Stacy's Pita Chips, Cinnamon Sugar, 6-Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)

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All natural. 0g Trans fat; 0 mg Cholesterol. A chip that's both decadent and delicious. Perfectly sweetened with natural milled cane sugar. Our customers say, -They're the perfect morning or afternoon snack with coffee or tea.- Kids love them too! We both had a passion for good food and healthy living, so we left our careers and bought a food cart. We began making all natural pita roll-up sandwiches and at the end of each day we seasoned and baked the pita bread into delicious, homemade chips. Before we knew it., Stacy's Pita Chip Company was born. Enjoy Stacy's Pita Chips and feel great knowing that you're eating all natural, baked snacks. Thanks to all our customers!

  • Case of 12 6-ounce bags (total of 72 ounces)
  • All-natural pita chips flavored by organic cane sugar and cinnamon
  • Baked, not fried; no cholesterol; no trans fat
  • Great as snack with coffee or tea
  • Baked in Randolph, MA

Customer Reviews:

  • Healthy, yet delicious!
    Stacy's cinnamon sugar chips are the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy! They're a great addition to a sack lunch, or a handful makes a wonderful snack....more info
  • You're Gonna Love Them
    Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are the best. They're sweet (but not too sweet) and crunchy. They taste like a little bit of heaven. I love them....more info
  • tasty snacks
    Love the cinnamon pita chips! The 6 oz. bags are the right size to share without overindulging....more info
  • Much too good!
    Another Stacy's product that is simply wonderful. High quality pita chips with a very nice cinnamon sugar dusting. Be careful!...more info
  • Stacy's Chips + = empty bag
    Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips are so good that I think I might need a 12 step program to give them up! I see that some of the other posters say that they could eat a bag a day -- Ha! I could eat a bag of these tasty little morsels at every meal, wipe my face with the bag and hope I could sneak a few more for dessert.

    One negative reviewer said that these chips are dry. Of course they're dry! It's called crispy, and Stacy's chips have crispness in abundance. You open the bag and the delicate scent of cinnamon and of baked goods, exactly as if you had just opened the door to your favorite bakery. Breathe deep -- this is your bag of chips, and why not enjoy it? Look in the bag and see those golden brown triangles of crisp-baked pita, generously covered with good cinnamon and sugar. Offer a chip to the other people in the room, after all you have to be polite. Be secretly glad that no one here knows how good they are, so you won't have to share - this time.

    Now you can take one of those perfect triangles and either bite it daintily or just pop it in your mouth. (Here's where it gets a little hazy) You're going to have a few minutes of incredible flavor and texture, just like Mama used to make, if she made "crust cookies," pie crust generously sprinkled with Cinnamon and Sugar, and baked to a flaky crispness. Take another bite and enjoy. Let all those memories drift over you...

    And then you have an empty bag! how could that be? I had a full bag not two minutes before. It must be some kind of universal time warp that occurs whenever I have a bag of Stacy's Chips. I open the bag, lift a chip to my mouth and suddenly, the bag is empty, I want more, although I fear that eating three or more bags of these snacks a day would leave me the size of the Hindenburg. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Hmmm - I may have gotten by that "one-a-day" rule. Eat your normal bag of chips in the afternoon, then wait until after dinner. Grab a bag of chips when you sit down with the family after dinner. If anyone notices or says anything, say "I wanted to have a bag with lunch, but I (forgot to grab them, the Quickie-mart was out, whatever excuse suits your fancy)

    Devour your second bag, and say that you want to watch a little bit of late night television after everyone else has retired for the night. See all the misery and tragedy that news people love to send over the airwaves to keep you from having sweet dreams. Now you have to do something to take your mind off the problems of the world. How about a little (tiny, really) bag of wonderfulness? yep, it's after midnight, a new day, and time for your first bag of Stacy's to lull you off to sleep. Best of all, no one knows about it!

    All of this is dependent upon Amazon and their wonderful delivery program which delivers these amazing treats at a very reasonable price. Here in my area, the price that Amazon asks is less than half the cost at the Supermarket! I can eat twice as many for the same price! Whoo-Hoo!

    All kidding aside, these are wholesome, tasty snacks that aren't fried and can add a real punch of flavor to a low calorie diet. They are delicious, economical and have none of the grease that you feel and taste in fried chips. Amazon sells them for a terrific price, and they arrive at your home amazingly fresh and without one broken chip. (Your chip breakage may vary)

    If this hasn't given you a reason to try these tasty little morsel of paradise, then I can't help you....more info
  • A good alternative to chips
    My husband really likes to have chips or something to munch on in his lunch, and pita chips are a good alternative to regular potato chips. I decided to buy these at because they are such a better price than I could find them in stores. An added bonus was that Stacy's brand is our favorite in terms of taste (compared to Trader Joe's and other store brands) but they are normally more expensive per bag, so it was nice to find them on sale. However, I will note that I bought these as part of a promo (one of those save $$ off a purchase) so I don't know if they will be as good of a deal in the future.

