Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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Product Description

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain - Available Online at PETCO.comThe Ultimate in Style and DesignOur Most Advanced Pet Fountain The Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain is the ultimate in style and design. This all new design utilizes the same patented free-falling stream of water as the original Drinkwell which entices pets to drink more, keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated. The Platinum features; a new snap on lid to prevent accidental removal, a pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor, and a new submersible pump for nearly silent operation. With the same quality that consumers have come to rely on, the Drinkwell Platinum is a culmination of 10 years experience in making pet fountains. Simple and SafeAnd proven to benefit your pet's health. The Drinwkell Pet Fountain is a great way to show your pets just how much you care. Our research shows that one of the best ways to improve your pet's health is to get them to drink more water. And the best way to do that is with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. By using a 5-inch falling stream of water, the Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet's water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter also removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best possible - and most appealing - way to stay hydrated! Low voltage 12v system complete with inline disconnectDishwasher safe reservoir includedSnap On Lid to prevent accidental removalSpecially designed spout reduces "Braiding" of water which helps to prevent splash and noisePre-Filter(Catches hair & particles before they reach the motor)Receiving ramp reduces splash of waterRubber feet prevent sliding

  • Innovative watering system features patented 5-inch free-falling water stream
  • Holds 168 fluid ounces of water
  • Keeps your pet off counters and out of sinks and toilets
  • Includes reservoir, replaceable charcoal filter, snap-on lid, pre-filter, and submersible pump
  • 1-year manufacturer?s warranty

Customer Reviews:

    I have 2 cats. At first they were afraid of it but now they enjoy having a fresh drink of water & I don't have to worry with bowls of water. I am very pleased with it....more info
  • 4 Paws Up!
    Well designed product. Sturdy construction, easy to clean and maintain.
    Cat's enjoy drinking from the water stream and the bowl. I wish the motor was a bit quieter (so only 4 stars), although the cats don't seem to mind.
    It's comforting to know my cats have clean filtered water available for them throughout the day. ...more info
  • Operation: Excellent! Maintenance: Terrible!
    First, I think that this is the best pet fountain on the market. My previous pet fountain was a terrible Petmate fountain that I don't even see sold here anymore. It was loud and very poorly put together. The Drinkwell Platinum is extremely quiet, has a large enough reservoir to last 1 cat about 1 week, and is really a very attractive fountain in the eyes of cats. As other reviewers have said, my cat is fascinated by it and loves to play with the water almost as much as she loves to drink from it.

    That being said, the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it is such a pain to clean. I've had the fountain for over a year now and I am still finding tiny nooks where disgusting grime can hide. When I clean the fountain I have an array of makeshift tools I use to make sure I'm not leaving my cat with a health hazard. I have half a dozen q-tips, some pipe cleaners, a sponge with dish soap, and some paper towels. Here is a partial list of where disgusting goo will build up if you are not careful to clean diligently: the rear inside compartment of the pump, the front inside compartment of the pump, the area where the rotor turns, the inside of the flow control arm, the tiny dimples where the water falls (why are they there?), between the grates of the hair catcher (a q-tip will not fit here), the long tube in the filter compartment that plugs into the pump, the tiny inside corners of the pump mount, the edges inside the water reservoir (pipe cleaners are for this and the long tube), the moving part of the reservoir cap, the guides along which the filter is inserted, and the hollow underside of the filter compartment. I am sure I will discover more next week!

    As excellent as this fountain is when clean and in proper working order, I do not think I would buy it again. I think that Drinkwell could have simplified the design of some parts of the fountain a little more to make it easier to maintain....more info
  • Happy with the fountain
    I purchased the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain through Amazon.com due to a significantly cheaper price than at our big chain pet stores. ($15.00 cheaper!) I am very happy with the product - cats drink from it with no problems. Why did I rate it a 4? A lot of what I read about it totes that it's quieter than the other models out there. I didn't feel that was true. Also - the little gate that blocks the motor from the hair & debris that can get into the motor - not that great of a blocker, I'm afraid. I think the "gate blocker" on the older model from the same company works better. However, not that looks are the final say - but I really like the look of this newer model. ...more info
  • Great product
    I've had the product for about 6 months now, and it works great!

    It does require routine cleaning, which isn't exactly convenient to take apart, clean, and re-fill, but it is worth it because it encourages the cats to drink plenty of fluids. This is especially important since one of my cats is prone to urinary blockages and has FLUTD. All 3 of my cats use this.

