Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac

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With powerful suction and rotating brushes, the quick, lightweight Dirt Devil Dynamite Quick Vac with HEPA Filtration really lives up to its name! A 30-foot cord allows you to clean up to 2,500 square feet without changing outlets, and the scatter guard nozzle lets you go from carpeted surfaces right to the hard floors. And with HEPA filtration, this vacuum is a perfect solution for anyone with pets or allergies!

  • Telescopic metal handle with Click-Lock for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble; no tools required
  • Scatter Guard Nozzle makes it safe to use on all floor surfaces
  • Ready-to-Grip stair cleaning handle
  • Great for pet owners and allergy sufferers
Customer Reviews:
  • This vacuum sucks!
    I picked this vacuum out at WalMart because it was priced well and came with a 2 year warranty. Its pluses: lightweight, easy to assemble and use. Many minuses, however. First of all this model will probably cause hearing loss over time, as it is ear-piercingly loud. On bare floors, it does not pick up large crumbs very well, preferring instead to shoot them in random directions across the floor. It seems to work fine on carpets, although it is difficult to push. The air rushing through the vacuum comes up through the top of the canister and blows everything around. I vacuumed under some curtains, and the "wind" made them billow as I worked. It would be nice if this model came with attachments, but there are none. In short, don't waste your money on this vacuum. I'm going back to the store to look at other brands....more info
  • I Love Love Love this vac!!!
    The Dirt Devil Dynamite is the best vac I have used in a long time. It is small and lightweight and I cannot believe the dirt it sucks up from my carpet (cat hair not a problem my Kirby would not pick it up at all).
    I paid 40.00 for it and It would be well worth paying more. Yes you do have to dump it frequently and clean the filter (both really quick and easy to do) but would be expected from something so small but I am happy to do it because I know that it picked up that much dirt in such a short time. This thing is amazing and I have used many high price vacuums over the years and I would trade anyone of them for this one. No bells and whistles on this one but It does the job of picking up the dirt. I am extremely happy with my purchase....more info
  • an excellent vacuum cleaner
    I spent about $40 for this model vacuum cleaner, and it has been well worth it. It is very powerful, and using it in my small apartment I need to empty the container at least once each time I vacuum. It is lightweight and maneuverable, and the telescoping handle makes storage very easy. This is not the type of vacuum cleaner that has all the bells and whistles...i.e. there are no hoses or other cleaning attachments, no retractable cord, no light, etc. For me this is fine, because all I really wanted to do was clean the floor with it and it meets that challenge very well. The HEPA filter is easy to remove for cleaning (which unfortunately needs to be done every time you empty the container, but in fairness it is very easy to do) and the price of replacement filters seems reasonable (i.e. I believe I will save money as compared to buying bags for other models). One minor complaint is that the motor makes a high pitched sound when it's running, and that can be a little obnoxious, however most of the more expensive vacs make enough noise to scare the cats too. I'm really happy with this model, and I recommend it for about the price I got it for (I would have still been happy with it if I had paid $10-20 more). I've also seen it offered for quite a bit more than what I paid for it though, and if that is the case when you're shopping for a vac, then I'd carefully compare with other models that offer more features and perhaps containers with a larger volume so you don't have to empty it as much....more info
  • Very powerful little vac
    I really like this vacuum cleaner. Some of its pluses include:

    1) strong suction
    2) lightweight
    3) easy to compact and fit almost anywhere
    4) easy to empty and remove filter

    However, there is one thing that makes me give it a 4, not a 5. This vacuum fills very quickly and must immediately be emptied and its filter cleaned or it will simply stop taking in new dirt. In my case, vacuuming one room (or half a living room) fills the area below the filter and then I have to empty the canister.

    Part of the reason it fills so quickly is the placement of the filter about 3/4 of the way into the canister. Once the dirt reaches that filter, you will find it hard to suck anything else into the vacuum cleaner. The solution is simply to open the canister (a quick twist), remove the filter (another quick twist), dump out all of the canister's contents, and (this is the worst part) clean the filter thoroughly.

    Now, this filter is a cone-shaped filter with grooves that need to be cleaned out. I found that using a fork (I use a plastic one) to clean the filter. You scrape down the cone with the fork prongs in the grooves and keep turning the filter while you do this. You should also get something to blow dirt out since the filter will still be dusty. Since you have to do this after every room (unless you do it every week, I suppose, which I don't due to excessive dust particles from vacuuming), it becomes a chore. However, that's the only reason I can't give this vacuum cleaner a 5. The good thing is I still have not needed a new filter after cleaning it 6 times so far....more info
  • Compact yet powerful
    Because of this 7 amp, 8 pound DirtDevil. I stoped using my 12 amp, 20 pound DirtDevil. Even though the Dynamite is 12 pounds less Than my other DirtDevil it works better!...more info