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Rainbow Six: Vegas presents a new team of Rainbow Warriors, as they take to the streets of America. The streets of Las Vegas are chaotic, an escalating terrorist siege in "Sin City" threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Freemont Street, The Strip, and Casinos. Experience Las Vegas like never before through revolutionary next-generation technology as you work against the clock to keep one of the world's most recognizable cities from utter devastation. Next-generation AI - Encounter deadlier, more skilled enemies who work together as a group to counter every move you make Customize your multiplayer experience - Your character evolves as you play online, unlocking new equipment and achievements as you go

  • Play as a new leader with a new team - Tactics play a MAJOR role in your team's success, as each member comes equipped with his own skill set -- recon, heavy weapons, demolition, long range attack and electronics
  • Experience a new level of squad-based realism, as your teammates offer real-time tactical suggestions like busting through walls or hacking computers
  • Use tactical planning to maneuver through multiple mission paths, with high-tech equipment, like snake cams that tag terrorist targets to your teammates, prior to entering a room
  • Real-Time immersion - Real-time mission briefings, all in the midst of the most intense combat ever played
  • Motion-captured assault and recon techniques, for realistic gameplay animation - Fast roping, rappelling, window entry, blind-cover fire, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty good...
    The game introduces some gameplay mechanics not yet seen in a lot of the rainbow series and at the same time these new mechanics veer away from "old style" rainbow games. This one is much more of a "run and gun", just with a splash of tactics. (I.e. peeking and using cover)

    Presentation 8
    Menus easy to navigate, in game menus work nicely, overall it's a pretty fluid design, some things are quite as intuitive as I would like (I am a very avid gamer)

    Gameplay 8
    Above par, however nothing extremely revolutionary, I'm probably 1/4 into the game and I find myself running from pillar to pillar, car to car just ducking and timing my shots waiting for the enemy to reload. Not a big mix of gameplay, at least not yet. Gun assortment is decent, but I have my favs. AI is moderately smart...

    Graphics 8
    On PC they are ok...definitely not as good as GRAW (this game is quite reminiscent of GRAW to begin with) It has its graphical effects though, i.e. bloom, blur, bullet effects, and destructible environments. (I shot at a car for about 5 min. just watching the destruction I would cause to it)

    Sound 8
    I've never been big on audio, so simply put, the bullets sound like bullets and the music is...ok...doesn't really stand out or anything.

    Overall 8...more info
  • VeganMalcontent Pretty Much Summed it Up
    If you are a fan of the Ravenshield/Athena Sword era of Rainbow Six, you were no doubt as traumatized as I by the 'Lockdown' fiasco. Unfortunately, this rendition of Rainbow Six doesn't fair much better. Yes, the graphics are much better, and yes, the AI is too. However, that's about the only things in the plus column for this blatant and shameless grab at PC gamers' wallets by Ubisoft. It's just a bland, canned port from a console game.

    This game 'misses' with things like a reduced arsenal (there were significantly more guns in Ravenshield), painfully scripted events, an EXTREMELY shallow difficulty range (you can only choose from 'Normal' and 'Realistic', and even on Realistic you can recover from near life-ending injuries in about 30 seconds). The gun specs are also, well, cheezy. There's very little to differentiate them from one-another, and they do not have any technical info listed like you might expect to see in a 'serious' modern combat game (i.e. muzzle velocities, weapon history, etc.)

    Due to the lack of a real spectrum of difficulty settings, if you play this game solo you will spend 70% of your time replaying parts of the game you've already played because you'll frequently get killed by a head shot right before a checkpoint...and then have to replay the past 10 minutes of the game over, and over, and over again. The game chooses when it saves, and you get no input on the matter. There isn't even a quicksave, so plan on replaying the same stuff. This type of 'save feature' was barely tolerated in gaming 10 years ago. Why Ubi thought that this would be acceptable in a modern game is absolutely beyond comprehension.

