AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System

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Significantly Better & Faster than Proactiv plus 4X more powerful!*-Accelerates Healing Fast - Improvement in Just Days -Attacks the 3 Stages of Severe Acne Formation -Stops New Outbreaks 24/7 -The most powerful dermatologist-preferred acne-healing medicine available without a prescription."Severe to Clear" starts the Next Day.Contains:-Step 1- Antibacterial Cleansing Wash 4 FL.oz. (118mL) -Step 2 - Corrective Toner 4 FL.oz. (118mL) -Step 3 - Maximum Strength Repair Lotion 2 fl.oz. (59mL) -Step 4 - Retinol Renewal Complex 1.0 fl.oz. (30mL)Maximum Acne Fighting Power. So even severely troubled skin can look clear & healthy! University Medical's Acne Free Clear Skin System, the sensational acne-fighting program used and trusted by millions, is now available in this 4-step Severe Acne Treatment System, with Maximum Strength Time-Released 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol. It has been developed specifically for people of all ages and skin types who suffer from severe on-going acne and who have tried traditional prescription and over the counter treatments without success.-Exclusive time-released formula attacks the 3 stages of severe acne formation 24 hours/day -Keeps pores clear of the impurities that cause acne: dried oils, dead skin cells, bacteria-Fights acne at all points of its progression so acne lesions & blemishes can virtually disappear -Encourages even the most troubled or damaged skin to look radiantly blemish-free & healthyThe 3 harmful stages of acne breakouts:-St

  • Severe Acne system
  • Dermatologist preferred
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Plus Retinol Formula
  • for all ages and skin types
  • 4 easy steps-clinically proven to fight acne 24/7

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy Proactive!!!! Not this!!!!
    I bought this instead of Proactive, which I have used in the past with good results. While Proactive dried my skin out, it did nothing like this product. I still have just as many breakouts, but now my skin is also dry, peeling and itchy. It also has made my skin red and blotchy. Plus there is No money back garuntee. BAD product, go for Proactive instead....more info
  • Something that finally worked!
    I have tried several products over the last few years (to include oral and topical prescription medications) and nothing seemed to work. I even visited an "acne forum" to read suggested products and made purchases based on those recommendations, although my skin only improved slightly - and at the expense of being embarrassingly dry and flakey.

    I thought I would give this product a try and sure enough, it has been amazing. My skin started showing immediate signs of improvement within days and by the end of ONE WEEK, the majority of my blemishes were gone. Nearly a month later, my skin looks practically flawless. All of this without bad flaking or additional breakouts first.

    For the first time in years, my skin looks healthy and glowing. If you have been struggling to find a product that works, I highly recommend giving this a try. ...more info
  • close to rx quality
    Some people have bad reviews for this probably because they havent ever dealt with a medication as strong as 10% BP thus the peeling. If you have been using BP products for a while around 5 and 10% then you will be fine and this product will work very well for you aside from some drying. The best part about it is you can wear the repair lotion all day without ever being able to see it. Although i still have a little acne ive noticed a huge positive change in the Size and swelling as well as the amount. ...more info
  • Did not work for me
    Used as directed and did not see a change, just made my skin very dry....more info
    I purchased this product for one of my teenage sons, who has had trouble tolerating many of the prescribed pills to help clear his acne. We have gone through several wash/cream regimens but with no real results. The product kit arrived yesterday and he began to use it as directed. No lie- today his face has noticeably fewer whiteheads and is less oily. His skin does not appear irritated and he did not complain of any burning with it's use. I learned that one of the recommended treatments by dermatologists is to use Retin A, which is a primary ingredient (retinol) in the Acne Free Severe Treatment. Definitely worth a try for stubborn acne, and for those who cannot or do not want to go the "pill" route. So far very happy with the immediate results!...more info
    This was by far the worse acne treatment system. I followed the directions absolutely correcly but it just made my face worse and some days dry and other days greasy. Don't waste your time, money, or looks... go with something else....more info
  • It really works!!!!
    I just bought this product because I was really breaking out everywhere, making it very embarrasing when working in a medical environment and just being around family. I have tried various products, and none have worked for me. I bought this product and have used it for about 18 hours and my face is really much more clear. I had painful nodules on my face and they are practically gone. The swelling is gone and less painful. I have used this product 3 times and It works just as it says. Results seen by next day. I love it, and you will too!!...more info
  • Pretty good stuff!
    I have always had minor issues with acne, at least since my teen years. I have tried ALOT of different products. AcneFree works well for me, but I wouldn't say it's a cure-all. I have determined that staying clear is a lifestyle, no one thing will cure your outbreaks. Here's my regimin that I use along with this product;
    -use a scent/dye free laundry detergent (I like All Free and Clear)
    -wash my sheets weekly and my towels daily
    -use a good non-comedogenic foundation (I like Physicians Formula)
    -eat a nutrional diet
    -use vitamin supplements. My morning supplements are (I prefer GNC brand) B-Complex and Iron. My evening supplements are Super Omega Fish oil, Basic Antioxident and Acidophilus.
    -drink plenty of water. I drink about 2 liters/day of regular tap water.
    -exercise a few times/week to keep your body in tune and to sweat your toxins out!
    That's the long and short of it. I definitely recommend this product. But, as I said, you need to make it part of your healthy lifestyle for the best results....more info
  • Not the same as Proactiv
    For the first two weeks of diligent use, my acne became worse. However, I continued using it because what a lot of acne medications do first is bring all impurities to the surface as part of ridding your acne. My skin did improve, but by the time the bottles were nearly empty and six weeks had gone by, my skin was exactly the same as when I started the system. This product didn't do anything for me except waste my time. Right now, I am trying Proactiv, and just by comparing both system's ingredients I have a feeling that their "Better than Proactiv" statement is false. I will write my review for Proactiv within the next few weeks. ...more info
  • So far so good
    Well.. I'm on day 3 of using this product and so far I LOVE it. Already my face is looking and feeling better. I have very oily skin, and I have new breakouts almost daily - ah the wonders of genetics. After my first use my skin felt great, and over the last few days I haven't had any new breakouts, and the ones I have seem to be getting smaller. I have to say, I've used a million acne treatments, and this is one of the first ones I've ever used that didn't make my face 10 times worse before it got better.. We'll see if that turns out to be a good thing or not.

