Chill Stop ''R'' 1212-06 Air Conditioner Cover

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Chill Stop ''R'' 1212-06 Air Conditioner Cover Universal Air Conditioner Cover Thru-Wall AC And Heat Pump Acc. Air Conditioner Cover Overall Height/

Customer Reviews:
  • Measure your window and air conditioner dimension!!!!!!!!!!!
    This product would have worked great if it would have fit over my air conditioner. It did not and I had to give it away. ...more info
  • Universal Indoor Air Conditioner Cover
    This cover is lite and strong. Make sure you measure your existing air conditioner as this item is very large.The inside of the cover, it has a coting of sponge like material. This helps block off outside noise and wind. The only complaint I have, is that it sticks out by a lot making it look larger. Overall it does the job. I would recommend this item....more info