    To add insult to injury, the duck-and-cover concept of hiding behind walls and spraying fire at your enemy doesn't get it done. It's a great concept, but if you try to apply it you frequently get disoriented as Vegan mentioned. The AI is good enough to capitalize on your player's temporary paralysis when this happens and they kill you. You get used to the awkward mechanics of this feature over time, but it never is as intuitive as Ubi would have you believe.

    The one thing that Ubi can pull from this burning wreckage is the enemy AI. It's actually very good. Enemies attempt flanking maneuvers, and they can be suppressed very realistically with suppression-type weapons while you send your team (other players or AI teammates) around to flank.

    If we're lucky, Ubi will return to the winning Ravenshield/Athena Sword formula, incorporate this game's improved AI, work the glaring kinks out of the duck-and-cover feature and, most importantly, grasp the notion that a player should be allowed to save when he or she wants to. Replaying the same painfully boring levels should never be a subsitute for poor game design! Two stars....more info
  • A great game, but overall lacks something.
    If you are looking for a great tactical Shooter, you have found it. The use of the squad has much improved from any Rainbow Six game previous. The enemy AI has also improved dramatically from the last R6 game. Also if you really wany a challenge, take up the hardest difficulty in the single player campagin. It stretched my skills to the max. Overall this game is amazing. If you like shooters, you will enjoy this game....more info
  • Miserable
    Good graphics, lots of action, an ending that is impossible without a lot of luck or cheating. After trying to finish for the 25th time, I wiped the game from my hard drive. Will never play again. Games should be fun and a little hard, not hard to the point of pure luck. Some of the fights are totally un-realistic. In real life, they would be suicide....more info
  • One of the most enjoyable games I've EVER played
    Rainbow Six: Vegas is just brilliant. The creaters have effectively implimented every little detail that would make this title a fantastic experience.

    The artificial intelligence is one of the best I've ever seen: the enemies are alerted both by sound and sight. During combat, they take cover in any nearby object or wall and peak to return fire at sporadic moments. In larger areas, enemies move from object to object in attempts to flank you and your team all while tossing frag grenades, smokes, and flashbangs.

    However, the area where the AI shines is your teammates. They respond to all of your commands in realistic manners - tell them to move to an area and they will move while taking cover and returning fire. They will always be able to reach any target given, whether the path requires climbing up ladders or rapelling down ropes. When they reach their destination, they will usually take cover near any wall or object and return fire accordingly. The artificial intelligence in this game is nothing short of amazing.

    The gameplay Although others have said the game is more like a "run-and-gun" style, there are plenty of times when tactical positioning of your teammates is needed. Otherwise, running out in the open and holding down the mouse button will get you killed. The cover system in this game allows you to take cover behind practically any object or wall, standing or crouching. Once you take cover, the camera zooms out into third-person view. Although some have criticized this to be unrealistic and taking away from the first-person shooter experience, I completely disagree. The third-person view can be described as having an out-of-body experience seeing yourself holding your gun out next to the wall frantically spurting bullets into a casino of chaos. With a simple push of the button while taking cover, your character will lean out (left, right, or over an object) and aim his gun at wherever your crosshair was originally positioned, allowing you to accurately return fire while taking cover simultaneously. Ubisoft could not have done a better job with this duck-and-cover system.

    All the guns sound and feel as realistic as I could...imagine them to be. Any gun carried will be displayed on your character during the third-person cover view, including silencers (if mounted on your gun), of course.

    Besides the stable, sturdy core of the gameplay, it's the little things that make Rainbow Six: Vegas quite an experience: diverse, realistic voice-overs from all characters, the motion-blurring effects, static interference of video transmissions, and humorous dialogue from your enemies as you peak under the door with the "snake cam."

    Although I have not played any previous titles from the Rainbow Six or Rainbow Three series, I have played other titles such as Goldeneye, Halo, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike (1.6 and Source), and Call of Duty - all quite enjoyable. Based on today's general expectations of a "good first-person shooter," I do not understand how other reviewers can criticize the same aspects of the game that make it incredible.

