The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack
The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack

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Product Description

Head outdoors for year-round fun with your Sims! New seasonal activities await your Sims including snowball fights, chasing fireflies, jumping in leaf piles, and more. Strengthen family ties in Winter, let romance bloom in Spring, deepen the bonds of friendship in Summer, or fast-track your career in Fall. Your Sims can now explore new careers and master new talents throughout the year, but beware freezing, sunburn, sneezing, and other unexpected weather effects! Dress your Sims appropriately or face the consequences!
Master New Talents - Join the Gardening Club for tips on how to make your garden blossom, and reap the rewards! Catch fresh fish to grill on the barbeque-but beware surprising catches Decide the season with the weather control device, harvest fruits and veggies in the greenhouse, slip in the skating rink, make a wish at the wishing well, and add fun with a pool slide Explore 6 New Careers - Do your Sims crave the life of an adventurer or gamer? Perhaps they'd rather explore music, law, journalism, or education? Fun reward objects like a heavy metal guitar await your Sims with each new career path

  • The Sims 2 Seasons is an Expansion Pack and requires The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Special DVD Edition, or The Sims 2 Holiday Edition for PC to play. Check to make sure you can run The Sims 2.
  • Dramatic and Detailed Weather Effects - A brand-new visual experience has come to the world of The Sims 2. Now your Sims can experience snowstorms, thundershowers, lightning bolts, and deadly hailstones. All four seasons are spectacularly rendered to occur in every The Sims 2 neighborhood
  • Benefit from Each Season - Seasons impact your Sims' relationships, moods, wants, and fears.
  • Share New activities - New ways for your Sims, their families, and friends to have fun together! Build snowmen, splash in the pool, play catch, and go ice skating
  • Reap the Fruits of Your Sims' Labors - Harvest fruits and veggies all year round and blend love potions, energy drinks, health boosters, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Yay! Snowmen!!
    The only downside I've found to this game is that whenever it snows or rains, your sims will stop what they are doing (eating, sleeping, talking, whatever) to go look out the window at the rain or snow. It's not as bad with the rain. Not all sims will do this so obsessively, but it's enough to be annoying. On the plus side, at least it's snowing. ^_^

