No Warranty!
    This is the best hairdryer I have ever used!!! My hair is very thick and tends to look wild. This dryer makes my hair perfectly straight. Also drying time seems much less than any other dryer I have used. However I don't understand why Amazon is selling a product missing a serial number. I bought one without the number and Amazon sent me another one also missing the serial number. I am a little concerned because the price of the dryer is not cheap, even though Amazon discounts it....more info
  • Love how quickly it dries my hair!
    Hate to dry my hair but using this dryer takes half the time and my hair looks much better!!...more info
  • Overpriced and stopped working after a year
    Although there is a 4 year warranty on this product, the seller went out of business and no one can tell me where to return this nonworking dryer. It's touted as superior with a long warranty but what good is the warranty when you can't get it honored? A dryer this expensive that breaks after a year is no different than a cheaper model that you can at least replace 5 times over this one....more info
  • T3... Awesome!
    A friend of mine had gotten this blow dryer a few years back and raved about it.... I thought it was insane to pay that price for a blow dryer..

    It works! It's amazing. There's a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the texture of my hair.... I am naturally probably the darkest shade of very fine blond on the color swatch and I have almost always colored my hair platinum... As you can imagine, my hair is very fragile. The difference in the way my hair looks and feels after I use the T3 is remarkable.

    The volume of the blow dryer is very low. It feels as though it's not pushing out as much power, but it is... it's just quieter about it. :)

    The only problem I have with this product is that the On/Off switch is right on the shaft where your hand belongs so it is accidentally turned on and off very easily. That is annoying.

    Anyways, I highly recommend it. I did my Blow Dryer Research before buying this, and everything indicated that this is the best one on the market. Agreed.

