Replacement Filter for 16060

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Replacement Filter for 16060

  • Honeywell
  • Replacement Filter for 16060
Customer Reviews:
  • Not genuine Honeywell filter
    If you think this is the real and genuine Honeywell filter #16960 then you are mistaken. It is an imitation product made by BestAir that is NOT equivalent to the name brand filter. It fits my air cleaner and there is some sort of black fine grained filter fabric on the front face as expected. However the back white filter is far inferior. Instead of having a tightly fit ribbed accordion type filter with a high surface area on the backside, there are only a fraction of the ribs and my guess is about 1/5 the surface area. The description says "Item model number 16960" which is the Honeywell number I thought I was getting. This is deceiving because it is not the BestAir model number. The actual model number listed by BestAir is D110. DO NOT buy this product expecting an equivalent product to the name brand item....more info