Whynter SNO 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Platinum

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Product Description

The SNO Arctica portable air conditioner provides you with a convenient and efficient solution for your air comfort needs. These portable units are extremely mobile and can be easily setup in almost any indoor location. This unit features advanced self-evaporating technology, which uses and recycles moisture collected during cooling and heating process to produce cool air. The ergonomic design with an integrated handle and built-in caster wheels and large back wheels make this the easiest portable room air conditioner to transport. The benefits of this product are near endless as features include: 2 fan speeds for fast or normal cooling Easy clean activated carbon filters that collect large dust particles and prevent bacteria build-up Cooling power for up to a 400 sq. ft. space Full thermostatic control (64 - 90 degrees. The compressor shuts off when it reaches the set temperature but the fan remains on all the time) 12 hour programmable timer Extendable exhaust hose (up to 5ft.)Water tray and extended water tube for continuous drainage Optional heater (see drop down menu for details)So much more! Bring the amzing unit into your home or office today! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required. A restocking fee will be deducted if this item is returned.

  • Color: Platinum
  • Size: 29.5" H x 14.8" W x 15.7" D
  • Self evaporating design exhausts most or all condensate automatically
  • LCDI (Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption) plug
  • Designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling to any room, with no permanent installation
Customer Reviews:
  • cool stuff
    Fast shipping and arrived just in time to beat the heat. Nice general appearance. The platinum silver finish is a real upgrade over off-white. The exhaust kit was put in place in less than 10 mins. Easy and intuitive to use. I use this primarily in the server room where temperatures get up over a hundred. It's a relatively small (220+sqft) I set it on high and had it 18 hours a day for about a week. I walked in one afternoon and I actually felt chilly. Does a great job of cooling. It is fairly loud when on max cool, but doesn't bother me. satisfied++....more info
  • what is, but isn't?!
    My wife and I were really anticipating the arrival of our new portable a/c unit during an extra humid stretch. When the Whynter arrived it had some exterior damage. It took weeks to get parts and I learned that there was no service network just their home office in California. This became an issue several weeks later when the unit started to howl when the compressor kicked in, then shortly afterward the compressor stopped altogether. The unit was never very quiet and the cooling effect did not seem up to our expectations. We have learned in comparison with a subsequent 14,000 unit of a different brand that the performance of the Whynter was, in fact, sub par.
    When we eventually got the repaired unit back, it was damaged to the point of major panels hanging unattached and electronics dangling from wires.
    Had to send it back and this time it took until February to get it returned, again in pieces. Whynter had packaged the unit very poorly and did not insure the shipments. When I pressed for some replacement they stopped responding to emails and phone calls entirely. I had communicated with them in a very patient, calm and proper manner. To this day they have not responded to my communications. I have a broken a/c with a warranty but no cool air to be found.
    I write this review so that others may be potentially spared of a repeat experience....more info
  • Great portable
    Having used this for about 3 weeks to replace my window unit, I am quite happy with the performance of portable air conditioner .It cools quickly enough and the setup was quite simple. It is quite portable and easy to wheel around. The color and design is nice for a portable unit. It arrived well packaged and within 3-4 days of my order. I had a few setup up questions and the manufacturer customer support was incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend this brand."...more info
  • Finally, something that works right
    We bought one of these over the summer after trying 2 other brands. This was by far with superior performance and appeal. I use this mostly in the kid's room that is about 200+sqft and run it most of the day. No issues at all. I wasn't venting the exhaust initially but after attaching the vent hose, it worked better than expected. This item is heavy but can be wheeled on an even floor. Nice color and great price. ...more info
  • A waste of money
    The unit has several problems:

    - It cannot cool down a room larger than 100 sq. feet in size
    - The drain bucket gets filled up within a half an hour and thus needs to be dumped out or it will profusely dump water all over your floor
    - It is too loud (compared to other portable units and window units)
    - The drain bucket does not sit right when placed where the water comes out (it needs to be titled upward, and thus holds even less water)
    - On really warm days, it failed to cool off my apartment by more than a few degrees (still over 80 degrees in the apartment even if it ran all day)
    - You cannot aim the air up or down, so it blows at the ceiling (maybe has something to do with how well it cools?)
    - The customer service from the manufacturer "whynter" is absolutely terrible, they offered me no advice other than to make sure I have it set to "cool" and not "heat"
    - The customer service from stacks and stacks is no better, they do not return calls, emails, and their automated voice system on their phones says that you have called outside of normal business hours even if you are within business hours

    I can keep going, but overall it is not worth the money; it doesn't do its job, and will damage your floors from the water that will spill everywhere. You are better off buying one where the drip hose can be extended outside of your window. ...more info
  • A bit let down...
    The unit arrived on time and in full working order. It is rather bulky, and must be near a window for the purpose of ventilation, something which was not made real clear in the advertising. That limits its "portability" from my perspective. I could have bought a window unit for about half the price if I had known that beforehand. The unit is also a bit louder than a window unit, and makes sleeping rather difficult when it is on. While rated at 12,000 BTU, it seems to cool as if it were a 5,000 BTU unit. ...more info