    One of the cons to this game would be the high hardware requirements (mainly processor, video card, and RAM). Some of the checkpoints are relatively long, and it may be frustrating to die after just having successfully executed an infiltration into a heavily-fortified area. Overall, it's not THAT bad, and perhaps it is there to create a blance for those who complain that the enemies may be too easy.

    All in all, I would recommend this game to ANYONE with the adequate hardware requirements who also likes first-person shooters. It's the big and little things that make this game a top-notch production. Oh yeah, and it's just plain fun!...more info
  • Move'em out! Time to shoot them bad boys in Vegas!
    === The Good Stuff ===

    + Take cover and shoot gameplay: Much like Gears of War, you take cover and take down your enemies in bursts. Makes it feel like Time Crisis, except, you get to choose where to take cover.

    + Easy management: Managing your teammates is very simple in this game. Everything is managed real time in a very very simple manner - where as the older Rainbow Six series, you used to have to plan the whole tactic beforehand.

    + Lots of weapons: A pretty good amount of weapons to choose from to take down those mean old Vegas punks.

    === The Bad Stuff ===

    - Voice are corny: The voice actors and actresses could use improvement in this game. There were some good moments, but for majority of the moments, you'll be like: "uhh... did he really needed to say that?"

    - Short game: The ending is a cliffhanger. Blowing through this game isn't very difficult - unless you play the hardest difficulty.

    === The Final Words ===

    This is definitely one for the full on action shooter fans out there. This game will entertain ya!...more info
  • Best Game Played, Ever
    You cannot complain about a game saying that it is too slow without even bothering to check if your system meets the requirements of the game. Sure, the game will be slow if you do not have the right system. If you do have the right system, or meet or exceed the game's system requirements, the game is unbelievably fascinating. I'm not much of a gamer in the sense that I don't buy a play station or stuff for playing games. So, I do not know how the play station version ranks. I just play it on PC. Look at the recommended system requirements and buy the game based on that, I'm sure you will be more than impressed.

    Rainbow has always been an exception to other shooting games as far as I am concerned. I am a huge Rainbow fan and pretty much have all Rainbow Six games. With every new Rainbow game, the graphics has undergone major improvement. This game has reached a phenomenal new level.

    "Major" would be an underestimated word to describe the graphics and technology improvements in Rainbow Six Vegas. It is just too damn good and too damn realistic. This game has everything to keep it going. The music is exhilarating and suits the action perfectly. You feel as though you are actually in those places you encounter. This kind of experience was never there in the previous Rainbow games. At least not to the extent I'm talking about...You have to play it to understand what I'm saying. This game is just terrific.

    The new characters were a good idea at this point. The story is also EXCELLENT. However, I do hope that they keep the four or five new characters they have introduced for the next several rainbow games. Any new and immediate changes would be a bad idea. Just like they left the characters pretty much unchanged in the first few games, they should do so with the next few games and wait for the right moment to change characters.

    I can keep going on and on about this game...the point is that you cannot give a bad review for a game, just because it did not work in your PC. I have a 512 video card (shared memory is not good at all, get a real video card like Nvidia or ATI Radeon). The game worked perfectly. There was some slowing down in a few scenes. But, no major issues. By the way, the game cover says "Windows XP Only." For those of you who are concerned, it is actually Windows XP and higher. I have Vista and the game works perfectly in it. ...more info
  • Waste of time and money
    A reviewer pointed out that this game was designed for console gaming and does not meet the usual complexity of games intended for the PC. I fully agree with that. Different than the older R6 games such as Rogue Spear, etc, you don't plan out your course anymore. You basically just shoot your way through, even stealth mean little in this game. The addition of the cover system completely defeats the need for stealth. You can run into a bunch of enemy, back up behind cover safely and just peek and shoot. The Halo like health system also made the game much easier. No longer will you be gimped for the rest of the level if you take a few hits. And you can take a lot more hits and recover fully again. So this completely destroys the R6 feel. And why not, R6 Vegas was not even created by the same people that did the previous R6 series.

