Stacy's Pita Chips, Cinnamon Sugar, 1.5-Ounce Bag (Pack of 24)
Stacy's Pita Chips, Cinnamon Sugar, 1.5-Ounce Bag (Pack of 24)

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All natural. Baked. 0 g Trans fat. 0 g Cholesterol. A chip that's both decadent and delicious. Perfectly sweetened with natural milled cane sugar. Our customers say, They're the perfect morning or afternoon snack with coffee or tea. Kids love them too! How it all got started! We both had a passion for good food and healthy living, so we left our careers and bought a food cart. We began making all natural pita roll-up sandwiches and at the end of each day we seasoned and baked the pita bread into delicious, homemade chips. Before we knew it, Stacy's Pita Chip Company was born. Enjoy Stacy's Pita Chips and feel great knowing that you're eating all natural, baked snacks. Thanks to all our customers! Made in the USA.

  • Case of 24 1.5-ounce bags (total of 36 ounces)
  • All-natural pita chips flavored by organic cane sugar and cinnamon
  • Baked, not fried; no cholesterol; no trans fat
  • Great as snack with coffee or tea
  • Baked in Randolph, MA

Customer Reviews:

  • Good chips
    Stacy produces a good pita chip and this one is no exception. Great to take on trips...more info
  • Not healthy, tasted like fried mislead.
    I order pack of those when is onsales, it was very poor pack the bag almost fall out from the box. I read good review hope is good, i was wrong, i only able to eat 1 box out 3 box i brought, is just not good period, tasted below average, nothing too special, it does tasted like fry and very oily, very mislead. I think the contain is not correct is far higher. I rather eat chips than this !...more info
  • Excellent, Yummy Snack!
    I love these. Perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar, and the pita seems almost buttery (although the product is dairy free). They're just so yummy. Several reviewers mention the small portion size, but it's a 200 calorie snack if you eat the whole 1.5oz serving. So, no, it's not huge, but I think it's a perfectly portioned afternoon snack, especially when you compare it to the popular 100 calorie snacks that just don't cut it! ...more info
  • Perfect snack
    I think i found something to enjoy with my lunch.The cinnamon taste is
    right on the money.Thanks to amazon for making these amazing prices.
    ...more info
  • dandy snack and treat
    I am fond of all of Stacy's Chips and these cinnamon ones are a favorite sweet snack or treat and like the size of the individual bags with this case, perfect for taking with you and for a reasonable portion size....more info
  • Good and tasty, but did not stay fresh that long
    I bought a case of these and my whole family enjoyed them. Very crunchy, with just the right amount of cinnamon sweetness. Since I bought a case, it took my family of three awhile to work through them, after about a month and a half, I found that the chips had gotten soft and stale. That was disappointing, especially since the expiration date was still a few months away.

    So, if you eat them fairly fast, I highly recommend this product, otherwise, buy a smaller amount....more info
  • I LOVE them
    I first tasted these when I purchased them in my employers coffee shop...when the coffee shop closed, I could not find the cinnamon sugar chips anywhere. I went on line to Stacey's Pita Chips...and found out I could order by the case.
    I am addicted to these...but they run havoc with my diet....sighhh...more info
  • Sweet and crunchy
    Great snack. Consistently crunchy. Hard to stop at one bag....more info
  • Too Yummy for Their Own Good!
    And way too yummy for my waistline! How come I can't award these things fifteen stars, anyway?

    Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips are without a doubt, the most delicious cinnamon treats I've ever eaten. They remind me of the best bite of an apple pie crust, without the apples and the goopy moistness of eating an apple pie out of a bag. With Stacy's Pita Chips, you open the bag and get this tiny puff of cinnamon aroma and you are compelled to dive in, face first and mouth open. Sharing is not recommended, but the sharing police aren't going to do anything to you if you give a couple to someone you love dearly. However, that night you will lie in bed unable to sleep, obsessing about each chip that you gave away, and your stomach will growl accusingly. Be warned.

    Happily, now that you have found these chips on Amazon, you will not go broke because of your addiction. They have a superb price, far better than anything I have found in Boston area supermarkets. For example, I save over a buck every time I eat a bag of chips from Amazon. I'm eating several bags a day, and at dollar apiece, I am going to be rich, rich, rich! (sorry, richness not guaranteed in your area)

    On a less spectacular note: a baked treat is not a fat-free treat, and calories are the punishment for yumminess. The bag claims that a portion is a measly eleven(!) chips! Eleven! I've had more than eleven chips while writing this paragraph. That miniscule amount of flavory goodness is packed not only with wonderfulness, but also with 140 calories! The tiny snack size bag has 1.5 ounces, and is supposed to feed 1.5 people. That also means it has about 17 chips in it, and I'd be licking the inside of the bag, embarrassing myself for all time, and adding 210 calories to my personal fat-retention system.

    You may wish to purchase and split a case of Stacy's Pita Chips with a friend, so that you can both wear swimwear without embarrassment in the coming season. Make sure that your friend is there when the friendly delivery person arrives with your chips, or your friendship might be endangered. (Or you might have to buy a second case to split with the friend, but that leaves your waistline in worse shape than it was before) Better yet, make friends with the delivery person, and split the case with him.

    Enjoy your tasty treats, and if you have difficulty making friends, the kind you would want to share your Stacy's Pita Chips with, I am a kind and friendly person, and can be trusted to split a case fairly and evenly....more info
  • yummy!
    these are delicious - just the right cinnamon/sugar blend; these are more flavorful than other Stacy's Pita flavors...more info
  • I'm addicted to these
    I LOVE these cinnamon pita chips. They're hard to find around me (and I live in NYC - go figure). Since I can't be trusted with a large bag, I'm glad I found that I can buy a whole box of the litle ones to help me portion-control. I have some at work, at home. . the delivery was fast, too....more info
  • Highly recommended!
    I was turned on to these by someone that I ran into at my nutritionist's office. Since we are always looking for fairly healthy snacks, she bought a pack in for me to try and I was immediately hooked. They are just sweet enough, very crunchy and completely addictive. I've since gotten everyone in my office hooked on them, which is just as well as ordering them from Amazon is very quick and easy and both times, arrived only two days later, even though I had only paid for standard shipping. Try at your own'll be hooked for life!...more info
  • Delicious!
    Not for the calorie watcher but they are baked so it helps with the fat content.My husband loves them so I buy him these instead of regular full fat fried chips....more info
  • Finally, satisfying sweet and crunch!
    I tried these chips for the first time yesterday, and I loved them. I'm a hard-core Crunchoholic, and these have the best crunch with just the right amount of sweet and cinnamon.

    They're not as thin as a traditional "chip," and I think that's what I love about them.

    If you've got the "crunchy" munchies, these will work for you!...more info
  • price made a difference
    i love this product but like most people said, there is not much in the bag. it was on sale (free shipping) which came to 60cent a bag considering our cafe at work sells them for $1.50. i ordered 2 boxes (24each). unfortunately i ate them all in 2 weeks. overall there great...more info


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