Hot Tools Tourmaline IONIC 1875 Watt Rollaround Hair Dryer HT1059

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Product Description

Hot Tools Tourmaline IONIC 1875 Watt Rollaround Dryer with Pro-Moisture System Model 1059 Pro-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nano technologies changes dryings effect on hair, transforming heat and airflow into a moisture-enhancing spa treatment! Creates healthy, shiny, beautiful hair Tourmaline nano particles naturally generate far-infrared energy when heated. This penetrating form of heat passes through the hair cuticle, going directly to the cortex to dry it first. The cuticle is not over-dried and resists brittleness and cracking, helping hair maintain its shine and softness. Tourmaline also helps cleanse hair of odors and impurities Patented direct ION TECHNOLOGY is an active ion emission system. Hundreds of millions of negatively charged nano ions are created by an electronic component inside the dryer and deposited directly onto wet hair. The ions separate water into smaller droplets which are easier for hair to absorb, increasing its moisture content and reducing frizz. Tourmaline, a natural source of ions, enhances ion output

  • Tourmaline, Direct ION TECHNOLOGY, Fast drying 1875 Watts
  • 2 Speed / 4 heat options, Ion on / off feature
  • Large bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers, Adjustable front visor
  • Lint filter removes for cleaning, Two lockable wheels for stability
  • 9-ft. cord, Legs remove from base for compact storage, One-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
    I bought this dryer and was so excited when I got it! It worked well just long enough for the Amazon warranty to expire. Then I had to deal with Helen of Troy-their customer service is awful! I sent the dryer to them and it took them a month to acknowledge receipt and then said that it was on back order. When I called to inquire about the b/o status they said they didn't have any idea when another would be in stock. I requested a refund and it took over a month to get the check. Now I am in search of a better dryer! BEWARE!...more info
  • A lemon
    I was really excited about using this dryer, it was comfortable with plenty of room for large rollers and on low speed the heat was perfect. After 10 minutes it started making a rattle noise and I could smell burning wires and 20 minutes into my drying it went to high and would not go back to low. If I had it to do over I would choose a different dryer, this one does not seem to be reliable. I was instructed to return it to the manufacturer at my expense. I am still working on getting the shipping cost returned from the company I purchased it from, but it doesn't look promising. ...more info
  • Perfect birthday present...
    I gave the Hot Tools hair dryer as a birthday present to my mother, she loves it, she used to have the ones that sit on the table now she says she's more comfortable, her back doesn't hurt and it doesn't take the 2 hours it used to take her before to dry her hair. It was easy to put together and the product arrived on time....more info
  • Good product
    This was a gift for my Mom. She likes the dryer and says it does a good job but is noisy. ...more info
  • Lovin It
    I'm loving this dryer, even though it does take time to dry my hair because it's thick and I choose to wrap it, I'm still feel my hair is healthier since I've been using it. I do have a problem with it over drying the top of my head though since the heat comes directly from the top of the dryer, however I'm learning to adjust the settings. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. I'm feeling like I got my money's worth. It was also easy to assemble and I like that in a product....more info
  • Buy this Dryer
    I love this dryer! It has a higher wattage than the other brands of similar dryers, and it looks better too!
    It is not only beautiful but works FAST! I got it to dry my hair in the morning before work, while I put on my make up. I hate standing with a blow dryer!!! I just pin my hair up with a few big clips and sit under this dryer and by the time my make up is done, my hair is dry.
    I do still blow dry my bangs first to keep them smooth, but the rest dries in a natural wave due to the gentle air flow from the dryer.
    It gets really hot, but you can also set it to a lower temp if you want. But I like it hot so my hair dries fast.
    I also like the fact it is on wheels and easy to roll around and get out of the way. My old drier was the type that sits on a desk and it was a hassle to get to the correct height, this one is easy to move up and down. ...more info
  • Great dryer!!
    I love this dryer!! It dries the hair fast, you can fit large rollers under there, and it's easy to put together....more info
  • so far wonderful!
    dries really fast, is pretty, and is easy to put together. it is just what i wanted, a fast way to dry my hair while i read....more info