    So as said above, compared to previous R6 games, Vegas has completely lost the element of stealth, strategy, and difficulty. This does not mean it has more action, no. The game plays at an amazingly slow pace. For one you cannot even sprint or prone. You can walk, run or crouch you way through the game. Throwing away what made R6 series awesome, the new developers decided to retain one lame thing about R6 and made it 10 times worse. While the health system makes it so you can fully recover from anything, you still can't be out cover for long. That does not mean stealth is important. The enemies can know you are there, and most time they will just shoot at your direction. And here's when that annoying thing come in - if you go out of cover for too long, say, 3 seconds, you are gonna get killed - that's the only thing that feels like an R6 game... What this means is that you have to be behind cover constantly, at every turn and every corner, you will want to use the Cover action to stick your back against a wall or a crate or something. This makes the already slow-paced gameplay even slower. It pins players down to the same routine over and over: Run; Cover; Peek; Shoot; Reload...Repeat as need.

    The game does offer different locations, but the above described cover system absolutely ruins any scenery differences the levels have. For the most part you will find your character facing toward you. You will stare at him in the face, and then the wall/crate/whatever behind him, and then a tiny part of the screen is devoted to whatever else that is going on. For the times when you actually do get to see the different settings, it is not at all great. For one the graphics suck. Vegas takes about 40 seconds on my computer to just start up - just going into the main menu screen, which I do not understand why. COD4 takes less than 1 second. There are further loading times after you select single player missions or multiplayer. And for all that loading, the game does not look all. You can tell they tried to add a lot of colors, lightning effects and such. But the whole thing just doesn't look real. Your characters look like they are drawn by crayons, or watercolor painting or whatever. They just look washed out. Not tunning the graphics settings to the highest level can Vegas come even close to reaching the Photo-realism that COD4 can do by just having a medium video setting.

    Of course, the two games run on very different graphic engines, but that doesn't give Vegas an excuse to suck so much on so many levels. It does not only lack action. It lacks difficulty, lack strategy, lacks stealth, and loses all of the Rainbow Six feel that its predessors have. The game takes about 10 hours to finish. But after a while you wonder why you are still playing it, and you realize that the only reason you wanted to beat it was because you paid 20 bucks for it. Face it, there wasn't a real story at all. The characters had no personality, and the voice acting sucked as well. You don't really learn anything about the character you control. COD4's 4 hour of the single player campaign told more about Soap and Cpt. Price, Gaz and Jackson, and delivers a whole lot of wows and woes than Vegas ever could dream of.

    Now, the single player mode, as said, sucks. Unfortunately, the multiplayer part does not redeem itself either. The graphics look even worse online, and the whole system is not well designed. The cover system makes the servers plagued with campers, and with the developers trying to make this game as inaction oriented as possible, you just don't get the kind of gun fight fun you get in other games.

    Seriously, the people who praised this game do not know what they are talking about. The only reason I took time to write this is because I don't want any more innocent people waste money on this game. It maybe a mediocre game on a console with its peek-a-shoot formula, but its shallowness and simplicity and lack of any narrative content whatsoever makes Vegas the worst PC game 2007 has seen. Rainbow Six: Vegas does not live to half the expectations that one would have for what used be a great and unique series on the PC. Now it's just a pile of cow poop.
    ...more info
  • Good concept, nice game, but console flaws abound, and no save system
    I just don't get it anymore. Studios and gaming companies spend years and millions building these games, and they can't even put in a stinkin save system. OK, now thats off my chest.

    Rainbow 6 Vegas is really a nice game. Pretty good gameplay, really good story in general, amazing scenery in the Las Vegas parts of the game, and in general, reasonably fun to play, albeit its somewhat short.

    Now its almost completely ruined by consolitis. There is NO SAVE SYSTEM...., which means that you have to play the same scene 100 times over and over again until you figure out the tiny mystery that happens right BEFORE the next checkpoint. Some scenes, I wasted days on, over and over again. Totally maddening. Too bad really, as if there were just a simple quicksave system, it would have been much more tolerable.

    The weapons reload method is somewhat novel, but generally dumb. There are huge supply crates all over and you walk up, the game kind of pauses, and you reload. Its agonizingly slow sometimes. Also, the walking speed is painfully slow as well. There is no running, nor jumping.