    The only other design flaw is that one of my cats can nudge the top lid off with his nose, which he frequently does. ...more info
  • Quiet and clean
    We bought this for our dog that needs to drink more water for health reasons. She definitely seems to think that the water is less stagnant than a normal bowl and drinks from it often. It's very quiet, too! It does tend to splatter a bit so make sure to protect your floor if necessary....more info
  • Still working just great
    Bought this a year ago and finally got around to writing a review... great product. My cat loves it and it's very easy to clean/ maintain....more info
  • She loves it, let me tell you how much...
    This is the BEST purchase I have ever made for my babies! Hands down! We've owned it since Nov 2008.
    My little one loves it so much that when the water reservoir gets low she stands behind it, and stays put until we refill it. She just stares at us, shifting her weight, looking at it and looking back at us. We refill it and she watches the entire process mesmerized. The water gurgles and she stares and stares and then she licks the water drops from the reservoir. Adorable.
    I have seen her approach the Drinkwell from the back and half-stand over it like a lion over a tall rock.
    I have seen her drape herself from the back of the Drinkwell while she gently slaps the water stream, her long arm stretched over just playing with it. Then she licks her paws.
    I've seen her bring her toys to the pool of water and drop them in and pull them out to play with them wet (like a long play rope, or a fluffy ball). We've seen her lapping up water primarily from the pour, not the pool.
    We've seen the way she drinks from it and you can see the joy on her face.

