Bissell ProHeat Clear View Deep Cleaner With Scotchgard Application

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Product Description

The ProHeat Clear View upright deep cleaner from Bissell is a terrific carpet deep cleaner with many convenient features, among them, a Scotchgard application system for protecting carpets from stains. The ProHeat is the only deep cleaner with both a 12-amp motor and an onboard heater. A real asset: The weight of this machine is in the foot, not in the handle, which makes it easier to maneuver. DirtLifter power brush has six rows of brushes, lifts deep-down dirt and automatically adjusts to all carpet heights SmartMix system automatically adjusts the solution for every cleaning job 27-foot cord 9-foot hose Extra-wide nozzle cleans in forward and reverse 1-gallon tank-in-tank system means only one trip to the sink to fill and empty Easy-to-use onboard tools This item is also available in most Wal-Mart stores

  • 12-amp motor
  • Onboard heater
  • SmartTemp ready light tells you when the heater is ready to use
  • Scotchgard application system reapplies Scotchgard protectant to your carpets to better protect against stains
  • The weight of the cleaner is in the foot, not the handle, which makes it easier to maneuver
Customer Reviews:
  • Bad design and I don't mean color and shape
    The vacuum works very well. The unit is fairly light, and not too loud. It did a fair job on the carpet, the first time I used it, nothing earth shattering, but as well as a Rug Dr. Suction wasn't an issue the second time that I tried to use it, as the water dispensing system is bad.

    If you are reading this to see if you should buy one, DO NOT. If you are reading this because yours won't spray water, join the club. After working on this all week, I have decided that water is not able to enter the system freely enough in the first place, and this, combined with the fact that the little pump has to send the water all the way into the handle to the heater tends to lead to a short life for the pump. Plus it's fairly easy to clog hoses.

    Since I don't have much to lose here, I am going to bypass the heater, and try to put something inside of the base of the unit to open the valve inside of the tank a little more. It looks to me as though initially it all fits fine, but then as the unit gets knocked around, the base either shifts, or falls, or sags or something, and it would all be fine probably, but someone did not account for the amount of space that the screws and metal plate on the bottom of the tank take up. I have had it all apart and looked it over, and there isn't but about millimeter or two of an opening there for water to flow from.

    If you are reading this because a belt is broken on your unit, you have to pull out the little red thing on the bottom under the part misleadingly labeled 'Belt Access', once you do this, it will swing open and you can replace the belts. Be very careful not to break the tiny piece on the end of the red thing or you will have to do like me and use duct tape to hold it together, as they do not seem to sell replacements for the little red things.

    I did not buy my unit from Amazon, but I have looked at other units all day on Amazon, and they have the best prices anywhere! When I finally give up and replace this one with anything but a Bissell!! I am sure I will use Amazon:)

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