    All in all, so far my face is feeling so much better. My breakouts started clearing up almost immediately, and no more have formed. Even my mom commented that it seemed to be working. I'm loving this product so far, and will definetly continue to use it. I'll let you know how it goes when i've been using it longer. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I have had acne since I was 12 years old and it has become very severe in the last few years with hormones surging due to multiple pregnancies. I have been using pro-active for years and it has been useless. I have cystic acne that is extremely painful and the dermatologist had given me pills and creams that didn't seem to help the acne at all. I saw the acnefree severe product at Target and thought it couldn't hurt to try one more product. I have to say it has been a miracle. My face is clear and I haven't had one cystic pimple since. I will have a little tiny pimple every one in awhile, but that's no big deal since I am used to constant awful break outs.

    The product is drying so I cleanse and tone with the acnefree product in the morning and use my own moisturizer and then at night I cleanse, tone, and put the lotion on. Then the alternating night I cleanse, tone skip the lotion and use the step 4 product. You are never supposed to use step 3 the lotion and step 4 together. I don't use their lotion in the am because it feels to gritty under makeup. The alternating seems to keep my face from drying out too bad. Use is crucial! The products are staining to materials so be careful what you touch after applying.

    I can't tell you how excited I am about this product. I was about to go on acutane because I was so depressed about my skin. I have very oily skin so I needed something to keep it under control. I'd recomend that everyone try it since it is very affordable and easy to find in the drug stores. No one should have to walk around feeling ashamed of their skin. I feel like I got my life back. ...more info
  • Awesome product!
    I've had acne for years, but the past year it has become worse (painful nodules). I tried ProActiv for about a year with minimal results. I came across this product at Target and decided to try it (for 1/3 the price of ProActiv) and I am so glad I did. It has dramatically changed my skin's appearance as well as my confidence! I am very happy with this product....more info
  • Very pleased, but make sure you follow the directions!
    I've been very pleased by this product. I have the type of acne that usually pops up right before my monthly cycle, then takes forever to heal, and this product starts making a huge dent in the acne overnight. I've been able to prolong the life of the package that I bought by only using it when I start to break out. It's been working really well for me. It hasn't dried out my skin, which is really surprising. The lotion does tend to make my face a little greasy, so I try not to use very much of it.
    I've only had one problem: one night when I first started using it, I was really tired and in a hurry to go to bed. I forgot to wait at least 10 minutes between steps 3 and 4, and I ended up turning my pillow case orange. I've been really careful to follow the directions exactly since then and haven't had any problems....more info
  • give it a try, it definitely works
    I used to have some acne when I was a teenager but I got the worst acne ever in my mid 20s. I tried everything for years with no results until I saw this product and decided to give it a try. I saw results quickly. Actually, the first couple of days it dried my skin up a little bit and I got a bad burning around my eyes. But the instructions clearly say not to use the product on the eyes area and I did, so it was my fault, (and I also overused it on my urge to get rid of my acne no matter what) Anyway, as soon as I saw the product dried my skin up, I just easily worked it out by following the instructions on how to use the product plus using some good day/night moisturizers by The Body Shop (I love their products).
    My skin began to look much better in a few days, the repair lotion really works. My severe acne disappeared and now I just have to cope with few regular breakouts like once in a while and I can fight them with the repair lotion. I think this stuff really kills acne bacteria and most of the time prevents breakouts from attacking again!
    But remember, you must follow the instructions and not overuse it cause it can burn your skin! and you need to use it constantly and be patient to get the best results!. One more thing, we are all different and every skin type may show a different reaction to this product, so, even though I can tell the product has been working awesome for me since I got it, this is just and opinion/advice according to my personal experience.