    This game also comes with gardens, fishing, fruit trees, penguins!, winter clothes, the ability to choose different hairstyles for each outfit without having to run to the mirror, and some new jobs!! So any hardcore SIMS Fan needs to have this. ^_^...more info
  • More Realistic
    It really makes the game more realistic with the seasons and rain and snow and hail and thunderstorms and just so much. It is pretty cool! ...more info
  • another great hit!!
    They've done it again! This is another wonderful expansion pack with lots of great new items, careers and fun things to discover! The only negative thing I have to say is that it can get annoyig trying to see your character through the snow or rain. ...more info
  • Great!
    Just a great addition to the core of the sims 2 game. I bought this EP before I bought pets. Both worked fine when installed out of order (i think they should have come together, but that is another story...) but my point is I could play game w/o those annoying pets, but cannot even think about playing w/o seasons. Gardening, fishing, weather, seasons (redundant, i know) changed the whole landscape of the game (literally and figuratively) and the way I play. Just like mostly everyone else said, it is one of the best EPs date. ...more info
  • The Sims does it again!
    Once more an excellent expansion has been made. Fun and innovative. ...more info
  • Seasons is great fun
    Seasons is the third expansion pack I have purchased and my favorite by far, even more than Nightlife. It adds so much to the game - you get four seasons and they are relatively realistic. When the season changes over to fall or winter you can actually hear a hollow wind blowing, which adds to the illusion that the weather is starting to cool off. In the fall your Sims wants will begin to revolve around skill building, which makes it a great time for moving up in their chosen career tracks. In the winter your Sims will crave interaction with family - this is a great time to work on family relationships. You also get snow, which is just great. The snow is gorgeous and gradually accumulates. Once you get enough snow, you can send your Sims outside to build a snowman or make a snow angel. If your Sim gets too cold she or he will literally freeze and fall over. You must then get someone in the household to "warm" them up, which is done by using a hair dryer that the family member pulls from their pocket lol. Once the Sim thaws out they will be a bluish-gray color until you get their temperature meter back to green. A great way to warm your cold Sims up is by getting them to drink hot chocolate or by giving them a hot bubble bath.
    In the spring there is rain, lots of it. You get hail sometimes too although I've had it maybe three times in my game so far. I like how the weather stays chilly well into the spring season, just like in real life. In fact my Sims will automatically change into coats and mittens before heading outdoors right up until the first day of summer. Spring is also a great time to start growing fuit and veggies, if you enjoy gardening. You can also start working on your harvest trees, which will produce fruit, the quality of which will depend on how well your Sim tends to the trees (same goes for the garden). If you like to garden year round, build a greenhouse - having a greenhouse will also prevent the bug issue. If your plants and trees are outside you have to spray them every so often and spraying too much can lead to you ending up with a Plant Sim ;)
    Summer is actually my least favorite season because there isn't much variation with it - your days are sunny and that's pretty much it. You get an occasional rain shower. It'd be nice if child Sims got the summer off from school.
    New interactions include water balloon fights, playing catch and catching butterflies or fireflies. You can make a pool with curved sides and there are pool slides now. Your Sims can play Marco Polo in the water.
    Sims can also fish and the better they get at it the more bait choices they get. You start off being able to fish using a worm as bait.
    Your Sims can overheat and I found that they seem to overheat much quicker than they freeze. Make sure they are dressed properly when they are outdoors. If your Sim is in long sleeves and pants in the summer and he starts playing catch, he will overheat very quickly. One thing i thought was cute - if your Sim is making out with another Sim outdoors, he/she will "overheat". The temprature meter turns red. As soon as they stop kissing and go inside it goes back to normal haha.
    You can make juices with the veggies and fruits your grow and some of them have benefits such as giving your Sim a random skill point or making teen Sims finish homework faster. You can cook the fish that you catch or hang it on the wall. One new option I LOVE, you can now save leftovers! No more cooking a meal for 8 people and having to throw most of it away! You can put leftovers in the fridge and they never go bad. Any Sim, even child Sims, can go to the fridge and get leftovers to eat. I found this to be vry helpful when my child Sims get up earlier than the parents and are really hungry. Now instead of having to wait for mom or dad to get up and fix breakfast, little Jimmy can get his own and put the rest back for the next person to have.
    All in all, an excellent expansion pack. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • The Kids Love It!!!
    I am glad I decided to purchase this game, the kids enjoy it so much, that it's hard to get them out of the house. Playing outside is now a thing of the past....more info
  • The Sims 2 Seasons
    over all of the sims Expansion packs I like this 1 the best it makes the game seam more real over all the game I give it an 5 stars rating and the ppl i bought it frome it came on time new like it said so i am happy and good price too I got it for....more info
  • The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack Review
    Cool, fun & worth the money I paid for it.
    Love this game. Now I can garden, have plant sims Plant kids are soo easy to raise) & play out side in the weather. ...more info
  • A must-have for any Sims 2 lover!
    I purchased this expansion pack from Amazon because it was cheaper than retail even with shipping, only to find, two weeks later, that the game still hadn't arrived (and the tracking information suggested that it had in fact been delivered somewhere else!). Luckily, when I contacted Amazon, they were very courteous and immediately shipped me another copy, and I received this one promptly.

    But on to the game itself. I don't own all of the expansions to the Sims 2 - in fact, all I have are the Pets expansion and the chic set of furniture pack (which I must advise, is a HUGE waste of money) - so I can't really rate it in comparison to all the other expansion packs. But the Seasons as standalone is excellent. The graphics are novel (during winter, when the Sims run around in the snow, furrows of snow appear behind them, slowly fading; and you can create devil-snowmen), there are a few cute new accessories (there's this whole new set of rooster-themed furniture - goes right along with the rustic trend that's currently overtaking the fashion industry, ha), plus some other miscellaneous add-ons: The set of pool tools now offers a rounded-edge feature if you want a circular or soft-edged pool. And of course, the trees change color, it rains spontaneously, it snows, there's a weather channel on TV...good times. The Sims even react to a change in weather, for example, by staring gloomily out the window [at the rain].

    All in all, the Season expansion is fun. The thing I found the least use for was the gardening tools. I really don't care about building a garden - anyone else think that's boring or is it just me? My little sister loves it, so maybe it depends on preference. I may also simply just not have explored the function sufficiently. You do get a niftly little greenhouse tool with which to house your newfound plants, but so far, all I've been able to grow are tomatoes. You can, however (according to the game manual), use your harvested crops to create potions and the like. That's more interesting - I just find tending plants to be boring. But I suppose it goes along with the seasonal aspect of the game.