    On a cute note: We tried incorporating the grass seeds pod - thinking to how she doesn't really care for drinking from the pool. However after about 2 weeks the grass roots were getting longer and we don't think she cared for this new addition at.all! She proceeded to bring ALL her toys (I mean pretty much every toy she could carry) and dump them in the water. And she would leave them there! She must have thought we were trashing her pool, and she was mad because she stopped drinking from it. She started going to the tub to get her drink on after every shower. We removed the grass pod and now everything is back to normal. She still loves it. We love it. It's easy to clean. A good brushing using super-hot water cleans it brilliantly. Barely any need for soap. It's quiet - as long as it has enough water! Filters have been easy to find too. Buy it for your baby, they will love it and so will you!...more info
  • Kitty LOVES it!
    His Majesty is well pleased. And that says a lot. It's an early 21st birthday present for Menue and he has been all lovey-dovey since I first washed, assembled and filled it with filtered water.
    I previously tried the Petmate fountain which he would drink out occasionally. But the Drinkwell Platinum appears to have replaced the drinking from the faucet in the tub ritual, well almost.
    After the 2nd or 3rd day I couldn't figure out what the heck he was bugging me for. Turns out that while he prefers the Drinkwell to the tub he was not willing to give up entirely on the "get the kitty a drink" ritual that went with it. I had to pet him while he drank from the fountain, but only occasionally.
    Technically the problem with the Petmate is their odd decision to trickle the water down a ramp. If you are trying to replace kitty drinking form the faucet get the Drinkwell with its falling water. Additionally the Petmate was just barely acceptable to Master at full throttle. The Drinkwell Platinum satisfies him at its lowest (and quietest) setting. It's well worth the price difference.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I have five cats, all with their own quirks when it comes to water. Cleo, who is very neurotic and is afraid of everything (and I swear, sees dead people!) only drank out of a specific bowl; Melvin is easy, he will drink out of any bowl and has no interest in faucets or toilets; Autumn, (Cute as a)Button and Fizzgig are obsessed with drinking out of any running faucet with Button driving me insane with her "toilet surfing." While the solution to the toilet mess was easily solved by closing the lid, the faucet obsession was not...until I got the Drinkwell. ALL of my "babies" love it! Even Cleo, that only drank out of a specific bowl, now frequents the Drinkwell.
    The set-up was very easy (except for keeping a couple very curious cats out of it! LOL) and so far I have not had any problems with it. While the motor is very quiet, the flowing water does make a trickling sound (but I like that).
    I would NOT recommend this for anyone that does not want to keep up with the frequent water changes and cleaning of it. I use the filtered water from my frig however, I change the water in the fountain twice a week as it develops a bit of foam and a slimy feel to the bowl. I think that may be from having 5 cats using it, so it gets a lot of saliva in it. I actually wash it and rinse the filter every week. Although it says it is dishwasher safe (which was part of the reason I bought it), I still wash it by hand. With the way the sections are designed, I cannot figure out how to position it in the dishwasher so that it gets thoroughly cleaned without water pooling one area or another.
    For me, this product is a godsend. The cats LOVE it! I can now turn on a faucet without a mini stampede of cats all vying for a drink!! I do think it is a health benefit for the cats as they ALL drink more frequently. Plus, its really fun watching them as they get in all sorts of positions to drink from the fountain. :)...more info
  • Drinkwell Fountain
    Took our 4 cats a few days to get used to it, but now they love drinking from the stream of water!...more info
  • Awesome
    I was a little hesitant to buy this because it seemed a little more for cats than dogs but I read the reveiws and decided to do it! I am glad I did because my little dog loves it! My larger dog that prefers to use the toilet whenever possible, uses it sometimes but he will come around! This is an excellent product for the money! It is quiet and you can set how you would like the fountain to be (large stream or a small trickle). If you are thinking of buying one I reccomend this! ...more info
  • Great price on a quality product
    Our cats love the fountain! At first they were unsure of it - especially when it gurgled while water moved from the resevior into the pump while they drank out of it.
    We have filtered water at our tap so we don't need or use the charcoal filter pack....more info
  • My cat loves this!
    My cat is diabetic and loves her water. With this fountain she gets fresh water all the time and she loves the waterfall effect. The unit is easy to set up and maintain. I clean it thoroughly once a week and replenish the water as needed. I think most pets would enjoy this....more info
  • Awesome design
    I'm really impressed by how well this works, and how easy it is to disassemble and clean. Really the only downside is that you will have to clean it fairly frequently to get rid of ishy hair and slime buildups, but the same is true for a plain old water bowl. Some people have commented about the noise- there is a faint hum from the motor and a little bit of burbling, but it's not unpleasant and practically inaudible compared to the refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner in the same room. If you are really averse to noise, you could probably put it on a timer and only have it run every so often or just not at night, and it will still function just fine as a water bowl....more info
  • The answer to my problems!
    For a year now I've had a problem with my cat drinking out of toilets, faucets, the kitchen sink... anything but his drinking bowl! Even though I kept his water bowl very clean and changed the water daily, he wouldn't drink out of "still" water. I saw the Drinkwell fountain and was hesitant at first because of the price, but purchased it when I saw that it was made in the U.S. and it had received nothing but positive reviews. The fountain was easy to assemble and my cat began drinking from it immediately. It's also very simple to clean: just pull it apart and pop it in the dishwasher. I did have a problem with the reservoir (apparantly the first process of manufacturing had a flaw in the glue, which has now been resolved) but got it quickly replaced with a short email to the company. They shipped a new reservoir immediately, free of charge, and it works perfectly. I'm very happy with the fountain and with the above-average customer service. How nice to deal with a "made in the U.S.A." company for a change!! Highly recommend it, you'll love the simplicity and your pets will love the falling water!!...more info
  • Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Reservoir leak
    The reservoir leaked upon initial setup of the fountain. Drinkwell said they had re-designed the reservoir and sent a new one. They said that Amazon must have had old stock since current units made by Drinkwell use the re-designed reservoir....more info
  • love it
    I bought this fountain because every time I wanted to brush my teeth I couln't get to the sink for my cat trying to get a drink. Since I recieved the fountain I don't have to race him to the sink any more. The fountain is quiet and does everything it is suppose to. My cats love it....more info
  • Awesome
    We have 8 cats and 1 large dog. It is the great water well. They love it! And so do I!...more info
  • Perfect!!!
    I can't say enough about this product. After reading the reviews I ordered one for myself. I have two active young cats who "require" that I turn on faucets for a tiny stream of water. I put this together in seconds, very easy. I know some people were complaining that the water jug would inevitably spill when you place it in the system, but I think they were having problems being coordinated. I never have a single spill when I place the water container in the system. Whoever said it was loud needs to add more water. The only time it starts to get loud is if you don't have much water left in the bowl.

    I only have to fill it every couple weeks. I love it, and what's more, MY KITTIES LOVE IT. I would recommend this to anyone that has kitties who love to drink from faucets!!...more info
  • Drinkwell platinum is pretty good
    I bought this unit based on reviews, and the unit itself is stable, however I wish the low flow was a slower stream, and when you put the
    resevoir on it does leak, no way to tip fast enough. I was also under the impression that the unit filled from the resevoir however I have had to fill at the bowl to keep the unit to the right level. My cats are using it, however they still prefer the toilets. (I adopted abandoned kittens that were left in a house for a long, long time). Maybe with time, cleaning took 40 minutes should be quicker once I get use to it. All in all a good unit.
    Heather...more info
  • Excellent Pet Drinking Fountain
    Our family purchased this from Amazon several months ago, and it is much better than the PetMate Drinking Fountain. The pump comes apart for easy cleaning, it holds a lot more water, it stays clean/functioning longer, and it attracts our cats more. The gate in front of the pump is a big help in preventing the pump from becoming clogged. The fountain is designed so that the pumps cord can be threaded through the fountain without crimping the cord, and the cord comes apart so you don't have to drag the cord/plug to the sink when you clean it. We loved our PetMate fountain, but we love this one a whole lot more, and so do our 8 cats....more info
  • Dog didn't really care for it, then it broke
    I purchased this for my yellow lab who prefers drinking running water (from water fountains, hoses, etc) to still water. For whatever reason, he didn't seem too interested in drinking out of it. In a side-by-side test, he preferred drinking out of his regular water bowl. No way for me to test it, but it could have been the noise of the unit. At the higher flow settings, the fountain is quite noisy, and even at lower settings, it's certainly audible.