    The only downside of ordering these (and other items from Amazon grocery) is that since they come in bulk, you end up with a lot of the product at a time. I ended up with 24 bags of Pita chips total, which was a lot to find room to store!...more info
  • Sweetness
    These have just the right amount of sweetness to it. It tastes like the cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love this out of all the other Stacy's pita chips....more info
  • Somebody stop me, please!
    These things are hard to describe except to say that I'm hooked. Yummy, not a heavy snack. They make a great snack anytime. I like to have them with iced tea or some other light beverage and they make a great pair. They are slightly sweet but not overmuch. Something totally different and like I said, somebody stop me please! Thats the only problem, if you have no self-control they are so light and tasty you can eat a ton. I have to remind myself: everything in moderation. Then I'll be okay! But they will satisfy your sweet tooth without having to eat a bag full of donuts! And that can't be bad can it? Just to tell you how different they are, I got a couple of bags on special at the local drug store. When they were gone I went back and I guess they were just a special item because they didn't have anymore. So I knew I'd try to look around and find some somewhere and then happy day I saw them on Now I don't usually go looking for things so thats my clue. If they are good enough to track down they are GOOD ENOUGH!...more info
  • my current addiction
    I could eat a bag of these every day. My adult kids love them, too. I wish the cinnamon flavor was available in the larger size bag (like the naked and parmesan garlic are)....more info
  • Addicted
    I bought both 6oz & 1oz bags. I just love it.
    Without promotion, it's a little expensive.
    I will buy them again, when a coupon is available....more info
  • stacy cinn pita chips
    stacy pita chips are a big hit at my house. when ever they are on sale, i buy 2 cases. grocery has brought many smiles to our home....more info
  • Love Them!
    I love these chips. Love them. Be careful though they are addictive. If you can find them in your store you should purchase them there. Amazon ships you the entire case just as it is sent to the store with no packing material, no outside box, nothing. While I love my chips and I will eat what I was shipped, the lack of packing material - the lack of detail to packing all together - left me with 12 bags of crumbs. ...more info
  • Addictive!
    These are so good, I'm surprised that they're legal! Seriously though, if you like cinnamon toast you'll love these sweet and crunchy pita chips....more info
  • Sneaky Stealth Shopper
    I never dreamed I would be driving all over town, just hitting stores that I know carry Stacy's Pita Chips, looking for the display cases that have the Cinnamon Sugar 6-Ounce Bags so that I can take them ALL! But I am!
    I first had them about a month ago, just by chance. I only learned to buy them on Amazon recently, but with the savings I'll get here, it means more to add to my reserve supply, thank God. I liked some of the other Pita choices - but that was only until I tried the Cinnamon Sugar. Being a bit of a sugarholic, this would be my preference - but Oh, the delight of crunching a light snap with just the right amount of cinnamon. Then to find even that surpassed with loving the very bottom of the small broken pieces in the bottom of the bag that taste very close to perfect, with excess sugar running around loose to add something extra.
    I don't want to tell you what stores I found all my goodies in - I know you will just want to go take them from me. :-(

    ...more info
  • Good snack
    I found these a few years ago at Whole Foods. I love them. They are a great snack. Tasty, but not too sugary. ...more info
  • Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips
    I have been battling colon cancer for two years and, most recently, pneumonia. In the process of having three surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments I, of course, lost my taste buds and couldn't find anything that really tasted good to me. Having lost thirty pounds that I couldn't afford to lose, I desperately searched for something that tasted good to me. Then I discovered Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Baked Pita Chips! How delicious they are!!!!

    I have gained ten pounds and could eat three bags of these chips per day except I can't afford them. No only are they hard to find at stores in the Charlotte, NC area, they are really expensive. Harris Teeter grocery stores stock them but they charge $3.49 per bag and Bi-Lo grocery stores charge $3.99 per bag. With so few chips in a large bag, that is really too high.

    My last order for Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar chips through Amazon was for 24 of the small bags which really doesn't last me long. By the time I add in shipping and handling for my order, I really don't save any money. Being retired with a fixed income and incurring so many recent medical bills, I find it hard to afford to buy the chips.

    My recommendation to Stacy's Pita Chips Company would be to add more chips to the bag and also lower the retail price. It would be great to have the chips available in discound stores, such as Wal-Mart, etc., in order to purchase them at a cheaper price.

    Stacy's should give me a free year's supply of the Cinnamon Sugar chips because I have told other cancer patients, a lot of friends and family about the chips and seem to have everybody "hooked" on them. ...more info
  • Bag half empty !!!
    The product itself is good but the fact that the bags were more than half empty was very disappointing. We all know that most snack food products are sold by weight not volume but the Stacy's products are the most deceiving I ever saw! Shame on you Stacy's !!!...more info


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