    All in all, I can't complain; you're getting a great deal for your money, there's no doubt about that. There was a lot of detail put into this expansion pack. Hopefully my review will give you an idea of the most prominent features of the game. I would have to say the actual physical layout - the seasonal appearance of the yard and neighborhood - is the best part. Watching the seasons change every five days is fun!...more info
  • Great Game!
    Seasons is great! You can farm and grow your own food! I like that part the most. All you have to do is go to the gardening tool on your build mode options and viola, you can build a garden! I have yet to learn how to use my produce to make different concontions. All I can make is apple juice,lemonade,stawberry lemonade, and orange juice. I dont know how to make the vegatable juice but I am learning. If you make eggplant juice it gives you a mechanical skill. As you can see I highly recommend this game to any Sim lover! Go play in all the seasons!...more info
  • Last of the non-securom expansion packs
    Great expansion pack which makes for some big gameplay changes, and it's visually awesome too - love the snow! Unfortunately this I believe is the last expansion pack EA put out without that ridiculous securom on it, so I will not be purchasing their products in future....more info
  • Adds More Realism to the Game
    This Expansion Pack is Fun with the New Features and has competition with Nightlife... C'mon, your sims get to drive cars in Nightlife, but you have seasons and get to grow crops in "Seasons." there's so much more reality with the Sims 2 Seasons that it's above the level of all of the expansion packs.

    However, to play with seasons, you should have a good graphics card and a lot of memory on your computer. But as a suggestion (if you do or don't have a good graphics card), I would turn my shadows off and turn the details down a smidge (located in game options>graphics options [monitor]), it really makes a difference because the game played flawlessly after I shut it off.

    OVERALL, this game is the best expansion pack so far, but we'll have to wait and see, because of Bon Voyage coming out soon, and POSSIBLY more expansion packs (but wouldn't it be nice to have a huge hurricane in bon voyage!? oh the wonders)...more info
  • My The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack Review
    I bought this expansion pack to extend my current collection which isn't much. You have to start somewhere , and this is just one of my many planned steps in making a great Sims collection. For anyone who decides to get this expansion pack for your own or someone else's personal collection, I don't think you will be disappointed....more info
  • great buy
    Some installation problems were solved by a computer expert, but the software/game works great and it's lots of fun....more info
  • Love It!
    This is probably one of the best expansion packs for the Sims! I love the lightning and the snow, and all of the stuff your Sims can do with the different seasons. I love the gardens and the stuff you can grow. The fishing is awesome! I just can't say enough about this game!...more info
  • Fun Fun Fun!
    I found this expansion pack to be the best one of all. The weather is cool, the lightning is awesome (especially when it hits trees on your lot). I found something interesting recently: spontaneous combustion! When your sim gets too hot (the temp meter on their pic shows you) they suddenly light on fire and start screaming. If other sims don't put them out, they die, grim reaper and all.
    I like in the winter when the sims build snowmen and the penguin comes and starts chatting with it. I like that the sims can go fishing, ice skating, and play marco polo in the pool. I just like everything about this expansion pack. I find it to be a must-have for all die-hard sims gamers....more info
  • Makes the game complete
    I had the Sims 2 and their pets, but it wasn't realistic enough without Seasons. It snows, rains and you get hail. Your sims also get mad if you forget to put a roof on their house and it rains!
    There's lighting in the thunderstorms and yes, your sims can get hit as well as lawn furniture and decorations. They can freeze in the winter and burn in the summer... really burn!
    There are new activities like fishing, snowball fights, water balloon fights, playing catch, building snowmen and making snow angels. You can cook the fish you catch and even put away leftovers. If your sims fish you actually don't spend any money on food!
    This is the perfect addition to the Sims collection and I would have to recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • The best expansion pack so far!
    Along with Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 Seasons is easily the best Sims 2 Expansion pack that I own. Having seasons (beautiful graphics especially) is wonderful and gives a real feeling of time and years passing as one plays the game. It's fantastic having seasons like autumn and spring. The new fishing and gardening badges are also great, though I am unable to make a plant sim.
    The only downside is the Ottomas family bug, for which I deducted one star.
    ...more info
  • All Around Fun
    This game adds a whole other dimension to the SIMS. It's exciting to see rain and snow. The new winter and summer wardrobe choices are nice too. I like the interaction the sims can have with the weather like splashing in puddles and making snow angels. This is a great expansion pack! Well done!...more info
  • How did they ever do without it?
    What a pleasure watching my simlets jump into rain puddles, watching them throw on some windbreakers and..was that a bead of sweat running down Grandma's cheek after toiling over the tomato plants?
    Just like in my bigger world, the joy of having leftovers to reheat without the occasional hassle of creating a new meal is p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.It gives me a little elbow room in the having to call the grocers area..when I've depleted the bank account buying yet another big patch for the pool.
    The flavor of realism is appreciated since SOME folks spend hours upon hours in Simville.
    Simply put, I LOVE this expansion. If I'm not mistaken, when I look adoringly over my little simlets, I could almost swear I see the most expressive looks of gratitude..for the purchase that their big mama made....more info
  • Seasons
    This is, I feel, one of the better eps. Has the effects of the various seasons, plus gardening, fishing, snowball fights.. quite entertaining. I did lose the ability to see the fish in aquariums even with an upgraded graphic card.

