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Smart-touch tec'nology with digital touchpad means when the blending button is pushed a pre-programmed cycle automatically speeds up and slows down to draw ingredients into the blade which spins up to 29,000 RPM and thoroughly blend all the ingredients, then shuts off when the cycle is complete, so recipes will turn out perfect every time. The blending jar is our famous patented square jar design just like our professional models used in nationwide coffee, juice, and restaurant chains. Big 64oz. capacity, one year warranty. The blade is a patented 2-prong stainless steel blade with lifetime warranty! Powerful commercial quality 1500Watt, 3 Peak HP direct-drive motor. Comes with an Ice Crushing Guarantee and three year warranty on motor and base. Total Blender replaces these other kitchen appliances: Grain mill, juicer, bread machine, ice cream maker, smoothie maker, blender, milkshake maker, coffee grinder, ice crusher, - all in one machine, for a fraction of the cost. And it does the job better than the others!

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow!
    This blender is phenominal. It'll grind up anything you can throw at it. We grind up wheat to make fresh whole wheat bread. Mmm! My wife likes to make veggie/fruit juices and we make baby food for our 6 month old. It's loud but the clean-up is extremely easy. You'll be happy with this blender....more info
  • Will it Blend? You bet!
    I got my Blendtec about two months ago, and I wanted to wait until it got through one hundred cycles before I posted my review, just to make sure the 'honeymoon' stage was over. For those that are not familiar with the blender, the LCD screen on the base keeps track of how many cycles it has been through. A cycle is basically pushing any button on the blender except pulse.

    Initial Impressions:
    I quickly figured out that the blades on the Blendtec work slightly different than the blenders I was accustomed with. The blade doesn't really have an 'upward' angle to it, so if what you're blending will not fall to the bottom of the jar, it will not be blended. The best example I can think of is an orange: previous blender's blades would pull it down into the blades and then keep chipping away at it, but on the Blendtec it would just balance between the center bolt on the blade and the jar wall. But boy, when that fruit was sliced and did get into the blade, there was little left of it. Previous blenders had left me accustomed to fine chunks of whatever I was blending, but the Blendtec could turn a whole unpeeled orange into what looked like orange syrup.

    I have seen several reviews cite the Blendtec as being excessively loud, but I did not really think that. It IS loud compared to a $12 Durabrand 200 watt blender, but it is not much louder than a higher end (~$60) consumer blender. And the preprogrammed cycles mean you can just start a cycle (around 40 seconds) and walk away.

    While Racking Up the Cycles:
    I have primarily used the blender about once a day in an effort to help me work some fruits and veggies in my diet. I have also used it a few times for things like pancake batter and iced drinks. I'm still amazed at how this machine can liquefy a leaf of lettuce or kale. I had tried a few times with other blenders to blend up greens but was usually turned off at how chunky the end result was.

    One thing I really grew to like was the preprogrammed buttons on the base. After pushing a button, the LCD will start a countdown timer and you can hear the blender running at different speeds to make sure everything in the jar is getting into the blades. This works pretty good 95%+ of the time, but when it doesn't the one piece lid does not allow you to prod the offending piece of matter into the blades. Sometimes I wonder if Blendtec should have integrated a tamper like Vitamix, but for few times it would be needed it would probably just be more of a hassle than a help. If larger things like apples, oranges, and lettuce leafs are diced or chopped before blending it is much less of a problem.

    Cleaning the Blendtec is by far the easiest blender I have ever cleaned. Because the blades are integrated into the jar, it only has two pieces (jar and lid) compared to traditional blenders that have around six. For the most part after using the blender I just put water and a small amount of soap into the jar and pulse it a few times, rinse it out, and then set it out to dry. The base is also easy to clean since the buttons are not raised, just a quick swipe with a rag.

    I give the Blendtec 4 stars because there are a few things that keep it from being perfect. While some of the "don't likes" were not mentioned in the main review, I still feel they are important enough to keep from mentioning.