    Eventually after about 2 months, the fountain just stopped working. Because it wasn't doing me much good anyway, I decided not to bother fixing the item. Could be this works well for cats (and some dogs), but I'd be cautious of the noise and durability issues....more info
  • To much cleaning
    We have three cats, and this thing gets slimy in less than a week.
    And forget about putting that cat grass in it. The roots take over the bottom and the slime gets worse.
    Not a good product if you are not home most days and nobody else wants to take it apart and clean it....more info
  • Drinkwell Fountain - GREAT
    My cat used to constantly sit in the bathroom sink waiting for someone to run water for him - drove us all crazy! We got this Drinkwell fountain and problem was solved! VERY happy! He loves it - we love it - no more sink sitting. Trickling water sound doesn't bother any of us at all - no motor sound from our machine (very low - not noticeable.)...more info
  • Keeps the cat out of the toilet
    I bought the pet fountain for my cat, who loves to play in running water. She also loves fresh, cold water, and would beg for a refill of her (full) water bowl, even when it had been filled only minutes before! She would also get into the toilet, drink and splash around. Needless to say, that was really unacceptable. I finally broke down and spent the money on the fountain, even though my husband and friends all laughed at me and called me the crazy cat woman. Well, the fountain has COMPLETELY solved the problem. The cat has not gotten into the toilet a single time since we introduced the fountain, and she does not beg for fresh water. I have had it about 2 years now, and I love it. It keeps the water fresh and running, and now when my cat gets in my lap with wet paws, I don't have to wonder whether I need to take a shower. About a year ago, we got a dog and he also drinks from the fountain. I don't think he really cares either way, though, because we keep a water bowl downstairs for him, and he happily drinks from either.

    To keep it clean, I dismantle and put in the dishwasher every 3 months or so. It's pretty easy. Just be careful if your dishwasher is really hot. One of the plastic pieces melted and warped a little bit in my dishwasher, but luckily it still works OK. ...more info
  • If You Are Going to Drink Then Do It Well
    Nice well made fountain, seems very solid although I've only had it a month. Prior I had the Petmate, first the BIG one and then the smaller version. Both were fine, seemed to use the same size pump but of course the biggin' held more water but was big. Being I had them for my two cats the big one was just a bit larger. The Petmate was a fine unit, had it for a couple of years and the only issue (besides cleaning) was the pump at times needed a bit of a "whack" to get it running. The other issue was sometimes the filter system caused it to leak a bit. It was a quiet unit, honest, it was a bit more quiet than the Drinkwell system. However, the Drinkwell is not really a loud system but it does make a bit more noise, don't bother me as it's in the kitchen and the difference is minimal. That said, while the BIG Petmate holds plenty of water it's big and really more designed for a dog. The Drinkwell has free falling water while the Petmate runs it down a ramp, both do the one thing "some" cats prefer, keep the water oxygenated and fresher tasting. I have two cats, one "loves" his electric water bowl and goes nuts should it be turned off, the other is unimpressed. However, having had a cat that had suffered from a urinary tract problems "probably" caused by not enough water it's worth the money. Of the two, even at the extra $13 or so I would go with the Drinkwell Platinum, as it holds lots of water, takes up little space, has an extra filter just outside the pump for bigger crud and while a bit louder that is really a non-issue for use in the kitchen. Again, my one cat "loves" this thing, and making sure it has plenty of water is easier than the Petmate and it holds more water too, plus to refill the extra water compartment is a breeze. About once a week (I did this with the Petmate too) I put it in the top rack of the dishwasher and take it out before the drying cycle, works well. Sure it costs $50 and that is not super cheap but if it lasts anywhere close to my faithful but now replaced Petmate it's a good deal. Yes the water sort of splashes, but there is actually something to break-up that sound the noise is more the hum of the pump which can be adjusted to minimum. Again, the Petmate IS quieter, but I prefer (so far) the Drinkwell, seems a better design....more info
  • Surprised another called it quiet.
    I'm surprised that another poster called this fountain 'quiet'. It is anything, but quiet. It is so loud, on the lowest setting, that even after a year of owning it, I keep thinking I've left the kitchen faucet on.