    A couple of times I had to start an entire checkpoint over because I got stuck somewhere and simply could not get out. This of course happens in lots of games, but as there is no Jump function, when you get stuck, you get totally stuck.

    All in all, I did like the game in general. But I'll wait for the sequel to be in the bargain bin before I waste any more money on a weak console port.

    As many others have said, the lack of PC specific development for this game ruined it, as many other games have been ruined (Halo 2 comes to mind, as do dozens of others)....more info
  • good game - does have some cons
    Rainbow Six Vegas is no doubt a good game. It is very well put together - good levels, good tactics, good overall design. The following are lists of the pros and cons:

    2.)Level design
    5.)The views from the tops of buildings down onto the city of Las Vegas are very nice, and include accurate models of landmarks.
    6.)Equipment/gun assortment

    1.)You can't jump. This takes away a major part of realism.
    2.)By defult, you are "running". Well, that is a walk speed, and the walk speed is so slow, that you might as well not even have the control.
    3.)Even though there are generally two routes or more to take to get to an objective, I personally still felt like I was on a strictly set path. This takes away the exploration freedom that you get in a game like Crysis or even a little in Call of Duty 4. The "set path" feeling really ticked me off because I wanted to go explore Vegas after seeing all of those beautiful views!

    Even though those things were taken away, I still had quite a bit of fun playing Rainbow Six Vegas. I would recommend it to the gamer who likes tactical missions and leading squads, but if you like to wander around the maps, explore, and you like to feel total realism such as jumping and running, this is not the game for you....more info
  • Not Rainbow Six. Not even Tom Clancy.
    If you're looking for a realistic highly technical tactical shooter, keep walking. This plays ok as a 21st century Doom with paramilitary skin, but as a Rainbow Six game it just doesn't even qualify. All these media "reviewers" that loved the game so much apparently can't differentiate the two.

    What this game gets right:
    - Better AI than Raven Shield
    - That is all

    What this game gets wrong:
    - Regenerating WHAT? You can eat way too many bullets and still live through this game.
    - Single player Terrorist Hunt mode is just that. SINGLE PLAYER. No option for AI backup. Good thing you have that regenerating health, because these tangos come from both sides, and you don't have anyone to cover your back. Good luck, space marine.
    - The much vaunted 3rd person corner-looking/spraying deal is hopelessly disorienting. See that guy coming around the corner? He's going to kill you while you're trying to realign your aim when you get back to 1st person view.
    - Mission plan? What mission plan?
    - The arsenal is paltry with weapons specs simplified so as not to confuse your infant daughter. I can't believe Tom Clancy let Red Storm/Ubi put his name on this. At least he's getting paid.

    In short, this game would be much better if they simply patched Raven Shield to accomodate the newer AI system. And after all the positive press this game got, I don't see how we can expect the real Rainbow Six to come back ever. Sigh.
    ...more info
  • Best Since Raven Shield
    Many of you won't believe it, but this is the best Rainbow Six in the series. I was totally disappointed by Lockdown, and had similar expectations for Vegas. But I was mistaken. In Vegas they've simplified the game and also added new gameplay features that ratchet up the excitement. Instead of peaking around corners with Q or E, you can now 'take cover' by hitting the right mouse button. This switches to a 3rd-person view of yourself against a wall or under a barrier, while still allowing you to aim. When ready to fire you move in the direction needed and your 3rd person self ducks out to shoot. It's hard to describe, but it's fantastic. You can also set up your scope, take cover, and pop-up into scope view to take a shot. The graphics are fantastic, especially on your character, Logan, and you can understand the requirement for Shader 3.

    I'm giving this 5 stars instead of 4 since it is so much better than Lockdown and deserves a look from anyone who had fun in the past playing Rainbow Six.

    My only complaints would be that on the PC it doesn't seem possible to have more than one profile (my son and I take turns making progress). Switching 'Q' from "peek out" in previous versions to "throw grenade" is a great convenience, but I was a little surprised when I went to take a peek around a corner and instead dropped a grenade on myself and my guys!

