Intermatic HB-114C Air Conditioner & Appliance Timer

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Product Description

Product Description:
Now you can come home to a cozy, cool, well lit home without paying the power company for a 24/7 electric feed! Set the HB114C to turn on the AC (or space heater) about an hour before you arrive, and you'll bask in comfort from the moment you cross the portal!
Automatically controls 240 volt air conditioners, heaters, heavy-duty appliances and lamps


  • 5,000 watt capacity
  • Plugs directly into wall outlet
  • 2 ON / 2 OFF settings per day
  • 3-prong 220-240 volt grounded plug and receptacle.
  •  Customer Reviews:

    • Timer works as expected; a bit pricey for what it is
      I purchased this timer to control an air conditioner that I installed in my garage. The air conditioner has its own thermostat, but no day to day clock.

      Installation could not have been any simpler. The timer simply plugs into the wall outlet, and then the air conditioner cord plugs into the side of the timer. The timer has a standard, 3-prong, 20A, 240V plug and outlet.

      The timer works as expected -- the on and off times are set using the familiar plastic tabs that one often sees elsewhere (on landscape light transformers, water heater timers, etc.).

      You may not want to use this plug in or next to a bedroom as the mechanical clock's ticking noise is loud.

      For this price, I expected to be able to find a 7-day schedule timer (digital or mechanical), rather than this same-schedule-each-day unit. But I searched and did not find much of a selection among low cost, 240 volt timers....more info