Haier 5,200 BTU Mechanical Air Conditioner - HWF05XC7

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5,200 BTU, 9.7 EER - 115 volt All Top-Discharge Airflow Pattern Ultra-Quiet Operation Quick-Snap Curtain Install Kit Safety Power Cord EnviroClean Coil Size Color-Coded Packaging 2 Cool Settings, 2 Fan Settings Easy-to-Install Mounting Kit Easy-Access Washable Filter 2-Way Air Flow Direction Dimensions: 17 9/32" x 12 27/32" x 11 5/32"

  • 5,200 BTU, 9
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Quick-Snap Curtain Install Kit
  • Safety Power Cord
  • EnviroClean Coil
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Noisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, so my mother bought this for me since my A/C keeps breaking in my apartment (a very old unit). It worked when we first turned it on. We didn't keep it on for long, we were just testing it out. Then I turned it on that night so I could sleep. Within the first 10 minutes I started hearing this tapping like noise. At first I thought it was plastic that had dropped into the vent when we opened it. So I endured a night of little sleep, with the pillow being kept over my head as much as possible. My husband came to lay down that night, but ended up sleeping on the couch. I couldn't of course, since I am pregnant and need cool air to regulate my body temperature. The next day he checked to see if there was plastic in the vent like I originally thought, but there was nothing.

    The second night, it gets worse. And it makes me feel sick the next day, even though its not blowing on max. I put it on fan low on setting 4 to 5. My throat is so sore! I feel like I slept outside in the cold. But it doesn't make since because when I woke up in the middle of the night I was sweating because I was so hot.

    My husband slept on the couch again. I would rather sleep in my car burning precious expensive gas then to barely sleep every night and come down with a severe cold because of this unit. I will be making an attempt to bring it back... if we can find the receipt. If not, its going in the garbage... even though I want to chunk it in the window of the main office of Haier....
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  • A/C unit
    The A/C works very well. Not too noisy,runs very smooth. It cools the room i have it in well. The delivery time was faster than what they had stated. all in all the whole transaction went well....more info
  • Waste of money
    I returned this after 2 weeks. Not quiet, makes a loud water gushing noise when turned on. After about a week, it started making "cracking" noises, I woke up one night and thought my window was breaking it was so loud. Ice formed on the coils EVERY night! I guess you get what you pay for. I went and bought a Kenmore (already own 2) for $139.99 at Sears. It is so quiet you cant even tell its on! Trust me, spend a few extra bucks and get better quality, its worth it for the good nights sleep. ...more info
  • Not a bad unit for the money
    I picked one of these up for my bedroom. The installation instructions are hard to follow. I got it setup, and it does what it was designed to do -- it cools my bedroom quite nicely. It is not quiet, however. I wouldn't say it's obnoxiously loud, either -- but it is loud enough to be worth mentioning. The noise factor is the only thing I don't like about this unit. That said, it's nothing I wouldn't expect from an $80 air conditioner.

    I would give this 5 stars if it were quiet.

    Bottom line: I'd rather sleep with ear plugs and be cool, than have my bedroom be 90 degrees and quiet.


    I've had this thing for over a year now. It's LOUD LOUD LOUD. I can't even sleep in the same room as it with earplugs. It sounds like the fan blades are spinning in a pool of water. I ended up drilling some holes in the front of it where the water collects so it can run out into a bucket... but really, this unit is garbage. I take back my original 3 star review... 1 star all the way...more info
  • Great air conditioner
    The air conditioner is a great value. It works fine and cools off a medium size room. However, the installation instructions are vague and hard to follow. Other than that issue...it is a good value for the money.

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  • definately not a quiet air conditioner
    We recently purchased 2 of these bedroom air conditioners and were quite happy with the price. We installed them, started them up and within 3 hours one of the 2 was making quite a bit of noise and not just normal air-conditioning noises one would expect to hear. It sounded like there was something INSIDE the air conditioner itself, being batted around inside. It was so obnoxious I couldn't sleep with it running.

    And now a day later, the other air conditioner (same make/model) is doing the EXACT same thing.

    It is totally frustrating to spend money on something that is junk. Yes, it does cool our rooms slightly, but the annoyance of the rattling noise inside the unit isn't worth the aggravation.

    I wouldn't waste my money on a Haier product in the future....more info