Two in One Car Ionizer - #GH2116

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Never before has there been a car ionizer that #1: deodorizes the air in your car and #2: suctions the air in grabs smoke, smog, exhaust, dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens and pollen filters it with its carbon filter rejuvenates it scrubs it clean and shoots it right back at you. Think about it. The air inside a closed car is jammed with all kinds of pollutants that make your lungs work overtime.

This car plug-in ionizer and charcoal filter and deodorizer cleans car air in seconds. Its carbon fiber ionizer generates trillions of negative ions, but no nasty ozone. Its charcoal filter absorbs harmful gases, smoke, smog and offensive odors. Its extremely high-powered fan circulates the air better than any other car ionizer. Its LED power-indicated light can also be used as a car lamp. Its articulated plug fits snug to most dashboards. Measures about 6" long. No batteries needed. Just plug it in and get it scrubbing immediately.