    Good luck. :) ...more info
  • Bespoke Labs Featherweight Dryer is superior
    This dryer is most definetely worth the money. I have naturaly curly/frizzy hair. This dryer gives me soft, smooth hair in less time. The dryer is less weight and less noisy than all of the others I have tried. This dryer is the best!!...more info
  • Light weight dryer
    The dryer is very lightweight. However it did not have a serial number on it so I was not able to complete the warranty for it. I also tend to hit the power switch which accidently turns it off periodically; maybe I am just not used to the location of the switch yet on the handle....more info
  • Awesome product!!
    I had seen this dryer reviewed in InStyle for a couple of months and had considered purchasing it. I have very natural curly hair. The reviews said this product was helpful in taking the curl out. After trying other products I decided to try this. I was pleasently surprised. I have alot less frizz than before. Even thought the power is not tremendous that is not a problem. The dryer gets very hot and really straightens my hair. I really like that it is light weight also....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I really love this blowdryer. It really does eliminate frizz. I'm not sure if my hair really is healthier, but it definitely LOOKS like it is!...more info
  • Great Hairdryer
    This hairdryer is everything it claims to be: lightweight, fast-drying and the price well worth it. I have long wavy, colored, "tends to be frizzy" hair and this hairdryer makes it smoother than any other I have used; and I have tried MANY (both cheap and expensive). If I take my time and section my hair, I can get it smooth enough to not have to use a flat iron after (which I have always had to do before). If I'm in a real hurry, I can dry it fast and then just smooth it with the flat iron. Overall, it takes much less time than ever. It has an extra long cord which is great for getting the dryer pointed in all directions as needed and the cool-shot button works very well. If this one ever gives out, I would buy another just like it, which is more than I can say for others I have tried. I got one first for my daughter who has very long, thick hair which she always dries as fast as possible (always in a hurry). She has a little bit of frizz but this hairdryer dries it smoother than others she has used and she never has to use a flat iron after. We both love our hair better than before when drying was an ordeal with inconsistent results....more info
  • Fake
    Don't buy this product! It is NOT from an auth dealer. Amazon put up a fight when I returned it and it somehow it "got lost in the mail" so they didnt refund me. Seriously don't get sucked in. ...more info
  • Excellent dual-voltage hair dryer!
    This review is for the T3 'Overnight' dual-voltage hair dryer. I have just used it overseas and I am thrilled that both the low and high settings work on the 240V setting (every other dual-voltage hair dryer I've had in the past only worked on the low setting overseas). This hair dryer is excellent because it is lightweight and dries my hair very quickly with much less frizz than ordinary hair dryers. I also purchased the T3 Tourmaline Diffuser and love it because I have naturally wavy hair and it leaves my hair with nice waves, much less frizz and it does not feel crunchy and dry at the ends - just nice soft waves. I can't say that it leaves my hair completely frizz free but definitely softer. I would highly recommend this hair dryer....more info
  • Simply the best
    This is by far the best blow dryer I have ever owned. I used to swear by the Chi but this one is not even comparable! Very happy with it!...more info
  • I love this hairdryer
    This is a great dryer. Dries my hair very fast and seems to help with static electricity. It's a little pricey but if you have long hair it's worth it....more info
  • Love this blow dryer!
    This blow dryer is the best, keeps down the frizz and styles without getting everything out of control...more info
  • Worth the Money
    I have never spent this much on a hair dryer before in my life. But one weak moment I ordered it and I am not sorry one single bit. In this case, you DO get what you pay for. It has a lot of drying power but does not blow your hair to the point it frizzes or feels really dried out. First this threw me because I was used to more hot air blowing out but after I finished using it on my hair for the first time, it was amazing. No over blowing, my hair felt softer and in better condition, and for some reason straighter and more styled. No need to hesitate on buying this. I'll never go back to a cheaper hair dryer again. If you are still trying to justify spending the money, look at it as saving money on extra conditioner for your hair. This thing is wonderful....more info
  • works great
    this dryer dries my hair in about half the time i used to (5 minutes instead of 10), and i am not drenched in sweat after using it. i use it with the diffuser (T3 83807 Tourmaline Diffuser II), on the high setting, and keep it very close to my head. it was pricey but it was a good buy....more info
  • LOVE this hairdryer!
    I really LOVE this hairdryer! It is really light, dries my hair quickly, and helps eliminate frizz and the static. ...more info
  • Good blow dryer but a bit expensive
    The dryer is pretty lightweight and quiet. Leaves my hair free of frizzies so for me it passes the test just a tad expensive. The cord coRd be a little longer and I woujd liek a few more accessories but by and large a good buy...more info
  • Not worth the money!!
    This dryer is not worth the money!!! I used it for 3 days in a row thinking it would get better for some reason and it didn't. It did nothing exceptioinal for my hair. It barley blew out any air. My hair looked and felt the same after every blow dry. Compared to the dryer I have now, which I spent $50 on at Sally Beauty Supply, I would rather keep my old one. In my opinion the old one did a better job for less money. I don't see what all the hype is about T3 products? I also tried a straightening iron by them and it was a piece of %*&#....more info
  • Effective Quiet Dryer
    We purchased this unit after seeing it previewed on a shopping channel and hearing how professional stylists in Hollywood and elsewhere use it with great effectivness. Our experience is the same. On the low heat setting the temperature is consistent and the unit is much quieter than any other brand we've tried before. It has a nice long cord and comes with a supply of air filters. I have been able to eliminate hairspray as I style the hair with the dryer and a comb. There must be something special in the tourmaline technology and ions because my hair looks great. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a new hair dryer. It costs more than most dryers but the product quality, the quietness on the low setting, the long cord, the most important item, the way my hair looks makes the price worth it....more info
  • Beware! The Heating Element Breaks After A Few Months
    I have owned 3 T3s (Three different models, including this one). They are great while they last. My third one just died after only 5 months and I WON'T be buying another one! The heating element has gone out on every one of them after less than a year of use. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    I have thick, coarse, slightly wavy hair that takes a long time to dry. It is difficult to keep it from getting frizzy and to have it do what I want. This is the best dryer I have ever used for my hair. ...more info
  • Works great and it's worth every penny
    I don't typically like to spend $110 on a hair dryer. But, I would spend double for this one. It drys my hair quickly without frizzing it. Since I've started using this dryer, I don't need to use a flattner. My hair is already smooth after the dry. This is going to prevent a lot of damage on my hair. Maybe I'll be albe to grow it out now. The one flaw, is the dryer makes an occasional rattle. It sounds like a screw is loose. But, if it breaks, I'll buy another. ...more info
  • Convinced!
    My conair hair dryer stopped turning off the other day so I started searching online for a new one (I do this about every 1.5yrs b/c they eventually die on me). Happened to come across this hair dryer and was intrigued though not sure what to believe. After all, it's *just* a hair dryer and ridiculously expensive! It got good and bad reviews so I figured I'd try it out. I decided to buy one at Nordstrom because if I didn't like it, I could return it and if I did like it, I'd have the full warranty.

    To my surprise it did an AMAZING job and I'm not very skilled at styling and blow drying my hair at the same time.

    I washed my hair with the same shampoo and conditioner I've been using for a few months and I towel dried it a little but my hair still felt very wet. I did not put any "product" in my hair afterward like I normally do. I used the hair dryer while sitting on the floor in my bedroom and used my brush as usual and dried/brushed it without a mirror. It definitely dried my hair faster than other hair dryers, but I'm not sure how much time it shaved off overall. When I was all done, my hair felt nice, but nothing stuck out UNTIL I looked in the mirror! It was nice and smooth (no flyaways) which I can usually only get this look when I use shine/smoothing serum on my hair. And when I do that, I'm looking in the mirror and constantly brushing/styling as I'm drying it. This was actually pretty effortless and I'm thrilled that I didn't have to put anything in my hair to achieve a nice, smooth, professional look. Very impressed after first try and I'd recommend this hair dryer to anyone....more info


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