Glass Basal Thermometer Mercury Free Basal Temperature
Glass Basal Thermometer Mercury Free Basal Temperature

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Product Description

An innovation in preconception and fertility products, the Fairhaven Health Glass Basal Thermometer is a mercury-free and non-toxic alternative to mercury thermometers, that is designed specifically for Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting.

  • Non-Mercury Basal Themomether-safe for the entire Family
  • Easy to use and re-usable
  • Certified Accurate: Ideal for Fertility (BBT) Charting.
  • No-Break, Easy-Read Magnifying Case!
  • Includes Fertility Chart and Detailed Instructions on Fertility Charting with a Basal Thermometer.

Customer Reviews:

  • How to shake down the thermometer
    Hold the thermometer between the pad of your thumb and side of your index finger about an inch from the metal tip and then loosely wrap your fingers around the glass. Beginning with the thermometer at shoulder height, very quickly snap your wrist down and slightly out to the side. A few hard snaps of the wrist work better than a bunch of lighter ones. I hope this helps. I also had trouble at first, but the thermometer has turned out to work perfectly....more info
  • More accurate than digital!
    I bought a glass basal thermometer a month ago, and I simply love it! You don't have to worry about batteries, and the thermometer is internally consistent, which never seems to be the case with digital ones. It's easy to clean, and provided you snap your wrist in the classic mercury thermometer style, it's easy to shake down. It comes with a convenient case with magnifying lens, so that you can see the results better. It also retains the results until you're ready to record them, same as digital. I have had great luck taking my temperature while it's still dark out, then waiting until the sun comes up to record it. When it comes to thermometers, you can't beat glass. Works well for oral, rectal, and vaginal temping....more info
  • Hard to shake down
    This is a very nice, sturdy thermometer with a handy feature of the magnifying case, which makes it easy to ready the temperature. HOWEVER, it is very hard to shake the "mercury" (the fake mercury) down! I have used regular mercury thermometers in the past and have never had this problem. This is a particular problem when you are charting and taking your temperature every day. Maybe there is some trick I don't know about, but i doubt that shaking a thermometer down is rocket science! I'd appreciate any tips!...more info
  • Excellent thermometer for NFP
    I have broken countless mercury thermometers and hate digital ones because they are so variable (take your temp 5 times and get 5 different readings)and many did not keep the temperature recorded, so that at 6:00am, I'd have to turn on a light to write down my temp.

    This is as good and reliable as mercury without the danger and breakability. ...more info
  • Non-mercury Glass Basal Thermometer
    I would never recommend this product. The material that is supposed to mvoe up and down did not budge (stuck at 97.3) so I threw it out. Anymore money wasted on this product (shipping) would have added insult to injury!!! Very poorly designed!

    I'm sticking with my digital thermometer!...more info
  • Quality Control Issues
    I'm in the health care business and purchased eleven of these thermometers (made by Geratherm). I ran a dozen tests on them (put them in a water bath at carefully selected different temperatures) and found that one of the eleven was consistently 0.6 degrees cold. Another one was slightly questionable.

    So overall I consider these thermometers to be of excellent quality, but beware of getting the odd one in ten that is defective....more info
  • Points for a quick refund, but that's about it.
    I ordered this item to use for FAM charting, since I didn't want to use a digital thermometer that would need a replacement battery (since I figured that would be more expensive in the long run).

    However, when the item arrived, it was broken. I know many customers had trouble shaking down the mercury (or, the non-mercury), but the non-mercury in the thermometer I received would not rise. I know this thermometer takes longer for a reading than a digital thermometer, but I had to hold it under very hot water for several minutes for it to show any change whatsoever -- and then as soon as I removed it to read the temperature, the non-mercury immediately slid back down to its original position.

    When I first called customer service, I had no luck with the woman on the phone trying to get it to work. However, when I called back and asked if I could return it they were very polite, and told me I would receive a refund but didn't have to return the item (this meant I had to throw it away, but it also meant I didn't have to pay any return shipping).

    I now use a digital basal thermometer that I am extremely happy with. I would have probably tried a different company's non-mercury glass thermometer, but it seems that (at least as far as I could figure out), this is the only company that sells glass basal thermometers!

    My advice -- don't waste your time. Until another company starts selling glass basal thermometers, you're better off opting for digital. It's better than wasting your time on a glass thermometer that simply may not work. ...more info


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