    Another con is that the bowl is too small for the head of a large cat. My big boy constantly has a wet head. He's gotten used to it, but it is pathetic to see him drinking and watching the water shoot off his head!

    Overall, I think it is a fair product, it just isn't the one for me. I'm here looking for another cat watering system, one that doesn't keep me awake with the running water sounds and doesn't bathe my cat while he drinks....more info
  • Much better than the old, noisy one!
    I don't mind that the reservoir is oblong shape & doesn't stand up on it's own when I fill it w/ water b/c this water fountain is the best on the market today. Would recommend to anyone & "Debnroo" is a great seller you can count on w/ fast shipping, cheap prices & reliability!...more info
  • One of the best investments I've made in my cats!
    I've had this for a few years now and never had a problem. There was a brief time when the reservoir (the part the cats drink from) would overflow a bit, but I learned that I needed to put it on a flat, level surface instead of carpet. That fixed the issue. I don't have to clean it more than once a month and I have three cats. Once a month I take the motor apart and soak the whole thing with the motor in white distilled vinegar for 10 mins or so and after I rinse it and scrub it a little it's good as new. All three of my cats use it and love it, and so do I! I highly recommend this product to anyone whose cats don't drink enough water. It definitely encourages mine to drink more instead of them drinking out of the sinks and bathtubs. ...more info
  • Drinkwell Platinum review
    Cat loves flowing water. He drinks more often now. But the Drinkwell must be cleaned out at least once a week for it to operate smoothly and cleanly, especially if you plan on not using the carbon filter. ...more info
  • Skip the original and go for the Platinum.
    I recently replaced our original Drinkwell after five years of use. The filter had finally given up the ghost and many of the plastic edges of various parts had become brittle and cracked off, causing leakage. I debated whether or not to spend the extra money on the Platinum model or just buy the original again, seeing as how I already have a reservoir and several filters. I went with the Platinum, though, and it was worth the money.
    Drinkwell has taken into account the design flaws of their original model, making the filter of the Platinum easier to access and inserting another filtration screen to the intake to prevent large gunk from clogging it. They've also upped the capacity so an add-on reservoir is unnecessary and as a result the unit takes up less space and is more streamlined.
    The old filters appear to fit the Platinum model, as well, though I am unsure whether or not this was intentional (probably not).
    I've never thought the fountain was noisy, but the Platinum is downright silent. Most importantly, my cats still love it.
    So go with the Platinum model. You won't regret it! (Also it's way cheaper on Amazon than in the pet store!)
    Oh and Petmate fountains? Pfft. Not even a contest....more info
  • motor is definately a problem
    My son owns the original Drinkwell. I saw how much his cat enjoyed it and found the sound of falling water is restful. When I purchased mine I upgraded to the Platinum because of the larger water basin. Unfortunately, since this fountain does not mask the sound of the motor (or they are equipped with cheaper motors) the sound is very annoying. I am going to order an original drinkwell and hope the motor noise is not so loud....more info
  • Excellent item - cat loves it
    Our new kitten was refusing to drink from his bowl and only wanted to drink from the toilet. As we would not let him drink from the toilet we purchased this item in hopes of luring him away from the toilet. It took him an hour or two to get used to it but once he did he loves it.

    Cat response: took a little bit but loves it now

    Noise: I have found the item to be VERY quiet. It was making a slight hum but shifting it a bit fixed that.

    ...more info
  • Not so good with time...
    I have had this product for over a year now, and it has caused me so many problems. The first months were great, but the cleaning process is tedious work and takes much effort. After about 8 months, there was a giant pool of water around the fountain. I kept using a towel underneath it, but it would mold easily. I am still using this product, but only because if I use anything smaller, my cat will pour out the water by picking at the bottom and tipping it....more info
  • Perfect fountain for particular felines
    One of my two cats had a bad habit of pushing his water dish around and spilling water everywhere, including his food dish. I got the Drinkwell Platinum for the flowing water and because it is heavier (when filled with water) than some pet fountains. They love the running water, and it stays fresh much longer. I change it once a week and change the filter about every 2 to 3 weeks. Although you can adjust the force of the water flow, my male still gets his head wet almost every time he drinks from it, so my only complaint is that it could be designed to have the fountain to one side so that finicky cats could drink from the back without getting wet....more info
  • What will they think of next?
    I have 2 cats. One is a few years old and then I have the "new" baby of the family. She's 7 months old and likes to turn over water bowls or play in the water with her paw. I did a lot of research before buying the Drinkwell Platinum and it paid off because it was a very good purchase for me and my kitties. It's very easy to set up and get going - - - just make sure you DO read the instruction book which is very helpful and shows pictures of the product, step-by-step. I would say it takes around a gallon of water to completely fill up, including the reservoir. I use store-bought drinking/distilled water rather than our city water. It's very quiet and the stream is adjustable. It's also easy to break down and clean - - - which I recommend doing this once a week or so. I do use the cleaning kit that is also sold on Amazon. The brushes are the perfect size. Another cool feature is that it has a connector between the plug-in and the base, so if you have to plug it in at an outlet that is hard to reach, you can just unplug the connector and take the fountain to the sink to clean.