    What I liked:
    -Preprogrammed cycles allowed me to just push and walk away (but still stay close, see below)
    -The blender's ability to pulverize anything placed into it
    -Super easy to clean
    -Very few parts
    -It is aesthetically pleasing enough that it doesn't seem out of place on a counter if it is left out

    What I didn't like:
    -Occasionally all items in the blender would fail to enter the blades, chopping with a knife ahead of time could usually prevent this... But part of me hates dicing food before putting it into a blender.
    -After about 50 cycles when the blades were spinning down after a cycle it would squeak like an old car's engine. This would only last about a second or two, and I'm not sure if it is even a problem, the blender performance has been unaffected. I just hope it isn't a symptom of a bigger problem.
    -Of the 100 cycles, once during a cycle the blender starting vibrating violently, causing the blender assembly to rotate on the counter. It then blew the lid off and propelled green liquid on to my upper cupboards and counter top. I am still unsure what caused this, as I was using the same ingredients and cycle I had in the past. I have since kept an extra eye on the blender and refrained from leaving the kitchen completely.

    What I'm Indifferent About:
    -Price: If you are reading this review, you already know how expensive the Blendtec is compared to other blenders. While I would not classify this product as a 'must have' kitchen appliance, I still think its performance is far superior to the traditional blender. I realize that this would not come without a price premium. This blender is not a deal, but I also do not feel like I was ripped off either....more info
  • Awesome blender
    Perfect blender. Just dump the stuff in, push a button, and let it do its job. A little loud but what do you expect with 1,500 watts of power? If sound is really an issue, upgrade to the commercial one and go for the Q-series....more info
  • Excellent blender for smoothies!
    I purchased the Blendtec two months ago and I've been very happy with it's performance. I use the blender to make smoothies so I can only comment on that specific function. My only complaint is that the "smoothie" button does not perform as advertised. When this button is used the contents are not completely blended. Considering the contents, you may have to press the "smoothie" button several times for desired results. I simply use the "speed up" button at level 8 and the smoothie comes out perfect! A typical green smoothie for me would consist of spinach, wheat grass, baby carrots, a few strawberries, one apple (including stem and seeds) and water. The Blendtec handles it with ease!...more info
  • Will it blend? Most of the time.
    After having watched pretty much every video on the Blendtec website for "Will It Blend?", I had to get myself one of these blenders. No, I don't plan on blending bic lighters or a tiki torch, all I want it for is to make some really good smoothies and some frozen cocktails now and then. And it will do that pretty well - definitely better than any other blender I've ever owned, but it certainly isn't invincible. You really do have to get the proportions of liquid to solids correct, otherwise it will do what every other blender does and you'll need to stop it and give it a good shake to get the ingredients down near the blades.
    It is a champ at pulverizing things into an incredible smoothness - instead of getting a smoothie one time (because I had used too much frozen fruit and not enough liquid), I ended up with something resembling Diary Queen ice cream. Not my intended result, but tasty nonetheless.
    I don't think the noise of this blender is any worse than my old Cuisinart, and its blue lighted display looks nice on the counter near my Keurig coffee maker. I don't think this blender is worth the price, though....more info
  • Impressed !!
    This is a very fine product. I purchased this blender in hopes to get more vegetables in my diet. I am a weight lifter so I wanted a better alternative than taking vitamin and mineral supplements in pill form. I feel that the whole food is better than pills and using a juicer. I was considering getting a breville juicer but realized I did not want to make a mess. I know if I start making a mess I probably won't continue. I read alot that most of the nutrients are in the pulp left over from juicing including fiber. So I went with the best Blender on the market. All fingers pointed to the blendtec. When I got the blender at first look I was not impressed. It looked bland and a little cheap looking. Although I'm not sure what I expected the blender to look like. My first blend was cucumber, strawberries, avacado and a little soy milk with water. Pressed smoothie button and blast. This thing is powerfull. The smoothie was great. I have been very impressed with this product and hope it holds up for a very long time. Lets be honest the price tag is ridiculous. The most expensive appliance you could own. I highly recomend this If you have the bucks....more info
  • You Get What You Pay For
    In the world of blenders, you get what you pay for. Power is everything and as that increases, so does the price. Blendtec is near the top in both power and price, but for good reason. If you're someone who uses a blender a lot or plans to, the Blendtec is a worthy investment. As someone who decided to start eating healthier, being able to make a fruit smoothie every morning with ease is well worth the price tag to hopefully live a little longer.