    All in all, I've found this game a lot of fun, better than GRAW 1. (I haven't tried GRAW 2 yet)....more info
  • a disappointment to fans of the classic series
    A more action-oriented take on the classic Rainbow Six series, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a decent game in its own right, but will be a disappointment to fans of the classic series.

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a tactical first-person shooter that theoretically uses intelligent choices and SWAT-style maneuvers in its gameplay. It's derived from the original Rainbow Six series, wherein the player would command one member of a team of up to 6 or so officers, who could be split into teams and given specific orders as labeled on a tactical map. Vegas is a simplification of that; the game is more about being a shooter than being "tactical", and you only have two teammates, who are given orders at the same time. It's clear that the game's been simplified for consoles, and is really more of an action game than any sort of strategic game.

    The first-person shooter interface works decently; the character handles well, but also sort of slowly, like you'd expect a real person to. The main focus of the game is the Cover System; by holding the right mouse button near a wall, your character presses against that wall, and can either fire blindly out without exposing him/herself or can "pop out" to shoot more accurately. The system works fairly well and naturally, and is fairly decent for a cover shooter especially because of the game's harsh health system. There is some "auto-healing" if you are hit but get to cover, but generally 2 or 3 bullets will put you out of commission. Therefore, there's plenty of incentive to use cover.

    The main problem with the game is that it feels very "dumbed down". As mentioned, the game is a shooter first and tactical second. In addition, the reduction in cooperative modes hits hard; the single-player campaign has been reduced from 4 to 2 players, and the only 4-player mode available is the simple Terrorist Hunt (basically "kill all enemies"). The guns don't handle particularly impressively and the unlockable costume parts for your character - earned through gaining levels by killing enemies - don't look particularly good. Essentially, despite the huge level cap (besides the basic experience category, there are 3 sub-categories of experience with different unlockables that are earned by doing specific actions) the game runs out of steam early on, as if to say "this is basically all there is". Basically, there's just not that much fun to be had unless you like doing terrorist hunts over and over and over again to grind for levels.

    The graphics are good, but not incredible, and aren't enough to redeem the game by itself. The maps are boring and ugly, and are generally uninspired as a whole. As mentioned, the guns and unlockable costume parts aren't particularly great. As a total experience, Vegas 2 is a mediocre game made worse by its connection to a once-great franchise.

    6/10. ...more info
  • Not that great....
    I'm not that impressed with Rainbow Six Vegas. The gameplay doesn't really feel like a tactical military shooter. It feels more arcade run and gun. And, you can't go back and play individual levels like you could in Raven Shield. Vegas is just one seamless endeavor with the only load option being to load last checkpoint. Vegas has no Custom Mission option where you can replay levels. Oh, it has this thing called "Terrorist Hunt" but it's not the same. Just an option to play some areas featured in the game and eliminate some terrorists. The only problem is you get killed almost immediately even on normal difficulty.

    The graphics are disappointing too. Everything is faded with a high gamma and blurry with lots and lots of faded brownish colors. Anti-aliasing is also not supported. It just doesn't look as good as it does on the box cover and screenshots. The enemies are VERY tiny and hard to spot unless you lower the resolution all the way down. Who wants to do that?

    This game is hard and frustrating in many spots. You die, ALOT. There are no quick saves. That wouldn't be such a problem except for that the checkpoints are very far apart and you will have to repeat long sections over again. The game starts off in the streets of Mexico. After playing for many hours you are still in Mexico! It seems like they should have called this game Rainbow Six: Mexico. I am really not enjoying the Mexico levels. They just go on and on. When you finally reach Vegas the amount of enemies and how difficult the game is takes away from the enjoyment. In my opinion, the enjoyment factor of this game... not that great. ...more info
  • Weird
    Well, i never really got to play the game on my computer because my computer has Windows Vista, and the game requires it not to have Windows Vista. And it also required other stuff that i had to buy in order to play the game. But my friend has it and and i was o.k. But, if you really like violence a lot, the this is a game to purchase....more info
  • Let's fire Las Vegas up!
    Great graphics, great story line, lots and lots of action, great combat system, and actually your teammates are not that stupid!
    The game it's great, it gives you a lot of options to approach your missions, from stealth to rock and roll.
    Certainly awaiting the second release...more info
  • I really want to like it, but...
    This is one of those games that I just don't like all that much, even though I really want to.

