Bio Ionic iDry Nano-i5X Nano-ionic Conditioning Pro-Dryer UN-2670

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Product Description

The iDry Nano-i5X Nano-Ionic Conditioning Pro-Dryer is a super-powerful conditioner with a cord. It features Nano-Ionic Hybrid Mineral Technology, which utilizes our exclusive Nano-Ionic Hybrid Mineral to produce 5 times higher levels of Natural Negative Ions and Far infrared Energy for the quickest drying, the most conditioning results possible. Dries super-fast without damage, utilizes ultra quiet technology and does not give off any ozone emissions. Also, features Turbo Fan, Cool Shot Button, Variable Heat Settings, and Ionic Styling Nozzle.

  • Patented Nano-Ionic Hybrid Technology creates the ultimate Super-Charged Natural Ion Complex
  • The Nano-i5X Pro-Dryer is "A Conditioner with a Cord"
  • Highest levels of Negative Ions and Far infrared Energy for super drying speed and maximum conditioning
  • Super powerful and long-lasting micro-engineered components (1500W Motor)
  • Ultra quiet technology
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't purchase.
    I purchased one of these in March and it broke one month later. There is a mechanism for the switch that must lose connection, as the dryer stopped giving out heat. The beauty salon where I bought it replaced it with another NanoIonic dryer, to which the same thing happened fewer than two months later....more info
  • Hair dryer broke 8 months later
    My sister's stylist recommended this Ionic hairdryer. It is very light weight, but powerful. I thought it could have been hotter, but my sister said it shouldn't because of the Ionic process. It leaves your hair soft and smooth. My sister also purchased one from Amazon and loves it.

    My broke 8 months later. I am trying to place a warranty claim....more info