    As I mentioned it before, bear in mind that acnefree might dry up your skin, but you can work it out with a moisturizer and that's a whole lot better than fighting acne!
    ...more info
  • Not Badd at all
    Ive used Proactive and had awesome results but after a few months clear skin I started developing small oil bumps all over my forehead. I just assumed that I had been on it too long and my skin had gotten used to it. My sister had recommended this and we pretty much have the same type of skin...extremely oily. I can wash my face and and hour later it looks as if I dipped it in grease. (shrug).

    It worked wonders for me. I go through the toner really fast though....(still have half of the lotion and face wash).

    I definatly recommend it. I also bought the scar fighting solution they have. I use this on weekends with just a oil of olay bar to give my face a rest from the ingredients in the system that dry my face out.

    It also helps a little with my back and shoulder acne....more info
  • Works wonders
    I have had acne problems for YEARS. Now, at 17, I was really becomming irritated with my acne and nothing working. Venting out my frustrations to my mom, she found this for me. I had tried proactive as well as prescribed medicines from my dermatologist. I was a hesitant at first for buying this poduct because of the number of people who did give it a poor review. My mom and I sat down and read all of the reviews and came up with the conclusion that the majority of the people who gave it bad reviews had had progress with proactive. With that being the opposite for me as well as the product being realtivly cheap, I decided to try it. I got it later the next day from my local drug store and used it that night. The next morning, I could already tell a difference! The redness had decreased a considerable amount, and my acne keeps going away day by day. I love this product and it is really a confidence booster....more info
  • excellent product
    i am 44 years old and have suffered with severe breakouts for all of my adult life. i have tried everything from proactive to expensive prescription meds and very fancy dermatological treatments and peels. i don't see my dermatologist anymore, though he was sweet. perhaps if he were cuter... i digress. my skin was becoming worse with pustule breakouts all along my nose and chin. i felt embarrassed to leave the house since i didn't want anyone to see me. i tried the acne free severe treatment and i started to see results within a few days. in two weeks my skin had cleared and within a month was cleared completely. my skin is not sensitive so i didn't experience any burning or itching. i think that the negative reviews on this product are from people with overly sensitive skin. there's nothing that works for everyone, but it's great for me. i've been using it for over five months and while i'll get an occasional pimple it's completely manageable. all the other things i've used worked initially but stopped working after only two or three months. the last skincare regimen i used cost over $1100. it worked a full four months before losing its potency. i'm going to try switching over to the regular acne free kit for maintenance to be sure my skin doesn't somehow get "used" to the acne free severe. try this, i hope it works out for you....more info
  • Great Product
    This product is fantastic. I was completely clear of acne in one month. I live in the carribean and ordered it front I've tried Accutane, Proactiv (twice), prescription drug, antibiotics etc. But nothing worked as quickly and completely as Acnefree. Thanks! Wish I had a before and after picture. Just need to get rid of the acne scars, can't use hydroquinione so I'm at a lost. But the acne is gone. Yeah!!...more info
  • Works well enough for me
    I've seen both positive and negative reviews for this product. Since twelve years old, I have had issues with acne, particularly blackheads. I tried Proactiv for six months and I didn't really notice any change in my acne. After several years, I decided a month ago to try AcneFree Severe, simply because it's supposed to work well against stubborn cases. So far I'm pretty impressed; I started off with worse acne, but things have settled down. I'm not completely clear, but much better than I was with Proactiv. It can dry out skin, so I make sure to use a moisturizer, and that eliminates it.