    My kitten loves it! She loves drinking from the stream of water and my older cat just drinks from the base. Unless you have one of those cats that's scared of everything, your cat should enjoy it too. I think it encourages cats to drink more, which definitely is a benefit to their health. The clear plastic reservoir on the back allows you to actually realize how much your cat is drinking.

    I would also like to note that I have also tried another type of drinking fountain that was dome-shaped (another brand). It wasn't nearly as easy to set up and use and clean as the Drinkwell....more info
  • Unbelievably quiet!
    I've owned a Drinkwell Original fountain for several years and got tired of continually fixing leaks at the motor-to-bowl o-ring joint. I was a bit surprised by the price difference between the Platinum and Original models but the Platinum model does come with its own high-capacity reservoir, which is a separately purchased item for the Original. But additionally, the Platinum model represents many other design improvements over the Original. For one, the pump and motor are submerged so there are no leakage paths outside the bowl. Most noticeably, the Platinum model is so quiet compared to the Original that you have to look at it just to ensure it's running. In my opinion, the Platinum model is worth every penny more in price over the Original. Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain...more info
  • My cats LOVE this fountain! No more sink drinks!
    After reading many reviews on this site, I opted for the Drinkwell for my six cats. I know I sound crazy but really, six just doesn't seem like too many in our house. There were three AVID sink drinkers and it was quite annoying that you couldn't brush your teeth or do dishes without a cat jumping in front of you.

    The drinkwell arrived very well packaged. It was easy to put together and it hasn't been too bad to clean....I mean what fun is cleaning,really?

    The supply lasts us 2-3 days with our large group. We've added ice cubes to make it extra refreshing and they seem to like that.

    The only reason why I didn't give it a 5 is that there is some pump noise and the sound of the water hitting the slope. It took me awhile to realize I didn't have to keep looking for a sink running.

    Overall, we are very happy with and our cats say its purr-fect!...more info
  • It's difficult to clean and in a 6 month, side by side comparison, my cats prefer a simple bowl.
    This product "made sense" to me and I bought it. I gave it one star based on what my two cats "told" me. I put their regular bowl of water next to this product and to this day (6 months later) they prefer the bowl. My bold cat will lick the stream occassionally and my shy one is still a little afraid of it. I also gave it one star because my water comes from a well and it is not treated with chlorine (like city water) therefore, there is a "scum" that builds up over a few days. Which brings me to my third complaint with this product .. it's very difficult and time consuming to clean .. lots of tight corners and deep pockets .. I have to soak it in bleach to feel comfortable it's clean. I will stop using it and stay with the good old fashioned bowl, which my cats like better anyway. SO .. if anybody is interested in a used Drinkwell .. I have one for sale....more info
  • Nice looking fountain but overpriced.
    Was hoping my cats would flock to this but sadly they didn't. My youngest cat played for three minutes, drank once and that was that. Two days later I haven't seen any of my cats actually drink from this yet. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just left the regular, easy to clean bowl down for them and saved myself the money and the time!

    As fountains go this looks nice, is easy to fill and is quiet. The running water sound is soothing.

    That being said this is just day two so I'm not sure how much trouble this will be to keep clean or if it will get noisy after a while. For now it's nice.

    However, if I don't notice my cats drinking more I may include a new filter and send this back!

    Bottom line is it's plastic with a pump and a filter. Shouldn't cost more than half of what it does here on Amazon and 1/3rd what it costs in retail stores. I don't think it's worth the money. No bang for lots of buck!
    ...more info
    The fountain has a huge reservoir....with 2 cats and 2 dogs we were filling our previous "smaller" fountain once a day...now we go almost a week! I love it!...more info
  • Very quiet, and my cat loves it
    I noticed a lot of reviews complaining about the noise level for this product. These reviewers must have received defective units, because my Drinkwell fountain is dead silent. The only noise it makes is a gentle splashing sound when it's turned up to the top setting. To be fair, it also made a little noise the first time I turned it on as it pulled water from the reservoir into the basin. The sound my cat makes lapping up the water is louder than the motor noise and splashing combined.

