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  • Fragile and has an odor
    For a "portable" item, the exposed filter is very fragile and the unit has an unpleasant odor unlike the regular Blueair devices. Disappointing....more info
  • Engineered nicely for its purpose
    Most air purifiers on the market intended for a desk-top are still kind of bulky. They're usually plastic structures with a replaceable filter on the inside. The AIRPOD takes a different approach. It's simply a well-built fan, with the air filter attaching directly to the fan. The filter is housed in a nice looking cardboard enclosure - the whole thing slides onto the fan structure. When it's time to replace the filter, you replace the filter+cardboard all at once... meaning you can even change designs if you want (white/black/blue/pink).


    1) There is no bulky structure. Fits nicely on a desktop.
    2) It's fairly quiet. The fan is also adjustable (infinitely) so you can turn it down to a speed that matches the noise level in your office. At its fastest speed though, it is still not very loud, but it is noticable.
    3) Simple design cleans the air well. I moved into a new office space recently where there is noticable dustiness/mustiness in the air. I've had the AIRPOD running all morning now on my desk next to my computer, and the air in my cube smells nice and clean.
    4) The fan is well-built, and seems durable.

    A previous reviewer said it was costly at $99. It is now selling below $60, which I think is a fair price for breathing well in the office.

    1) Emits a very quiet high pitched sound while on. I'm usually sensitive to high pitched sounds that are emitted from electronics (TVs especially) since I have very good hearing. However, the sound coming from this fan is not an annoyance to me so far.
    2) It is not "silent". You certainly hear the fan, but it is not louder then most desktop PC cooling fans.
    ...more info
  • Airpod
    This is a very good solution for a desk at work or small personal space.
    Not to loud and does a good job for it's size....more info
  • Keep looking...honestly!!!!
    The size of this air purifier is appealing. However, the one thing they do not tell you is that the filter is actually enclosed in a perforated cardboard box and once opened, the cardboard box attaches to the air purifier and that is how it stays! The filter box bends easily and get crushed easily. The filter looks highly unattractive and very cheap. I will not diplay/use this anywhere and this was a total waste of $100 plus shipping. I picked this over many other choices because I needed one for travel and thought it would work in the office too. This will not even stay safe on an office desk. I should have gone with other choices available....more info
  • Excellent product, but could provide more bang for the buck
    This small, efficient air purifier is a great addition to my desk at work. It consists of a metallic fan base, and a big, cardboard enclosed hepa filter which plugs in behind the fan (the filter is the blue part depicted in the photo). The fan pulls air through the filter. It is simple but effective. It filters the air in my immediate vicinity and helps me breathe better (I have allergies and asthma). A worthwhile investment, since I spend a good portion of the day at my desk. It has an ionizer on the back, but truthfully, I'm not sure what kind of effect that has. They recommend changing the filter at least every four months, and the company has a program where you can enroll to receive filters at specified intervals. Filters cost $24.95 for one, and $39.95 for a set of two.

    When I purchased this, I intended it as something I could transport with me when I travel, since it is so light and small. However, it is fragile and the first time I took it with me somewhere, it got a scratch on the filter from some minor shuffling. I would like to see a protective bag included along with this product to enable transporting it safely.

    At $99.99, it is pricey for a personal air purifier. The main benefit of this air purifier over others is its minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing design. If a carrying bag were included, I would feel that I am getting my money's worth for this....more info