    As others have mentioned, the blender is powerful. It will destroy just about anything you put in it. Most blenders have issues with ice while the Blendtec turns it into snow (great if you like making snow cones). The jar is made of a thick plastic and withstands both hard and soft items well. While some have complained about the sound, I wouldn't put it much more than standing next to a vacuum cleaner.

    One of the most underated aspects of this blender is how easy it is to clean. After you're finished, simply rinse out the blender, fill it with some warm water and a drop of detergent, blend for a few seconds, and rinse it out. The blender comes out looking like new in under a minute. There are no extra parts or items you need to scrub.

    Now there are a couple minor things that bother me. The first being that it's not as easy as they make it look. Most of the demos show them throwing whatever ingredients they want into the blender and hitting the preset button and standing back. Wa-La! They have a perfect smoothie. Fact is that sometimes the blender doesn't blend everything right. Using too much frozen fruit or not enough liquid can cause issues. It takes a little time to figure out how to get it to work the way you want. I know that some would say that no blender is perfect, but I think it's a reasonable complaint when they advertise the machine as something that seems to blend everything flawlessly.

    Which brings me to the other minor issue, the presets. There are buttons for smoothies, milkshakes, etc. The concept is that you just hit the button and it'll make it how you want. Fact is that the presets don't provide the best results. I found myself just using the speed up and speed down buttons along with the pulse for making what I needed. After a few rounds of it, I knew what speed was best. The presets on the other hand would give mixed results. Sometimes I'd have to hit it twice, sometimes I'd have to pulse before and after.

    All in all it's a great blender at a fair price. If you are someone who blends quite regularly, it's a great investment to your kitchen....more info
  • Great buy
    For the most part I am a healthy eater but this is going to bring me to the next level. I was in Costco and saw a demo of the total blender and was very impressed. I knew it could be returned if not satisfied. I am tight with my money and usually do not drop almost $400 without some planning. Purchasing it at Costco gave an extended warrantee of 7 years. I make at least one fruit smoothie and veggie juice per day. One of my main concerns was that it would just be a little better than my old $50 blender but there is no comparison. It takes seeds, carrots and whatever you put in it into liquid. Today's creations were a chilled broccoli juice and a power fruit smoothie made from a mix of fruit I grabbed out of the fridge and protein mix. I have been showing it off to my friends and already have a few stopping by on a weekly basis with jugs to be filled. ...more info
  • Awesome Blender: Power, Performance, and Durability.
    Bought mine over 18 months ago and waited before writing up a review. In that period, I've used this blender daily, sometimes multiple times per day. It has held up under this constant, heavy use -- no problems with parts or performance at all. It performs as well today as when I bought it, unlike previous blenders I've owned that rely on sharpness of their blades.

    I got this blender to improve my diet by adding more whole fruit and vegetable smoothies. This device supplements my juicing by allowing me to blend whole fruits and retain one of the most beneficial part of the fruit (the fiber).

    This Blender is extremely powerful and does a great job creating consistent, smooth drinks from whole fruits. Yes it's VERY loud, but when I got my blood pressure and cholesterol tests back and every time I weigh myself, I consider the roar of this machine music to my ears!

    Despite what some reviewers claim, this blender does NOT need a tamper. I've never felt the need for one, and as I mentioned I blend whole fruits and make thick shakes. The Blendtec is designed to oscillate or pulse rather than maintain a constant speed as other blenders do. This prevents a vacuum from being created and allows inputs to settle into the blade. On occassion when I have been too lazy to cut my fruit into smaller pieces and found some chunks, a second cycle or use of the "pulse" function is all it took to make a perfect shake.