    Keep in mind, I'm not saying Proactiv doesn't work--it does for some people, I'm sure. But AcneFree seems to be working for me....more info
  • Worked pretty well but too harsh
    I used the original acnefree and felt I needed something a little stronger. As soon as I started using acnefree severe I started seeing results, however after about a week of using it my skin began burning and having dry spots. My skin usually tolerates acne treatments pretty well, but step 3 the day time lotion was just too harsh. ...more info
  • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
    I wouldn't classify my skin as "severe" at all, in fact, my skin tends to be clear most of the time. I'll get the occassional pimple or blackhead here and there, but nothing severe whatsoever.

    I began using this product because my brother (who also has good skin) was raving about how this product heals his blemishes and keeps his skin healthy and clear. After watching him use the product for several weeks, I noticed a dramatically improved complexion. His face was simply rejuvinated.

    I then decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. This product was simply amazing. The four-step process is simple to follow and feels excellent on my face. My blackheads: gone. Any new ones: gone. My skin: clear as can be.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking to keep their skin healthy and clean.

    A word of caution: If your face is mild to dry, make sure you use a moisturizer between the morning and evening sessions. I began to get very dry skin during the first few days, but using the moisturizer helped immensly....more info
  • African American woman's review. Thumbs up!!!
    I only started breaking out with acne in my early thirties. After trying the Loreal adult acne system for 2 months & Proactiv for 6 months with minimal results, I decided to give this a try. Yes, it made my skin very dry the first few weeks but I used a moisturizer over it kept using it and got fantastic results. I had the hard, large painful nodules on my face and this not only cleared them but I don't even break out anymore. One kit lasted me 6 months and my skin is soft & smooth. After the acne went it away, it did leave behind the black marks but Avon's skin brightener faded those out almost overnight. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • my skin cleared up in 5 days, perfectly
    I honestly couldn't believe it.... I didn't have horrible skin to begin with, but I got a new haircut where my hair hit the sides of my face / forehead a lot more and I started getting painful breakouts on my temples, adn along my jawline and on my forehead.... plus for some reason my nose and chin started getting really bad blackheads.

    I got this stuff thinking why the hell not and it's been 5 days and my skin is sooooo freaking soft and clear. I would honestly call it a miracle product because it's ridiculous how awesome it works.

    The all day lotion (step 3) is a little bit harsh on my skin, it's the 10% benzoil (sp?) peroxide, but it gets the job done so so so so so well.

    ...more info
  • SEVEREly better than original
    I've used Proactive about 5 years ago, which didn't really work too well for me, but I thought that's how things just were. Then tried AcneFree, and I had less pimples, but still about 3-5 a week. Then, I tried some all natural cleanser in a black bottle, and while my face FELT better, I still got pimples, and bad pimples. Went back to Target to buy AcneFree, but found AcneFree Severe. Been using the severe for about 12 months now, and have gotten about 2-4 pimples a MONTH, and not bad ones either. AND I only wash in the mornings, and don't even use step 4. When I do get that bad pimple once in a blue moon, I use AcneFree Terminator 10, which also works GREAT, but is hit and miss honestly.

    AcneFree Severe has changed my skin, and my life. I don't go a day without using this product. If you are buying for a teen or are a teen yourself and don't like to wash your face, just bring Step 1 in the shower with you. Turn the water to cool/warm, rinse your face to open the pores. Put 1 dab on each your left and right cheek and your forehead. LIGHTLY wash your face and rub in Step 1. Then, rinse off with the shower water, and DAB your face dry.

    When you get out, use step 2 and step 3 with cotton PADS. Step 2 will go a lot faster than the other steps, but you can go on their website or call the company directly and buy just that step.

