Air Purifier 12 Light Mist Maker Floor Water Fountain

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Lovely Floor Fountain Mist Maker. BRAND NEW & FACTORY SEALED. Beautiful Floor Fountain Mist Maker Relax in you home to the sound of water! This fountain creates an incredible floating mist that fills the bowl and then continuously and gently spills over the sides. It is perfect for home, or office, the sound of running water and the 12 colored lights is amazing. You and you family/friends will enjoy the benefits of a high-tech aromatherapy diffuser by just adding a drop of aromatherapy oil to the water. It is a humidifier, ionizer, and aromatic diffuser all in one! Not only does the mist maker produce a psychological feeling of calm and well-being but it also has the added benefit of generating negative ions, which can help to purify the air in a room. Additionally the clouds of mist generated help increase the humidity in a room that can help sufferers of colds, sore throats and asthma symptoms. Increased humidity can also be very beneficial to indoor plants. You will receive: Clear Frosted 16 diameter Glass Bowl Matching dome-shaped splashguard 12 light Mist maker with ceramic disk and auto shut-off when water level too low Multi-color auto-change LED light 120V UL approved transformer/adaptor Contemporary black stand Misting fountain is 3 feet tall. Quick and Easy Set Up.

  • 12 Water Fountain
  • Air Purifier Mist Maker
  • Comes Complete with Everything
  • All You Need is Water