    If you're worried about the negative reviews for a loud noise, rest assured that this has never happened to me and probably only happens with a defective unit (in which case you ought to be able to get an exchange). The water supply lasts about 8 days for my cat. Definitely recommended -- your cat will love this!...more info
  • Great Capacity but Noisy
    I've had a Petmate FreshFlow in the past which didn't work out very well because the pump died several times and my cat figured out how to flip open the top and drag the wet filter all over the house. The Drinkwell fountain keeps the filter far enough away from the water that my cat isn't tempted to rip it open or if she is tempted she hasn't figured out how to open this one's lid. The capacity is incredible! I don't have to worry about it running out and damaging the pump while away on vacation. My only complaint is the noise level. I never heard the Petmate pump unless it was clogged or out of water. I hear the Drinkwell pump all the time and it's loud enough to keep you awake at night. I just hope the pump doesn't die out on me....more info
  • Drinkwell and Cats in the Wild
    When my cat was a kitten, he started knocking the water dish around and making a mess. I started putting out larger and larger, heavier bowls and pans that would be harder to move. He moved them and sloshed water no matter what I did.

    I asked my vet, and he told me that cats in the wild WILL NOT drink from still water, and that this is a residual behavior. This is also why some cats like to drink from a dripping fountain. It makes sense. He recommended getting a pet fountain.

    I've had the same Drinkwell fountain since September 2005, and it has been running constantly, except when I clean it every month or so. I've had no problems with water sloshing since I got it. Okay, the flow control knob broke, but it still fits into its slot and does its job. The charcoal filters catch cat hair and the stray piece of cat litter that slips in....more info
  • Cats love it and it is easy to clean
    I have had two of these fountains for a few years now and just purchased another for a friend. All four of my cats love the fresh water and I only have to clean the fountains every two weeks. The fountain is very easy to take apart and clean. The fountain may seem expensive at first but it is worth it. My only complaint is that I couldn't find any information on replacement parts. I dropped and cracked the water tank but was able to use some plumber's putty for repair to keep it air tight. I would like to buy a new one without having to buy the whole fountain.

    From all the other fountains I've researched, this still seems to be the best quality. It's quiet and does not make a mess (but just to be safe I put it on a placemat to catch any dribbles). I find it is easier to keep free of cat hair if you take it off the floor and put it on top of a countertop or a short file cabinet, etc....more info
  • Works well!
    I only have to refill this every week or so. My cat loves it, drinks TONS of water (pees a lot but its healthy for him). I really recommend this for anyone who doesn't like having to remember to fill water all the time or who likes to spoil their pet.

    The parts aren't locked together well when its going so my cat occaisionally tries to knock the back reservoir out of its place. Which is noisy, but thats just because my cat is annoying. He also would tear the top cover off and drinks out of the filter compartment, so I just removed it. Not the end of the world, but if they made it a little better he wouldn't be able to remove it.

    Remember to use the filters otherwise like anything it will get mold. Also, you need to clean it out every couple of weeks and change the filter. Doesn't take a lot of work - just throw everything but the motor into the dish washer and then let the motor dry out and then rinse any mold out of it (a lot of hair etc get stuck and it comes out much easier if you let it dry out first)....more info
  • my cats love it
    The reviews that give the unit the lowest grade tend to complain about noise. I agree that the unit is too noisy. I'd be willing to pay more for a silent or near-silent motor. Fortunately, the noise doesn't both my cats. They have stopped begging me to turn on the faucet in the bathroom so that they can drink from it. I got the unit so that they could have 24/7 access to water that they will drink, and that mission was accomplished.

    THREE MONTHS LATER: I never want to be without one of these fountains again. Not only has it stopped my cats from drinking out of the bathtub and sink, but I don't have to refill it every day. They drink more water. It's easier for me. Win-win....more info
  • cheap useless junk
    This thing does not filter the water, is impossible to get clean and probably releases toxins because there are no certifications regarding the plastics used not to mention that its made in China which has shipped toxin laden products all too often....more info
  • great cat fountain
    I have 5 cats and a small dog using this fountain. It was really fun watching them trying to figure it out the first couple of days. They'd go to drink from the well and get water on their heads and run away, but now a couple of them just drink straight from the running water. I'm having to fill it every few days, but I know they are getting fresh cool water all of the time. I plan on buying another one for upstairs in my house since they spend about half their time up there and then I won't have to fill the other one so often....more info
  • Drinkwell Platinum Is A Lifesaver ... Literally!
    My picky cat loves this fountain and is finally drinking enough water on his own. Before getting this fountain, I rarely saw him drinking water. We tried glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel bowls, scattered around the house. All to no avail.

