Ecco Bella Botanicals Ecco Mist Air Freshener Lavender 8.5 oz from Ecco Bella

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Product Description

A breath of fresh air. Refresh the air you breathe, naturally, without chemicals. Removes smoke, cooking and pet odors. Ecco Mists are natural, healthful and contain over 2,000 sprays. Ecco Mists contain essential oils, emulsifier and water. Nothing else. The bottles are aluminum, with fine art original paintings on each. You can recycle the bottles easily. Non aerosol.

Customer Reviews:
  • Fresh and Clean
    In my opinion, this product is well worth the price. I originally found it when looking for household products that don't have all those nasty chemicals. Sure, you can get an air freshener for much cheaper, but here's the ingredient list for this product: "Contains: Essential oil of lavender". That's it. I grow lavender in my garden, and this is what it smells like. I feel good about me, my family, and my pet breathing it, which is well worth paying a little extra for. And the scent is light but lasting, fresh and clean, sweet lavender without being too sweet. I've tried the other scents as well and they're nice, too; I'm just partial to this one....more info
  • rip-off
    What you get is not 4 cans (as pictured), but 1.
    This is misleading.
    A similiar product can be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.
    With shipping, you end up paying approx. $15 for one can of aerosol !...more info