Luigi Bormioli Duo 10-Ounce Coffee/Latte Glasses, Set of 4

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Product Description

An innovative way to enjoy everyday coffee and tea. This fun, borosilicate glass mug from Luigi Bormioli features a double-walled construction that keeps drinks hot or cold. Each mug holds 10 oz.

  • Includes:Luigi Bormioli Duo 10-ounce Coffee/Latte Glass, Set of 4
  • Designed in Italy
  • Lead Free
  • Practical yet Elegant
  • Dishwasher Safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Damage in making them
    We were so excited getting these cups, a friend had them and we just knew they were going to be great, and until I washed them, they were. I washed all four in the same water, etc.. and one came up with soap bubbles and a fair amount of water inside the cup. My hubby looked further, and found the very bottom of the cup is "finished" right on the bottom, so there is a little dimple sort of. The one cup had a dimple that wasnt closed, so thats where the leak came from. I went to to see if there was a phone number to get one replaced...guess what? No phone number.. so I have to send them back, at my expense...not fair at all. They are willing to send me another set, but I have to pay for it both ways.. not right. There is no one to talk to, so I could explain what happened. Be careful, buy locally. I will from now on. Sorry Amazon, you should be willing to take care of your customers on the phone, if they have a problem. Customer service is a dying art....more info
  • Luigi Bormioli Duo 10-Ounce Coffee/Latte Glasses, Set of 4
    The glasses are insulated, their light and with the tea pot I purchased, my wife love them. I would highly recommend Luigi glasses....more info
  • cheapest glasses ever. Weaker than paper
    These glasses should be classified as health hazards. Simply knocking them on their sides breaks them--leaving sharp glass shards everywhere. One of my glasses also developed condensation between the layers. Save your money and buy some better made ones instead.

    The other reviewer considers these to be "manly" glasses? What??? A Pyrex is manly. This is the flimsiest thing ever. What kind of manly anything breaks when knocked on it's side??? Does your hammer break when it's knocked over? NO... point made. ...more info
  • Okay!
    Does the job as advertized. keeps outside temperature normal while the contents are either cold/hot.
    cons: cheap plastic look,
    lite material...more info
  • totally unacceptable
    This product is extremely cheaply made. It is made of such cheap material, me and my girlfriend are both convinced that its made out of clear plastic, rather than glass. The cup walls are so thin, I don't feel safe putting any hot or cold liquid in it....more info
  • love these cups
    Actually got in in a store (Bad Bath and Beyond) on clearance. Love it, and everyone who sees them want to have them. Very light but durable. Dishwasher save and just look great! Would recommend it to anyone...more info
  • Amazing Glasses
    These glasses are amazing! They don't just loom good - they are extremely functional as well. You coffee can be extremely hot, yet you can't feel it on the outside of the glass due to the double wall. I highly recommend these for any coffe or tea drinker....more info
  • Awww, They Are Not That Bad
    The glass indeed looks good and have a nice modern spin to it, as the liquid it holds seems to float on air. However, the previous reviewer was right that the glass is too lightweight and plastic-looking, and might be misconstrued as flimsy. But I am not holding this "bad" feature against it. On the contrary, I like it precisely because it is not heavy. Although, the durability question remains to be answered yet. For the price I paid, this is a bargain....more info
  • Don't buy this set if you want high quality latte glasses
    This is my first time I have the motivation to write down product review since this product is totally disappointed and made by very poor quality. The first one is that the shape is terrible, not as described as the website pictures. When I saw these at first glance, I almost thought Amazon mails the wrong item. The second one is that these glass are pretty fragile so once you use hot water to clean these cups, they are broken easily. If you want to get high quality and stylish latte glasses, I will strong recommend Bodum. Do waste money on this set unless you can get over 80% discount. ...more info


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