    The one downside, which is with all the Sims2 ep's, is that upon installation the game creates an openning in one's firewall giving EA Games repeated access to one's pc through the game's exe. Having Norton AV and the additional firewall control, I was able to create blocks and I never play the game while on the internet. I had spent considerable time trying to get answers as to why EA Games was infiltrating my pc, first there were denials. When screen shots of my firewall was sent to them as proof, I was given the most idiotic "explanations". To date, not even the corporate office has responded. This has fostered feelings of mistrust for me. I will no longer purchase EA or Electronic Arts games.

    ...more info
  • Nice addition
    A nice addition to a good product. I'm a little delayed in buying this particular expansion pack, but I don't regret doing so. Some interesting features such as farming/gardening. ...more info
  • Sims 2 Seasons - Awesome!!
    This is the best expansion pack thus far. I enjoy the other expansions, but not as much as this one. The seasons create a greater expectation of things to come. It's so much more fun to see Santa when there is snow on the ground. I find myself anxiously awaiting Spring so my Sims can plant a garden. Sims with money can build a greenhouse where they can plant and harvest year round, but it is much more fun to battle the elements and earn a Gold badge. I've managed to raise Legacy families just by having a cheapo refrigerator and never having to refill if with groceries. I have my Sims fish and garden for food. Having leftovers is also a great thing, no more wasted meals.

    The new careers and rewards are fantastic... You can double up rewards and their benefits, too. A Sim wearing the Thinking Cap who gives his toddler Smart Mild in the Fall will teach that child everything in the time it takes the Smart milk to wear off. Very cool!

    Don't be gun-shy of this expansion... get it, you'll love it!...more info
  • Smiley Face
    This expansion pack is pretty good. I almost didn't get it but am glad I did. The only downside is the game kinda implies there are holidays but there aren't. Definately a good buy....more info
  • fun
    It's fun to finally be able to have Simms go through all sorts of weather!! More activities too!...more info
  • I love it
    Just got it this week. It was fun building the green house and trying to grow the tomato plants. You have to dress accordingly to the weather and only plant your crops at the right times. Definitely think its fun and adds to the overall game experience....more info
    The Sims 2 seasons is the best expansion pack because it bring such new-never-before-seen-dimensions to the game play. It makes the sims even more realistc. Its the bomb! Get It!...more info
  • The best Sims 2 expansion pack to date!
    I will preface this review by divulging that I am a weather nerd. I can watch The Weather Channel for hours on end. I have the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center websites in my bookmark toolbar. I am a big weather fan. When I heard EA/Maxis was developing weather and seasons, I was thrilled. I've always wanted weather for my virtual world!

    I also have the University, Nightlife, and Open for Business expansion packs. I adore them all and have had numerous hours of exciting game play with them. However, Seasons just blows them away. In addition to having weather and seasons (which adds SO much more to the game, especially if you like doing character development with your sims), it also introduces gardening and growing your own produce. For people like me who can't seem to keep real plants alive, this virtual gardening is like a dream come true. The game also introduces new careers and new wardrobe options (now you can design your own outerwear as well)! Of course you also get the additional items as you do with every expansion pack.

    The game also gives your sims more ways to interact and enriches the characters of your sims. You learn skills faster at different times of the year, your sim wants to do things based on the temperature and weather, and the AI improves because it has more options to choose. It is literally fascinating to watch your free-will sims interact with weather changes and each other as the seasons pass. This expansion gives unprecedented depth to character development of your sims.

