Windchaser Ionizer/Night Light

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Dont just cover-up odors with sickly sweet perfumes or antiseptic smells. The Neo-Tec Ionic Freshener uses advanced ionic breeze technology to circulate ozone-rich airflow and clean the air you breathe. Its the ideal air freshener and odor neutralizer for bathroom, workstation, pantry, walk-in closet, stairwell, and other small spaces where air can become stale.

Easy to use - just plug it in to any outlet. Its always working, yet it only uses 2 watts of energy. The Ionic metal dust collector produces static electricity to absorb microscopic contaminants and allergens in the air such as dust, pollen, fiber and fungal spores. No replacement filters needed - simply pull out the dust collector and wipe with a damp cloth. Long-life LED light is convenient as a nightlight. Operates noiselessly without motor, and fits closely to the wall. Measures 6 x 3 x 2.