    I HIGHLY recomend this product...more info
  • It works!!
    The product is strong so be careful if you have sensitive skin. But it worked for me and my friend. The company actually refunds if your are not satisfied in anyway....more info
  • This WORKS
    I'm pretty young but I recently bought this product and I used it today. within the hour my skin looks less red and more clear! MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS. The directions says never to use steps 3 & 4 together so maybe that is where some people went wrong. I really suggest the product for quick results! I hope I helped!...more info
  • Something that finally worked!
    I've pretty much used everything, but nothing worked, until I tried out this product. My T-zone is oily, but the rest of my face is a bit on the dry side, so when I first used this product it dried out my face so much to the point it stung really badly. So I decided to just use the soap on my T-zone for a while, and I got used to it- now i can use it on my whole face, but I only use it on my T-zone bc that's only where I have acne problems. Anyways, this product actually works. I give it 5 stars because it cleared up my face, something I've been longing for for over 3 years. I am so happy....more info
  • awesome product
    My son has tried every product on the shelves and also a number of prescription drugs and creams. Nothing helped. I bought him AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment and his face has cleared up within a week. I'm amazed! I've spent hundreds of dollars at dermatoligists that couldn't help! I highly recommend this product. My daughers, who don't have severe acne, love the regular AcneFree Treatment system. They don't need the severe product. ...more info
  • Wonderful
    For bad, painful acne this is the right product. I have used Proactiv for over a year and still had blemishes, with Acne Free my face cleared up in two weeks! I mean clear. During the first three days your skin is very dry- I would suggest a light oil free moisturizer with sunscreen after the regimen, in the morning only. The first use (at night) did cause minor facial swelling that subsided in about the time it took me to shower. As with anything new some adjustment is required- your skin is the largest organ in the body! Some suggestions that I have found to help

    1. Wash hands frequently-the oils from our hands feed growing pimples. If you can't wash your hands frequently use a alcohol based sanitizer, this will help minimize the oil in your fingertips.
    2.Try not to touch your face, especially during the first week of treatment as this will irritate the obstructions.
    3.Before washing your face, take a hot washcloth and drape it over your face (this will open the pores) for about a minute. Then apply the face wash, let the skin dry before applying the toner. Again let the skin dry before applying the repairing lotion. At night, is is very important to wait 10 minutes before applying the night serum-wash your hands again before the last step at night as 10 minutes is enough time for your fingers to build up oils and you will be touching your face again. I hope this helps, and good luck to clear skin....more info
  • It really works!
    I have had acne for a long long time, many years. Thought it would dissapear after teenage years but i guess not, 26 years old now. I got scars from them too. I've tried all kinds of stuff and i really love this product. It really improves my skin. Not just takes away the acne but it looks and feels better too. My skin does not get irritated from it. It doesn't dry it out like other products can. It really works for me and my skintype. I tried the acnefree not severe one but acnefree severe works best for me....more info
  • Awesome Product!
    I have acne that is resistant to a lot of different types of remedies, so i figured "what do i have to lose by using a new product?" I went to Target and bought this AcneFree Severe Acne kit for about $25, and crossed my fingers. I got home, and immediately used it. The first thing i noticed that made it awesome was that a few hours after i used it, my skin just felt better... it was something i could tell. The next day, i could tell that this product went straight to work. I have been using it for about 2 and a half weeks, and already i have more confidence because my face has cleared up about 85%! i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is tired of going through Neutrogena, Noxzema, Clearasil, etc. with little to no results. the ONLY thing that i noticed (which is contradictory to other reviews i've seen) is that my skin is oilier pretty early on in the day, but that can be taken care of with oil-blotting sheets. =]...more info
    Okay, first of...this kit is an awesome deal for the price! for less than $25 dollars, without the hassle of prescription, and typically found at any pharmacy store like Walgreens, Target etc., it is such a convenient!

    -Caution with step 3: the first night I've used the product, my face was really tender and a little inflamed. My skin was tremendously dry. (So, just FYI...if you have a function or a party that you need to go to, consider using this afterwards, because it takes a few days for your face to clear the stubborn acnes and other after effects) I can almost tell, I used the Step 3 lotion more than what I should. AVOID the eye and lip area, especially if you have sensitive skin! But after a couple of days, I can definitely tell some amazing results!


    For a fraction of the cost, it's worth having clear skin all over again.

