Plink Lemon 2pk

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Product Description

Plink, a garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer, contains 10 treatments per package. For best results, Plink your sink, two times per week. Available in Lemon or Orange Plink. Non-toxic and biodegradable

  • PLINK: A must have for every kitchen!
  • PLINK your sink to break up fat and food particles to help prevent clogs.
  • As foul odors are washed away, Plink freshens your whole kitchen.
Customer Reviews:
  • Can you be addicted to something that cleans your garbage disposal?
    LOVE these. I pop 'em in the disposal after cleaning up dinner, especially a particularly messy one, with all sorts of stuff dumped down the sink. As you run the disposal, the lemon scent that fills the area is reassuring and refreshing. I adore these things. Try them! They make fantastic and unique housewarming gifts, too!...more info