    As another reviewer mentioned, this blender is great for entertaining -- both as a functional appliance and as a conversation piece....more info
  • Yes, yes it does blend.
    This blender really will blend just about anything to whatever consistency you might desire. In my case I use it mostly for beverages, making smoothies from powdered and fresh ingredients. The preprogrammed buttons are handy, but you will find from time to time you may have to use `Pulse'. The blender is loud, though no more so than the one it replaced, a 70's vintage Hamilton Beech. Clearly you're not going to keep a conversation going or be able to hear a TV/Radio while this is running. If you've ever visted Jamba Juice or Starbucks you've heard Blendtec's commercial blenders at work, this blender is basically a consumer version of those blenders. Cleaning is easy as the carafe is one piece. You will have to fully clean the sides as the rapid mixing action slings the contents over the entire inside surface. I have yet to have it not blend everything I toss in it, even things one might not think of. And as one might imagine, you just have to try SOMETHING off the wall considering their `Will it Blend' ads. In my case, I gave it the easy chore of making a smoothie out of a hamburger, which it did with ease once the burger patty and buns had enough time in the blades. I did have to add some additional ketchup, mayo and cheese sauce to get the liquid level high enough do make more than a mashed paste but then what do you expect from a mere hamburger. : )...more info
  • Disappointed
    I don't normally complain, but this unit is not worthy of its price. Our Blendtec's jar washer assembly failed after 3 years of very sporadic use. The washer now leaks, and worst of all, comes apart in our drinks. I called customer service, they said it's out of warranty and would cost $60 for a new jar with shipping. I should have shopped at WalMart for a cheap blender. I definitely would not buy this again or recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Better than Vitamix
    I bought a Vitamix for my mother 2 years ago for her birthday.
    She loved it. She uses it daily to make whole juice drinks every morning. She would blend celery, grapes, apples, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, and many other fruits or vegetables. And the result is simply great. You can't taste any pits or skins left in the drink; every little bit of ingredients are blended into fine juice for your enjoyment and fast digestion.
    As a person grows older, the amount of enzymes in the stomach is lost. Therefore the ability to digest food is reduced dramatically. By drinking whole juice, the natural enzymes in the fruit, in the skin of the fruit, are blended and broken down for easy digestion.
    Anyway, I almost forgot this review is for Blentec.
    Well, after I got the Blentec (at a Sam's Club demo promotion), the price is actually about the same as being offered at (after tax). With that being almost the same, I just bought it on the spot and I will never regret that I did.
    I have to say that the final blended results are just the same if not better than Vitamix.
    But I want to point out a few significant advantages of this one.
    1. The unit is smaller for storage and handling when you need to take it out to use. As for us, since we use it daily, it just sits under the countertop cabinets (snug fit), just about under 1 inch of room left when you push it in and out.
    2. The recessed touch buttons are just amazing. They are much easier to clean than anything I have seen on the market, including Vitamix. If you like to keep things clean, this is the one to get. You will always drop some juice or fruits on the mixer base and if it gets between the knobs or buttons in the traditional blender, you know how hard that is to clean. With Blendtec, that problem is gone once and for all. This is actually one of the main reasons I bought the Blendtec.
    3. The 6 button with different time settings. They are also great. Sometimes, you don't have a recipe and you just need to make something quick, but you don't know how long you should blend it for; well, the timer takes care of that question. This is another real deal breaker for me for the $400 damage.
    4. Lightweight and easy to clean. We make it a habbit to clean right away after each use. Some reviewers said it's difficult to clean; well, because they left the thing on the counter all night after using it. Try that with any blender, it will be difficult to clean. It's not a fair review to any blender in that regard.

    A note on noise: it is very loud, but not to the point where you need a ear plug. It does give out a few more dB than the Vitamix, I think by design, they can use some sound blocker inside the base enclosure, but while doing that, it would block the heat ventilation results and make the unit too hot to operate or break prematurely due to heat issues. I agree with Blendtec's design to allow maximum ventilation over sound reduction. Besides, we don't use it all the time so that it would cause your neighbors to complain.