    The setting of the game is great, and Las Vegas is presented in a great way. Some of the places you see are fictional, but overall, if you know Vegas, you will see a lot of familiar stuff. (Although mostly when you fly overhead in a helicopter. Once you are on the ground and enter Casinos, I guess it doesn't matter too much where you are and the Vegas flair doesn't help too much as you fight your way down the hallways).

    What I don't like about this game is that it uses a checkpoint save system. And even as checkpoint systems go, this is among the worst. Checkpoints are few and far between. You may play for 20 minutes just to get killed by a single shot to the head and have to start over at the start of a mission. Argh! And the game crashes at times. I have had situations where the game crashed right after 20 minutes of unsaved play. Double-Argh!!!

    It looks to me like the game is relatively short (which is OK with me) and they are just drawing it out with this frustrating and outdated mechanic (which is not OK with me).

    In the end, I have to say that this means that I a more frustrated than entertained by this game. Shame....more info
  • Best game I have played since Far Cry.
    This isn't in the vein of some of the previous Rainbow Six offerings in the sense that it eliminates some of the tactical elements - though anything would be an improvement over Rainbow Six Lockdown. However, that aside this is a terrific experience. This has quickly become the staple game for our LAN parties and is really the best thing that I have played since Far Cry. I picked this up in the bargain bin thinking that it would have little chance of running on my 3 year old 2.8Ghz pentium. I was wrong. It works with all of the graphics options up full, and with patch 1.5 I can play it with full widescreen support as well. The single player campaign rocks, it runs perfectly fine on Vista, and the multiplayer with its 600MB map pack makes for days of Lan gaming on either Co-op, Terrorist hunt or any of its new game types added in patch 1.5. A must buy for PC shooter fans. ...more info
  • Bang for buck
    Great graphics, voice, storyline, and fun.
    4 months later, I still play it from time to time and it's still fun. ...more info
  • New Era
    Its a good game for a console tactical shooter, i origionaly had this for xbox360, and it was fun, challenging and the graphics seemed great. I got it for pc, thinking it would be that much better, but its the exact same game, graphics and control system as console. its pretty obvious who the developers are advertising to now and days.. other than the fact that the pc version is obviously just an offspring of the console game, its challenging and fun, the ai gets repetative and sometimes doesn't initalize, so you have sitting targets..
    if they'd put more time into gameplay it would be a good game, get it on console if you have the chance....more info
  • Great graphics, but too short
    I've been a diehard R6 player since the very first release of Rainbow Six, so I've seen it develop from a very rigid FPS to something of an atrocity/Xbox 360 reject.

    First, Vegas's single player storyline is way too short. Second, the gameplay isn't very realistic nor is it tactical. The game kept crashing to the desktop whenever I used the snake cam. I ended up just storming through doors to keep the game running. The weapon choices were interesting but they left out the basic M4/M16 rifle. The light machine guns and sniper rifles were quite useless. The entire story-mode revolves around CQB to medium range engagements. I just equipped myself with a 552 + ACOG and a M9 + reflex sight and that was pretty much all I needed.

    What's the deal with having only 2 R6 operatives as backup throughout the entire story?

    The game play interface is also very clunky and unintuitive. It seems designed/catered towards console gamers with the unrealistic "cover" mode. There's also no prone mode, rolling, or sprint feature.

    They have incorrectly modeled some of the weapons, yet again. I would expect nothing short of tactical perfection out of anything carrying Tom Clancy's name, however Rainbow Six 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas have incorrectly modeled the FN P90. In Vegas, they modeled it so at least the player in the first perspective view would not see the shell casings being ejected. If you use the take cover key while shooting the P90, you can obviously see the shells being ejected to the right of the weapon. This happens in both Vegas and R6 Three. The real P90 ejects the shells straight down behind the trigger hand due to the design of the weapon.