    Seasons brings a whole new dimension to your Sims 2 game. If you only get one expansion, I highly recommend getting this one. ...more info
  • One of the best EPs!
    I got Seasons a few weeks ago and haven't had much time to play, but when I have played I've enjoyed every new aspect of the game. I love when it's winter and my sims can go outside in the snow and make snow angels or snowmen. Ooh, and I love when the cute little penguin comes to my house and talks to the snowmen, it's adorable. Gardening is a huge part of this EP and it's challenging and rewarding. It took me a lot of work and patience to get the garden club to reward me with a wishing well, but it was definitely worth it. My sim makes $ 1,000 a day just from wishin from the well. I like the ice skating and roller rinks too! I think having Seasons and Open for Business is the best possible combination! You can grow fruits and vegetables, or catch fish from a pond, and either eat them or sell them for profit! I'd recommend this EP to anyone as long as you've got a computer with decent specs. Great Game!...more info
  • The weather outside is frightful!
    I wasn't sure I would like this expansion pack - don't know what I originally had against weather, but I have really enjoyed the new layers the pack adds to the basic Sims2 gameplay.

    Your Sims can freeze while building snowmen or making snow angels; while fishing, they can become overheated and might get sunburned; during thunderstorms your Sim might be struck by lightning (and depending on their type, that might be a positive thing), and then there's the gardening and fruit trees, and the surprise I got when one of my Sims changed and turned green (a plant Sim).

    One thing I have often forgotten in the past when building was putting a roof on my residences - if I do that now, my Sims are exposed to the elements. Not good when a puddle appears in the living room.

    This expansion pack adds a new dimension that I wouldn't want to play without now. Definitely recommended to the Sims2 fans out there. Enjoy!

    ...more info
  • Sims2 seasons is SO much fun!
    It actually goes through the seasons, spring/summer/fall/winter. It will actually rain/snow ect. They can go outside & build a snowman/make a snow angel ect. It's more realistic & fun....more info
  • Another Sims 2 hit.
    I just love the Sims 2 and was really looking forward to this expansion. It was everything I thought it would be. Just wish the novelty of rain/snow/hail would have worn away for my Sims as quickly as it did for me.......more info
  • i like it
    it adds a lot to the enviornment of the game, though not really to the actual game play like the university expansion or something like that. i like the new objects and occupations it comes with....more info
  • Love this expansion pack!!!
    I love this expansion pack. Great addition to my Sim's world.
    Love it! Definitely would recommend to add to your Sims 2 game.
    ...more info
  • not reccomended
    waste of money, and it totally takes over your motivations plus majorly changes game play as your sims can now get sick!!

    and omg it takes forever to grow food to heal your sims!...more info
  • Sims at its best
    This is hands down the best expansion pack yet for Sims2. I've been a devout Sims player since the early days of The Sims, and I can honestly say I've never had so much fun on the game as when I added this expansion pack. It changes the way you play the game. The addition of seasons is a ton of fun, and the new farming tools and clothes and treats are an added bonus. If you are had to pick one expansion pack for your Sims2, this MUST be it!...more info
  • THE SIMS 2 SEASONS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Look no further!!!!
    If you could only get one expansion pack for your sims this would have to be the one!!! I am a sim addict I have all the expansion and stuff packs but this by far is my absolute favorite! Take it from a true sim fan it's worth every penny....more info
  • Definitely Fun For All Seasons!
    The long awaited Season's expansion for the Sims 2 game seems to be worthwhile for the fun and interaction that comes with it. The new weather ability offers some realism to the simming world by offering all four of the seasons (which you can modify at your own discretion), and new challenges for sims like staying warm or cooling off as necessary. No more living outdoors or without roofs to save cash! New activities like catching fireflies, planting gardens (you can even join the garden club if you have a green thumb), roller & ice-skating and building snowmen add little things to the game series that make it a bit more lifelike. New careers like journalism and music offer a bit more fun career wise. A new aspiration reward even allows you to change the weather at your own whim, want snow in Summer? You got it. Just beware of using it outside of gold or platinum aspiration. The new neighborhood that comes with this expansion also offers some interesting new characters to play, like a plantsim. You can also grow your own vegetables and fish providing interesting ways of making new dishes for your sim families, some of which have interesting effects. My personal favorite with this expansion is the Juicer, which with certain combinations of fruits and vegetables can offer things like faster homework, love potions, cooling off or warming your sim up, energy boosts, and even speeding up the learning of skills or offering an entire skill point.