    All in all, it gets a 5-star from me because it deserves the rating....more info
  • If It Sounds Too Good To Be True....
    I was looking for a heavy duty blender, when I got over the sticker shock I did my homework. After searching many online sites and reading many reviews I decided to purchase the Blendtec rather than the Vitamix. After six months of simple use for making smoothies with frozen berries the machine broke down. It would spin out of control and then shut down in overload. Customer service took my information and assured me a rush repair and return. That was two weeks ago. First they said they never received it and had never heard of me, fortunately I had Fed Ex confirm they had signed for it. Last week they said it was going out expedited shipping, not here yet. My review is that this machine is too expensive to break down after such minor use. Understanding that there may have been a faulty part, the customer service is non existent. From "who are you", "we never got the machine", to "It's in the mail". Check out reviews for Vitamix and its customer service rating. This was too good to be true, let the buyer beware of Blendtec....more info
  • Total blender
    I got the total blender a week ago from Costco's live demo session. I agree with the reviews here that it blends pretty much everything. It's compact and easy to use with pre-programmed buttons. The noise is definitely there but not unbearable. However, what makes me give it a three star review is that I smelled rubber burning at the initial blending sessions. I thought the temperature might be too high for the machine to handle. But I was making smoothie and whole juice so the temperature was somewhat cold. So after examining the rubber rings inside and outside, they all felt lukewarm. I decided to call the customer service. I was then told it could be the rubber in the motor and it might need some time to be broken into... But with such a high sticker price for a blender, I'm surprised that would be an issue....more info
  • An excellent blender with many purposes
    I have owned this blender for about a month. So far it has worked great. It is a great tool to have if you expect to blend stuff on a daily basis. The larger blades and powerful motor makes my Oyster beehive blender feel like a toy. It will blend things that conventional blenders would not even begin to blend. Baby food can be puree very well. Much better than with the food processor. This machine can basically replace a food processor, a juicer, and a grinder.

    Things I like:
    1. It blends just about anything do to the large blades and powerful 1500 watt motor. And it does it much faster than a conventional blender.
    2. It's built in the USA and the parts seem to be good quality.
    3. One push button operation allows you to blend w/o having to time it or supervise it.
    4. lifetime warranty on coupling and blade.
    5. It fits under standard counters.

    Things I do not like:
    1. The base has a cheap feel to it because of the plastic. For the price, I think it should have been metal.
    2. Has lesser warranty than its competitor (Vita-Mix).
    3. I expect an expensive tool like this to have better dampening to absorb noise and vibration.
    4. The plastic container (polycarbonate) scratches easily when mixing grains, seeds, etc.

    ...more info
  • The most amazing blender - HANDS DOWN
    Easily better than the Vita-Mix. Check out the Blendtec website for video demonstrations and google "Will it blend" for YouTube videos that are awesome.

    The Blendtec can blend anything! Except Chuck Norris.......more info
  • The Blendtec vs. Vita-Mix dilemma
    I must give you a little bit of history before reviewing the Blendtec . . .
    Our local Costco was having a Vita-Mix road show and i bought it knowing that I really liked everything I had ever read about a Blendtec. A couple of my friends raved about the Vita-Mix, so I felt I needed to pay a little attention. A large purchase like this deserved a little research so that I wouldn't have any regrets. I watched the demo, was impressed and took home the Vita-Mix that day. I was anxious to make a smoothie with it because I had been using the Magic Bullet for five months. I made my first smoothie with it, and it turned out great but the "honeymon" didn't last very long. I did not like the sheer size of the Vita-Mix! It sat VERY high on my counter, wouldn't fit under the cabinet and it looked like it belonged in a commercial-sized kitchen, not mine. I absolutely disliked everything about the lid, except the ability to drizzle liquids in from the opening. The lid was not easy to put on nor remove. And the tamper!!! A good machine should not require a tamper to push the food around. The blender canister has these decorative grooves on the sides and oh what difficulty to "get every last bit out" with a a rubber scraper. I felt like I was wasting food! Then, I made a vegetable pate and the 4-pronged blade made it extremely difficult to get the food hiding below the blade. By this time, I had had enough and was only too happy to take it back to Costco.

