Two in One Car Ionizer

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Hollywood Gadgets does it again! Never before has there been a car ionizer that helps kill viruses, germs, and mildew plus reduce pollen, smog, exhaust and cigarette smoke from your car. Think about it. The air inside a closed car is jammed with all kinds of pollutants and can be fertile ground for bacteria causing viruses.

This plug-in car ionizer with the UV Photocatalytic Filter is superiorly effective in helping to sterilize the air from these sick-inducing pollutants. This filter absorbs harmful gases and offensive odors too. Its extremely high-powered fan circulates the clean air better than any other car ionizer. The LED power indicator light can also be used as a car lamp. The articulated plug fits snug to most dashboards. Measuring about 6" long. No batteries needed. Just plug it in and scrub that air immediately.