    My cat ended up with bladder problems and having to be given sub-q fluids. I was thinking I was going to lose him if I couldn't get him to start taking in more water on his own (he'd rather starve than eat canned food, so this was just further complicating things.)

    This fountain did the trick! He loves to sit and drink from it, right where the water comes out at the top, and his bladder is on the mend after a month of struggles. We have another cat, that isn't picky like our first, and he loves this fountain too so we are very pleased.

    I was worried about the motor noise, but it is really quiet. I have it running in my bedroom and it doesn't bother me a bit. I find it easy to refill. Haven't cleaned it yet, so I can't comment on that, but considering that I believe it has saved the life of my one cat, I will gladly clean it without complaint, motor and all.

    Even if your cat is drinking enough water, I would still recommend this product just for the fun factor of it. I get a laugh out of watching my boys enjoying themselves. They not only drink from it, but play with the water too, as it's falling. GREAT product!...more info
  • Quiet, clean water fountain for picky pets
    My cat, after a bout with intestinal disruption, refuses to drink anything but flowing water. So I've tried a lot of variants of fountain (including making them myself). This fountain is easy to clean, the filters are solid, and the water actually drops through the air, rather than sliding down a slope as on other fountains (which is unacceptable to the cat). Two annoyances that others have complained about -- the top flips off a little too easily, and the curved top of the water reservoir forces one to have to hold the reservoir as it is filled -- are mere annoyances. (And I get the reservoir to stand on its own by curving a wet washrag around the base.)

    The 4 stars (not 5) are because I've only had the fountain a month. I have yet to find out if it will last longer than 6 months (the longest I've had any fountain work so far) -- in which case, it's an expensive alternative....more info
  • Love it! Great for Multi-cat households!
    I currently own two of these fountains and so far I have been very impressed with the quality and durability. I have a total of 6 cats plus 1 that I occasionally catsit, and all have increased their water intake significantly. I have mostly neutered males and feed mainly dry food so it is very important for them to drink enough water. I also use filtered water in the fountains to avoid the calcium buildup (I fill up empty gallons at the Watermill.)

    --Low hum is barely noticeable
    --Large water capacity
    --Keeps the water circulating and fresh
    --Easy to refill
    --Pre-filter catches most of the debris/fur before it reaches the motor
    --Water won't overflow
    --Attractive design

    --Every nook and cranny must be cleaned weekly and may become time consuming

    I highly recommend this product! :)

    ...more info
  • noisy pump
    The pump started out being fairly quiet with very little vibration. After only a week of usage, the pump noise become unbearably loud and the whole unit shook from how much the pump was vibrating. My cat refused to drink from such a noisy fountain and would only drink when the fountain is unplugged. I tried taking the whole unit apart, including disassembling the pump, and cleaning the parts, but nothing worked. Also the way the water stream hit the bottom of the unit would always cause some splashing. The flying specks of water further discouraged my cat from drinking from it.

    Now the fountain is sitting in a cardboard box, catching dust in a corner of my room....more info
  • High Maintenance
    Having used the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain for a few months, I've come to the conclusion that it has potential but the maintenance required outweighs its benefits.

    We have two cats that demand drinking fresh water. The good news is that our cats drink from the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain for three or four days whereas they won't drink from a regular water bowl more than half a day. The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain continuously recirculates the water to keep the water fresh longer and this generally works well.

    Unfortunately, it's a pain in the keester to keep clean. As others have mentioned, the motor in the back of the unit tends to clog with cat hair and other impurities. The first time this happened, water ran over the side of the bowl.

    After about three days the bowl and reservoir become slimy and needs to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. This presents a challenge of its own because the bowl and reservoir hold approximately two refill buckets of water, water is nearly to the top of the bowl, and the soft plastic is prone to bending when lifted. This means the unit is heavy, awkward to carry, and nearly impossible to carry across a room without sloshing water on the floor.

    The first time I cleaned the unit, I made the mistake of lifting the unit by itself by grasping underneath the bowl in the front and reservoir in the rear. When I did this, the unit twisted and the reservoir popped off spilling water all over the floor. We've since placed the unit on large metal grate and lift the grate instead of the pet fountain. This works significantly better, but I still manage to spill water carrying the thing across the kitchen.

    You also need to purchase some cleaning tools to clean the unit adequately, especially the small, deep recesses in the reservoir. We found a set of long-handled tools with round brushes on the end that allow us to get into those recesses adequately.
    ...more info


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