Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Hydrate Shampoo, 33.8-Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is an essential for color treated hair. This advanced formula is free of any nasty carcinogenic color stripping sulfates. This high lather, quick rinse, exceptionally mild luxury formula preserves and protects hair while it wraps you in an indulgent aromatherapy fragrance experience.

  • One 33.8-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
  • With potent antioxidants and sunscreens
  • Gentle formula won't strip color from treated hair
  • With certified organic rose, sandalwood, and green tea botanicals
  • Salt- and sulfate-free

Customer Reviews:

  • Pureology Shampoo
    I was not happy with my order. The shampoo is usually expensive and I was trying to save money by ordering from your company. But when I received the shampoo, the bottle was leaking and I did not get a full bottle. I have ordered the same product from another company and have never had this kind of problem. I don't know why it was not secured better. Thank you for your attention.
    Susan Redfern...more info
  • No sulfates, smells great, lasts forever
    My haircutter said my curly, color-treated hair would benefit from shampoo with no sulfates: less color loss and frizz. Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate make shampoos foam. And evidently they clean by stripping oils. Ooo, not good. I was willing to forego the foam.

    But sulfate-free shampoos are hard to find. (Check salon shampoos - most have sulfates.) Those I did find smell like a bakery. No thanks, I'll eat my doughnut, not smear it on my head in the am. (Okay, I'll grant that eating doughnuts is probably worse for my hair overall than sulfate shampoos. But one thing at a time.)

    Pureology smells fresh and piney. Just a SMALL amount does it and it lathers very well. Seriously, squeeze the amount you're used to and you'll rinse til tomorrow. But the key: my demi-permanent grey-covering color HAS lasted longer AND I've experienced much less frizz.

    Is this the best sulfate-free shampoo out there? Are sulfate-free shampoos really needed? (Several Web sites will tell you it's a racket.) Is the silicone in it bad for you? Can't say. But given the pleasant scent, my results, and the size of this jug, I won't be shampoo shopping in 2008. ...more info
  • Excellent Shampoo
    Yes, Purology is more expensive than other brands, but it lasts so long - almost 6 months - and works so well - very few Bad Hair Days - that the cost is more than justified.

    This product is especially helpful if your hair has been colored or highlighted, if it's on the dry side (or if the winter weather has made it so), or if you have combo hair (dry hair but oily scalp).

    Finally, this $40 size bottle is a huge savings value. You get 4 times the ounces of the $20 bottle, but at only 2 times the cost. and you won't need to purchase again for almost 6 months. Definitely an excellent product!...more info
  • Pureology shampoo
    good and fast service. I love this shampoo it keeps my color and makes my hair shiny as well....more info
  • This product ROCKS!!
    I absolutely love this product........I have tried so many different products for my hair and this is the best!! My hair was so frizzy and lifeless before and now my hair is shiny and managed. No doubt I will use this for the rest of my life. Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Hydrate Shampoo 33.8 oz and Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Hydrate Conditioner 33.8oz...more info
  • The Best
    Pureology Antifade Complex Hydrate Shampoo 10.1 Fl Oz (300 Ml)

    Another Pureology product that I would highly recommend for anyone who has coloured hair. Use very little and smells wonderful. Worth every penny
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I love this shampoo! It smells great and keeps my hair soft. Fast and easy shipping....more info
  • pureology hydrate shampoo
    i like this product , i use it for 3 year. it make the hair soft and the color will keep longer....more info
  • Love this stuff!
    First product that I've used that works consistently on my unruly hair. My hair is wavy and more frizzy than curly. I've tried just about every product out there and they usually work for a time or two and then don't work anymore. This has worked consistently for about 2 months now, and I don't even want to use anything else. Highly recommend this for people with trouble hair. ...more info
  • Pureology shampoo
    I would give it 5 stars but it does tend to make your hair flat....more info
  • Very Nice Conditioning Shampoo
    Update 4/09: I am not as big a fan after several months of using this exclusively. The shampoo/conditioner combo does not give the shine I want, so I am switching to another brand. It does keep my color.

    I color my own hair. It is straight and fine but I have lots of it. I like this shampoo because it does not take the color out. It is noticable how well my color stays in. I can also use this shampoo without the conditioner and still get a silky feel to it. I won't say it flattens my hair but compared to the Pureology Volume my hair is straighter, silkier and yes, flatter but not in a bad way. Just different. I have used lots of salon shampoos and this is one of my favorites. I also have found this shampoo and the conditioner do not cause my face to break out. ...more info
  • love it
    My son and daughter-in-law left their shampoo. I tried it and just loved it. Now I ordered my own bottle. I have thin flat hair and it was hard to even curl with a curling iron. Now, after I use the shampoo, my hair has volume and it curls beautifully. I also really like the smell. This is the best shampoo I have ever used....more info
  • Great Product
    This is my favorite conditioner. The peppermint tingles and feels great, it has a very nice smell, and it's very conditioning (but not too heavy). I use this and Pureology Nano. Plus, Amazon's price can't be beat!...more info
  • Not the same product as before
    Warning to fans of Pureology -- the ingredients have changed dramatically since P & G purchased the company. The wonderful herbals are now way down on the list, and it's now harsh and smells like a cheaper product. It also takes more shampoo to get a lather. I know this because I keep a smaller old bottle to refill from the big size. I'm very disappointed to say: buyer beware. ...more info
  • Great for scalp and hair
    I love this shampoo. You only need a small amount to create a great lather. It is minty and very soothing to the scalp. It protects your hair color. I used it before I even colored my hair because a small amount goes a long way and leaves your hair shiny and your scalp healthy. ...more info
  • Pureology
    I love Pureology hair products! The shampoo is great for people who have extremely dry hair!...more info
  • Best shampoo for color treated hair.
    Pureology Hydrate ShampooThis is the best shampoo for color treated hair. I have tried many other name brand products that claim they are for color treated hair and was very disappointed with the quality and performance of the product. If you are paying Salon prices for hair color, you would want to preserve the color as well as prevent your hair from drying due to coloring. Pureology is the only product I will ever use and it is well worth the price. ...more info


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