Remington Solutions Ionic Conditioning Setter - KF20N

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  • Includes 20 velvety, hot rollers in 3 sizes: M, L and XL
  • With conditioning ionic technology, these flocked soft rollers go easy on your hair while adding long-lasting curl
  • Rollers feature cool-touch edges for easy handling
  • "Ready" dot tells you when the rollers are good to go
Customer Reviews:
  • remington solutions ionic conditioning setter
    this product works great; takes a little while to warm up. Another down fall is that the clips do leave crimps marks in the hair but that doesn't really matter because once the curls are fixed you don't really notice them....more info
  • NOT for short hair!
    Just purchased this set at Target for $20.99. A great buy if the curlers worked. I have short layered straight fine hair, not thick, not much body. I thought, finally, hair-friendly clips! I did get my hair around the rollers, and the ends do stay cool (a little warm on the end that faces down in the base), but I had 2 big problems. The clips left marks in my hair on some of the curls, so I had to re-roll those curls, just holding the roller in place. It didn't quite remove the embedded marks from the clips, but it helped. The other thing is that the rollers just would not stay in my hair on the lower half of my head. By the time I started putting in another curler on the opposite side, the curler I had just put in was sliding down. Also, as someone else said, these curlers do not get as hot as my other older sets. For me that was okay since I wanted waves more than the tight curls the other sets give me.

    I was a little concerned when I opened the box and saw that warning inside the set about leaving the lid opened while heating up the rollers and until they had cooled off. It's not written on the box, and you don't see it until you unwrap and open the set, then there's a big piece of red paper inside the cover of the set, which you have to put back every time lest you forget the warning and just plug in the set. So whatever else you do at that same bathroom/dressingroom counter, makeup, hair spray, etc., the residue will end up on the curlers and inside the base. Overall just not very good. ...more info
  • Reliable Product
    I have long fine very straight hair, so most rollers slide right out. Remington's Care Setter rollers are wonderful, because they have a fabric-like middle that helps hair to grip and not slide off--also the clips that hold the rollers hold very firmly. The rollers also get nice and hot, and the plastic ends of the rollers don't get uncomfortably warm. I've had mine for almost 4 years now and they still work as well as when I bought them. Great product....more info
  • good product
    I bought this item for myself but my daughter used it all the thime when I wanted to buy a set for her I could not find one with the same quailty as Remington...more info