    In addition to the P90 quirk, there are numerous errors throughout the arsenal. The SCAR-H only has a 20rd magazine capacity as it fires the larger 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge (same dimensions .308 Winchester). The P90 is also modeled to have 3 round burst while it does not have such an option in the real world. One can argue that this is a video game, but if you want tactical realism then it should have accurate modeling to simulate the real weapons. Otherwise, they might as well use weapons from Unreal Tournament III since it is a video game.

    The bottom line is that Vegas has departed from a tactical FPS and there are quite a few bugs. If the single player game were longer and more detailed, I would have given it 4 stars overall.

    In addition, Joanna's character is VERY annoying and should not have been included in the game....more info
  • Simply awesome
    I notice not to many favorable reviews of this game, which I find rather odd. I am a fan of the Rainbow Six series, but I appreciate the fact that this game is a bit simplified (read: less tedious) from those previous versions.

    I like the fact that you can outfit yourself with what you need/prefer, and the fact that your squad mates are actually pretty darned good. In the Vegas area, you have two with you mos to the time, one with a standard assault rifle/sub-machine gun combo, and the other with a light machine gun/sub combo. Both guys are equipped with smoke, flash, and frag grenades, as well as breaching charges.

    As far as the graphics... awesome. Possibly the poor reviews for the graphics of this game are people with no DX9 support, or lower end systems, but the graphics in this game are top notch. You will need something fairly serious to run the game, but mine runs just fine on an AMD 3800X2 w/1GB DDR2 and a mid level 8600GT graphics card. The higher the better, as I can't turn everything on full without some frame rate droppage. If you plan on playing this online, and not getting owned, you'd need something faster than what I have.

    Gameplay: straight forward, which I appreciate. I found at times on previous versions, the mission planning sessions to be a bit long in the tooth, especially when I just wanted to 'get to it already'. With this, you can. Your guys use cover wisely, and you can stage them at entry points to help you flank the enemy. The weapons sound FANTASTIC. Turn up the volume and let it rip... some of the most satisfying sounds in any tactical shooter I have heard. This includes reloading, and the way guns sound and operate with a suppressor on. Much quieter, but also much less damage and range. Guys with body armor are noticeably harder to take down, and the terrorist on the 'realistic' setting are very tough.

    You'll need to plan your entry points, where your guys will need to be to cover you, and vice versa. As someone else mentioned, you will die, a lot. If you plan well, you won't. Use your squad mates effectively, learn to count on them, and you'll do fine. Don't assume the terrorist will miss, because while they might miss once, they won't miss the second time.

    Things that would be nice: A mission editor. That is really the only thing I can find missing...

    Conclusion: This game is very immersive. Fans of tactical shooters in general should be happy with this one. If you're looking to plan for 30 minutes before just making it happen, if you like the micro-management of the previous Rainbow Six series, you may not like this. But if you want a challenging environment, with great graphics and even better audio (seriously, it's SICK), I'd go for this one, hands down....more info
  • Should Be Called Rainblow Sux Mexico
    I am a fan of the Rainbow Six series, and this game falls way short. If you want this game, get the 360 version. Its a direct port from the 360, but its very disappointing on the pc.

    Gameplay: You play forever in the streets of Mexico. This game should be called Mexico, because you play the first 2 hours there. Controls are basically the same as other games, but there is no jumping. What were they thinking. You can't jump over stuff, without being pressed against it first. This really took away from gameplay for me.

    Graphics: Vegas on the 360 is very impressive, but on the pc its not. It sux even with with my 8600GTS overclocked. There is no AA option, and the game looks very dark. After you get in Vegas it looks better, but all the Mexico stuff just doesn't look good.

    Don't bother getting this game because its not worth the $$$. Get one of the older ones instead. Ubisoft laid an egg with this 360 port....more info


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