    Inferiority Complex...GONE!...more info
  • acne
    This product is great. Takes a time to get use to and will make face a little red. But pimples and black heads leaving. ...more info
  • No Pain No Gain? On The Fence
    First off, ive never bought any acne products in my life, so I can't compare. I didn't want to pay for pro activ, so i looked for something I could get retail, i studied this ratings for some time. Picked this kit up at Walgreens. Used it for 7 days, after the 7 days, my acne is clear,and it made my skin real smooth, But i think too smooth. I stopped using the product since now my skin gets real tight on my face after water hits it, and i dry it, and my skin on my face is getting red and burns when i rub any wash cloth. So as of now i duno what is the cause. Unless its my skin rebuilding, or what. But this product did work for me, but now i feel pain....more info
  • You Get What You Pay For
    I orignially used Pro-Active. I am 39 and NEVER got pimples as a teen. I tried pro-active and it worked great. I found AcneFree and it said it worked better and faster than Pro-Active and was less expensive. I tried it and my clear skin (from using Pro-Active) broke out in pimples. To be fair, I tried it for a month. My face never got better. I went back to Pro-Active, gave AcneFree to a friend for her son to use and it didn't work on him either.
    Once again my skin is clear. Pro-Active may cost more, but it is much more effective on my skin.
    I am not saying that this won't work for you, but it DEFINATELY did not work for me or my friend's 15 year old son........more info
  • AcneFree Acne Treatment System
    I bought this product for my 14 year old granddaughter who had a bad case of acne and she has been using it for 10 days and her acne is almost gone. It is wonderful....more info
  • it burned me
    I put it on last night and again this morning. A few minutes later it started stinging around my eyes. When I looked in the mirror and all around my eyes was deep red. I washed it all off as soon as possible. But it still stings and is very red....more info
  • Very Late
    I ordered this a very long time ago, and still have not received it. On Amazon it was listed in stock, so it was surprising when I received the email about it being delayed. I have since seen it in my local drugstore for the same price. Perhaps when it finally arrives it will be fantastic, but I have been asked to review it now, and this is my experience so far....more info
  • Similiar to ProActiv
    Great product, it gives the same feeling as proactiv in which your skin becomes smooth and soft. At first I was scared to use it because i seen a couple reviews that said it burned their skin and made their face red. None of this happened to me, i guess only if you have an allergic reaction or really sensitive skin. I started to see results in a couple days and i like the fact that it did not make my skin dry. Better than proactiv because you wont keep getting billed every month, you can order it when you need. The price is also reasonable and worthy....more info
  • Acnee Free Severe - Severely Long.
    I'm 18 and suffer from EXTREMELY bad acne. I have it running all the way down from my forehead to my shoulders, down to my lower back. It's horrific to take my shirt off. After trying Proactiv and other anti-acne products, I gave up for a year and just tried to bare with it. One day, I came across this product and decided to give it a try since it advertised that it was "Better than Proactiv". I've been using this consecutively for about 4 weeks now. I've never missed a day, have put it on morning and night as it instructed. I haven't noticed ANY change whatsoever in my skin. I'm going to continue using this until I eventually run out. I'll write another post and say if my skin ever cleared up. [...] . Thanks....more info
  • My Teens say it works, and it does
    I have three girls, they love this product, and in the past have used
    Pro-active only to have dry skin, and irritation. I have set up for auto delivery, so they do not run out....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!
    OMG! I love this stuff. I've tried alot of different things, and at first they all would work. I am one of those people that gets those mounds on their face. I don't get just a little pimple, they are almost like boils. They're marble size, red, irritated. And I can't stop touching them, which makes them worse. I've done Clinique's 3 step system, neutrogena, clearasil, noxema, and the original Acne free. At first my skin gets clear, and tighter, not as oily. But after a month or so, it's back to bad skin. Just not as bad. This stuff I've been using for about 2 months and I love it. My skin is clear, it's not as oily, I actually have people tell me how good my skin looks! I haven't heard that since I was a teenager (I'm 30 now). At first this stuff was kinda strong and irritated my skin. I just use the soap at night and noxema in the morning. I do the toner in the am and pm, with the lotion. Can't say enough good about this stuff....more info
  • excellent product
    AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment is the best product on the market. I have never had a acne treatment work so well for me. ...more info
  • Great!
    This was the best acne system I have every used! It is better than ProActive and other over the counter medicines. After one/two days you can see the blemishes starting to go down and after a week or so o using it you have virtually no or very small blamishes. I also have very sensitive skin and this caused little drying for me. ...more info
    I stumbled upon AcneFree Severe because Clean n' Clear Advantage was out of stock (which, by the way, worked to a point then became completely ineffective). I wanted to give my skin a break from ProActiv, which I have been using for about 7 years and was working, but I think my skin started to become immune to it. I figured that if it worked, I would just make the switch, especially since it was only $20 and some change. WELL... so much for that!!! After 3 days, I had to stop using it because 1) the smell was HORRIBLE, 2) it made my skin feel like sandpaper, and 3) the lotion was soo thick, heavy, and gritty and left a white residue on my dark complexion. I would NOT recommend this product, especially if you plan to wear some sort of concealer or make-up; the lotion does NOT leave your skin smooth. Also, make sure your skin condition is indeed severe; that may be why it didn't work so well for me....more info