Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour, 44-Ounce Units (Pack of 4)
Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour, 44-Ounce Units (Pack of 4)

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Customer Reviews:

  • Good nutritious sub for wheat flour
    I really like this product since I do alot of gluten-free baking for myself and my daughter and this replaces pretty much cup-for cup with wheat flour without too much finetuning. I've had success with most recipes I've tried although I do make sure to add extra egg replacer or xantham gum to help with the "stretchiness" important in many baking endeavors. The only down-side to this product ironically enough, is the bean flour in the mix, while it adds much of the good protein and fiber that are lost with many GF flours, it also adds a slightly weird flavor that is hard to describe to whatever it is you are baking. It is easy to get used to and we have adjusted....more info
  • Great Substitute
    I love this flour. I love to bake, so being on a gluten-free diet is not easy. But I use this flour for all of my baking. If the recipe has under 2 cups of flour, I usually use this flour as a straight substitution- and no one knows the difference. This has helped me make everything...cheesecakes, tortes, pies, even for breading chicken. So happy baking!...more info
  • Gluten Free Item
    This flour is a decent alternative for any gluten free general flour mix and I don't have to create it myself. Find it easy to store the extras in the freezer. ...more info
  • Great buy
    The price on this is half the supermarket price. I keep the bags stacked up in the freezer so they stay fresh. A wonderful, silky flour, good for all uses....more info
  • Great product
    I've made banana bread and graham crackers so far with this flour and both turned out great! I will use this as my all purpose flour from now on (instead of relying solely on rice flour!)....more info
  • Good for gluten-free pizza
    Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour, 44-Ounce Units (Pack of 4)

    This flour finally restored the basic right to eat pizza in my gluten-free household. Whisk together one cup of warm water (90-100 degrees F), 1 teaspoon of yeast, 1 1/2 cups of this flour and a dollop of olive oil. Turn your oven on for a few minutes, pour the batter into an oiled skillet and let it rise in the warmed oven for an hour. Bake just the crust at 375 for 10 minutes. Then spread the cheese or other toppings on the crust and return to the oven until the cheese is bubbly and browning. Serve the pizza and pass the tomato sauce! (Don't bake the pizza with tomato sauce - the crust can't keep liquid from penetrating - that's gluten's job....more info
  • A must have
    I have a sensitivity to wheat products and this is a life saver for me, allowing me to eat sweets and breads I wouldn't otherwise eat....more info
  • barf... very nasty "bean-y" aftertaste!!!!
    This is very gross tasting! I made cookies with this as the only substitute in my normal recipe (trying to make them more healthy), and they looked perfect, and the texture wasn't too bad (a little crumbly, maybe I should have added an extra egg or added a little more xantham gum), BUT the aftertaste made them just about inedible to me. My boyfriend thought they were ok (not great, but ok), but I think he was just being nice. I baked a small test batch and threw the rest of the dough out, they were that nasty.

    Some people seem to love it, based on these reviews here. I'm trying to go all gluten-free for health reasons, but I'll keep searching for a good all-purpose flour mix that's gluten-free and doesn't taste like beans for when we want the occasional baked treat. I think Pamela's is made without the beans. This particular mix is not a winner in my opinion....more info
  • Works well for certain things...
    This flour works fine for certain things, depending on your taste preferences. It has a very strong aftertaste (kind of bitter/sour) because of the bean flour. Thus it is pretty strong in plain breads and rolls. If you don't mind that, then good for you! (My husband is pretty sensitive and can't tolerate the bean flour or taste very well.) I found it works better in cookies, chocolate or spice cakes, brownies, banana bread, and pizza dough. Because these baked goods are made with other strong flavors, they help mellow out the bean taste which can be pretty overpowering if you don't have something with which to temper it. I like the consistency of this flour better than the rice flour blend I've also been using but again, consider your taste preferences and what you'll be baking/cooking with it....more info
  • Gluten-Free Pizza Crust
    This flour is perfect for making gluten-free pizza crust. Just remember not to bake the pizza with sauce on it, because gluten is what keeps it from sinking into the crust.
    ...more info
  • great
    Great product. I have used it as a substitute for all-purpose wheat flour in several recipes with great results....more info
  • Very disappointing
    I agree with the reviewers that this flour gives baked goods a bizarre, unpleasant beany aftertaste. I thought that I had accidentally used an old package, but the exp date is not until next year. I was looking forward to trying a new g-f cookie recipe, and it is very irritating to have to throw these away and to waste the time, energy and ingredients. I tossed the rest of the package. I would advise that you experiment before investing in a 4-pack of this flour mix....more info
  • Caution: Strong Garbanzo Bean Flavor!
    If you like garbanzo beans, you will like the flour. If not, try to find a flour without this ingredient. It tends to overpower some baked foods. For example, cookie dough made with this tastes awful; when you bake the cookies, they are almost tolerable. Sorry, since I love the other products by this company, but this one isnt on my reorder list. ...more info
  • THE BEST mix out there
    This mix is a life saver. I know a few people have not given it good reviews. but you owe it to yourself to try it. When making light tasting cookies like sugar cookies, I mix it half and half with tapioca flour or some other light mix, because it can over power super light recipes, but It makes even great pancakes, bread, name it. You can substitute it cup for cup with almost any recipe. Just add a heaping teaspooon of xantham gum and go for it. I'm telling you...It's awesome....more info
  • Pretty decent wheat flour alternative!
    I've tried a few other wheat flour replacements but this one is the best so far. It's a little on the crumbly side for buscuits but when mixed half and half with quinoa flour it has better texture. Still somewhat crumbly though. Don't forget to add Xanthum Gum to this flour, I've tried the mixes that have XG in it but found them too salty tasting. I'm still experimenting to make them hold together better, there are so many other wheat flour alternatives out there to try......more info


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