    That same night, I ordered my Blendtec. It arrived promptly and have LOVED everything about it since Day One! It is so-o-o-o easy to "get every last bit out" because the sides of the blender doesn't have the unnecessary decorative grooves on the side. It makes a big difference if you're the type that doesn't like to waste. I feel that the Vita-Mix and Blendtec are equally noisy, but it does its job so quickly and efficiently that it really isn't on for very long. It is so efficient and powerful that it doesn't need a silly tamper to get everything blended well. It fits under my cabinet where I like to keep it and it is just perfect in every way. I make whole fruit and/or leafy green smoothies, sometimes twice a day, and it's always smooth and perfectly blended. As long as you add the proper amount of liquid, that "vortex" forms and everything gets pulled downwards. Everything i make just comes out absolutely perfect. I just can't say enough good things about this machine....more info
  • Good blender but price is not warrented
    I'm a smoothie guy, at least 4 times a week I make a OJ, yogurt, frozen berries, and banana smoothie. I've used a Hamilton Beach Bar blender for the past ten years and it did a great job. Once in awhile I had to reblend the smoothie to get a frozen strawberry completely blended but other than that, it did the job.

    So, when the Hamilton Beach finally died, I wanted to get a more powerful blender to really make a smooth smoothie. Did my research and saw reviews on the Blendtec that almost brought tears to my eyes so I decided that was the one for me, in spite of the $400 price, if it made great smoothies, it was worth it.

    Well, after having the Blendtec for over a month and making 25 smoothies (the blendtec keeps track of how many times you use it) I have to say, I was disappointed. It is indeed a powerful blender, and it does have a preprogrammed smoothie button, but I still get the occasional strawberry that was not pulverized so now as a rule, after the preprogrammed cycle, I do a ten second pulse blend and that seems to make the perfect smoothie.

    The Blendtec is a good blender but not 4X as good as the Hamilton Beach Bar blender. I'm not going to use it for Soups, or as a wheat mill, so I may not be the right audience. If I had the whole thing to do over again, I'd buy another Hamilton Beach blender or one of the ones in that class. For $400 I was expecting amazing and that's not what I got, what I got was a good blender for $400, and there are good blenders out there for much less.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This thing will cut anything that is not made of metal to shreds. In my smoothies, I put items such as frozen mixed berries and frozen bananas. I also put in entire carrots, celery, kale, apples, pears, etc. My previous Oster blender would strain when subject to such loading. However, the Blendtec handles such loads with ease. The coupling on each of the three Oster blenders that I previously owned fractured three times due to such loads. Although Oster replaced the blenders free of charge it was time to move on up to the Blendtec.

    The blender has outstanding ergonomics. I definitely prefer the button design on the Blendtec. Buttons do not protrude out of the machine. Instead, they lay flat and are all covered by an outer layer membrane which makes cleaning rather easy.

    The Blendtec blender is noisy but it is definitely not deafening. I don't feel the need to wear any ear protection as I only use the blender up to a few times a day. I don't hear any ringing in my ears after I use the blender, for example. Users who would be using this Blender rather frequently may want to consider use of ear protection or at least step away from the machine during the time that it blends. Keep in mind that Blendtec guarantees the blender only for those who use it in a home environment.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    I have enjoyed thoroughly the performance of this impressive machine! I have owned it for a couple of months, so I can't comment on the durability of the blender.

    It comes with a great recipe book with numerous types of food that one can prepare with the blender. I have used a couple of the recipes with success. The primary purpose of this blender in our household, however, is smoothie creation. It performs flawlessly for this function. Unlike cheaper brand blenders, the Blendtec totally emulsifies any ingredients, including ice, into a truly "smooth" smoothie.

    It has proven to be easy to clean, operate, and fits nicely on our counter underneath the kitchen cabinets.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • A solid product, no complaints
    I always buy top quality products that I expect will last me decades and provide top-notch performance. I have only had this blender for a couple of months, but from what I can gather, it sure feels like it will last long. The performance is excellent, smoothies are wonderful and soups come out HOT, though the soup-cycle is very long. It makes excellent frapuccinos too. It is loud, though not as loud as the Amazon reviews said it was before I bought it. Amazingly enough my toddler doesn't wake up when we use it....more info
  • Amazing blender - don't replace your juicer though...
    We saw the demo at Costco and were impressed. Yes, it's loud but so is any blender! It has amazing power and we use it daily for "green smoothies." Our normal blender couldn't chop up the greens effectively. It's super convenient and cleans up very easily -- a key feature for me.

    One of the pitches was that this can also replace your juicer, but not so fast. The apple juice we made was largely froth so we'll stick to our juicer for juice, and this for everything else. Recommended....more info


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