    My only gripes with this game have been the fact that some of the activities can get a bit annoying like playing catch and water balloon fights if you play with your sims on free will (think the of the pranks that came with the University expansion), and the fact that your sims will stupidly drop what they're doing to look out the window at hail, rain or snow pretty much every time they occur. I also notice that sometimes the temperatures are a bit off kilter, such as, sims can get easily heated when working out now (even in winter) or even just making out (rather funny actually). Those minor annoyances aside, the game offers a good deal of fun and change, which I personally welcome into the wide world of simming. This is definitely one of the better expansions for Sims 2 in my personal opinion. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • My favorite expansion pack
    This is my favorite expansion pack in sims 2. I have so much fun with it. I like it that my sims can garden and have fruit trees and fish....more info
  • My daughter loves it!
    The Sims 2 and Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack are a great entertainment source for my daughter and her friends. They love going on the computer and designing all kinds of stuff. She played it with her friend, and now she's thrilled to have her own. This makes for a GREAT gift idea....more info
  • Enjoy the weather
    I believe this is the best expansion pack EA has put out for the Sims 2, with a few reservations. I love the farming and fishing aspects, the different skill and relationship bonuses tied to each season, and the graphics. BUT - there is always a BUT - the season graphics can really slow down a system. My laptop is well above all the system requirements for Seasons, but when winter arrives, my system can barely handle the constant snowfall. Also, some aspects of Seasons build upon the previous expansion pack Open for Business; if you don't have OFB, the farming and fishing won't be as lucrative for your sim. Overall though, I highly recommend getting this expansion pack....more info
  • The Sims 2 Seasons
    The Sims 2 Seasons is probably the best expansion pack so far. In this expansion pack, there are many new features and activities such as gardening, fishing, ice skating, roller skating, and of course; your sims now get to experience all four seasons (winter, autumn, spring, summer). Each season lasts for five sim days, and eventually progresses into the next season. The expansion even allows you to design your own climate scheme. Basically, if you want, you can have Spring all year long! (well, all twenty days long). Or you can have spring for two seasons and winter for the other two seasons. There is even a whole new country-themed furniture and kitchen set which blends well with the feel that Seasons gives. I personally don't like the rooster-country wallpaper the expansion offers, but the kitchen sets are very nice.


    One of the great things that Seasons offers are the various activities. Gardening is fun, but it's important to keep constant check on them or they can die pretty quickly. The best thing about gardening is the rewards. You can purchase orchard trees (orange, lemon, and apple) and get fruit, or you can create plots and plant vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, tomatoes (fruit OR vegetable?), pole beans, strawberries, etc. From growing these, you can harvest them and stock them into the Main Squeezer 235X juicer from the catalog. Once you have enough stocked, select the juicer you should be able to mix and match the different produce to make tasty juices. If the produce is "mouthwatering" then the juice will have special effects. To get your produce to be mouthwatering, you have to make sure your plants are thriving. You can improve your garden by adding lawn decorations and even invite the Garden Club over and allow them to judge your garden. And with enough gardening experience you can earn a gold gardening badge.

    Magical Juices consist of:

    Apple Juice, Beauty Cocktail, Eggplant Juice, Lemonade, Orangeade, Orange Juice, Pureed Boot (yum!), Pepper Punch (no comment), Tomato Juice, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Juice, and Vegetable Cocktail.

    It's up to you to figure out what the effects are. As for what the ingredients are, the titles of the juices are pretty self-explanatory for what the juice will consist of.


    Wahoo, fishing! Even fishing has it's own good effects. Sims can create ponds in front of their house and fish. Depending on how much experience they have and the badge (bronze, silver, or gold) sims can catch more or less fish. I have to say there isn't a very large variety of fish, but there's just enough. Sims can grill fish for a much more satisfying meal.

    -Riverblossom Hills

    What could be better than all the features that Seasons offers? A whole new neighborhood!

    Riverblossom Hills a new neighborhood that actually kind of focuses on the activities that seasons offers. There are premade families in the neighborhood of course, each with their own story. The first house I entered in Riverblossom Hills was the McGreggor Household. I recommend going into the McGreggor Household first because there is a barn and an orchard, plus there's only one person living in the house, so it'd be easy to familiarize with everything in seasons with overwhelming yourself, although it doesn't really matter.


    In seasons, sims can now become PlantSims. Your sim becomes a plantsim by excessively using pesticides on plants. There is a premade family in Riverblossom Hills with a plantsim (The Greenman Family) if you can't be bothered to create your own PlantSim. To cure a PlantSim, invite one of the members from the Garden Club over and buy a potion. Sims have new aspirations; "Become PlantSim +2,000", "Be Cured of PlantSim +5,000" (examples, I don't know if those are the exact aspiration points)

    -Community Lots

    In Riverblossom Hills there are new community lots with different activities. Sims can go iceskating during winter and rollerskating during the summer. These also have new aspirations; "Go Ice Skating +500". And I have to say, watching sims fall-- I mean, ice skate is pretty entertaining.


    Of course sims need the appropriate clothes if they want to last through those harsh winters and brutally hot summers! Seasons offers a wide variety of different summer and winter clothes, (coats, snowsuits) even for toddlers! (Toddlers can eat snow, by the way. It actually increases their hunger motive)

    -Season Effects

    Seasons effect your sims (depending on the season). They may want to see snow or rain or hail (aspiration: See Rain +500). Seasons also have effects on things that your sims do everyday:

    Winter is a time to stay at home, drink hot chocolate, and bond with relatives.

    Autumn is a time to fast-track a sim's career and skills. Even rake autumn leaves and mess them up all over again!

    Summer is a time to relax and increase relationships with friends.

    Spring is a time to create a wonderful romance.

    So, seasons aren't just pretty, but they have effects on your sims as well!


    This is a mild factor of seasons, but during the winter season a penguin actually will visit your sim's home. I was disappointed to know that you couldn't tame the penguin. :P

    -Sim Actions

    Sims have new actions. During winter you can have snowball fights and during summer you can have water balloon fights. Also during winter you can create devilish snowmen and snowangels.


    Sim swimming pools used to be pretty limited. But now you can add curved walls to your swimming pools and different wallpapers. Spruce it up a bit and add in a fun swimming slide. Add another sim and have a fun time playing marco polo.


    This has to be one of my favorite things that Seasons offers: LEFTOVERS! I'm sure most of you are tired from making lunches and dinners for seven when you've only got a family of two. But now, leftovers! After your small sim family is done eating, just click on the plate and it will say "Put away Leftovers." and voila! Once leftovers are in the fridge they will not spoil.(Thank goodness!)

    Overall, The Sims 2 Seasons is excellent. The graphics and gameplay are wonderful, althought they can be glitchy at some points. The most dramatic and best season of the four is probably Winter, and the I suppose the 'boring' one is probably Summer. So yes, Seasons is well worth your time and money... And your Summer!...more info
  • I love it!
    I installed it and fell in love!!! The graphics where like real life and it was the best game ever made!!!!! I LOVE THE PENGUINS ...more info
  • My teen daughter is happy
    My daughter enjoys the fact that it isn't always sunny and the penquins are great....more info
  • If you love the sims this is the one to get!
    I dont have the sims 2 seasons yet but I have alot of other games. I once borrowed the sims 2 seasons and thought it was one of the best sims expantion packs. As I always think.
    The sims 2 seasons is really awesome because not only does it have all four seasons. It also comes with clothing for every season, items for every season, and alot of items matching the seasons. Also they added extra things for each season.
    For example for summer in the pool you can play Marco-Polo, and throw water balloons. In the winter you can make snow angels,look for things in the snow, make snowmen, and have snow ball fights. In the spring you can jump in puddles,and catch moths and butterflies. In Fall you can go fishing, harvest plants, catch moths and butterflies, wish in the wishing well, and buy items for all of the seasons.
    If you want to get a sims game this is the one you should get! In my opinion. ...more info
  • Just as Game-Changing as "Open for Business!"
    In my humble opinion, "Seasons" is only other expansion pack besides "Open for Business" that makes the Sims 2 almost a brand new game.

    The change of seasons affects almost every aspect of the Sims lives. Awesome! Worth every penny.

    BRAVO EA!...more info
    I love the sims and Seasons added so much more to the game. Instead of the weather being the same all of the time there is now all four seasons for your sims to enjoy and new activities to go along with them! I love this pack!...more info


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