iRobot Roomba 400 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Product Description

The iRobot Roomba 400 Vacuum Cleaning Robot offers standard Roomba features such as stair avoidance, automatic transitioning from hard floors to carpets and a large bag-less bin. Vacuums beneath furniture and other hard-to-reach places and automatically avoids stairs and drop-offs.

  • iRobot AWARE Robot Intelligence System - unique system
  • Bagless Bin - No Bags to replace, Bin easy to empty & holds moe dirt than ever
  • Edge Cleaning - spinning side brush & wall following technology
  • Roomba Power System - powerful battery & charging system
  • Patented Cleaning System
Customer Reviews:
  • It Does the Job
    If you need to vacuum but do not all ways have the time you'll find that this will do The Job and Do It Well, it is not a toy or a another faddish gadget it works and works well....more info
  • Concerns about walls and carpet
    First of all, I like the roomba 400. It's much cheaper than the 500 series, and it gets the job done in my house.

    One note about batteries. I have two same models. One has NiCD as opposed to NiMH battery, which is presumably standard in the more recently sold Roomba 400 model. However, there is one advantage to the NiCD battery: it doesn't self-discharge as quickly as the NiMH battery pack. With the NiCD, I can just recharge, take it out of the roomba, and leave it for weeks without losing charge. I just have to make sure to fully discharge it when it runs because of the possible "memory effect" of the NiCD battery type.

    Secondly, the bottom of my walls where the roomba bumps into have black streak marks because the roomba runs into it too hard. Also, when I check after it's done vacuuming, I find that it's eaten up a lot of carpeting. I'm not sure whether all vacuums do it, but it seems more noticeable in the roomba because there are two separate compartments for fine dust particles and what the coarser brush picks up.

    I've decided to deal with the wall streak by buying foam adhesives and placing it on the bumper. It's working well now. I bought it from a place called, and I would just prefer to buy my own if I could find any other place that has similar foam adhesives that I can just cut on my own because the one from doesn't cover enough on the top of the bumper guard.

    Overall, while I like not having to vacuum manually, I really wish iRobot would have used more standard form for its battery because the battery's proprietary form is much more expensive than it has to be. In fact, there are aftermarket vendors who sell Roomba batteries, even longer lasting and lighter Li-ion batteries, with varying degrees of success.

    I also wish that I didn't have to shell out a couple hundred $$ more for the 500 series which apparently bumps into walls without as much force. The bumper guard foam has been working ok, but I had to remove it when my roomba died on me, and I had to send it in for an exchange.

    And that is another story. iRobot is slow with their customer service. Once you email them, they may respond quickly at first. Then their responses get very slow to the point where you are not sure whether they are ever going to respond.

    Eventually, I got my RMA number after a week, sent it in, and received a new one under warranty after another week.

    So beware. If you ever need customer service, you'll probably get frustrated.

    For $100 though, the 400 model is much more cost effective than the 500 series, and I have two of them which I can use simultaneously.

    When it works without problems, it's worth it. But once it breaks down, you're in for some headaches from their customer service....more info
  • less than 1 if i could
    good for 30 days, Then the roller brushes fail. Bad service department when calling had difficult translation about product when talking to a manger he know what had happened to the vacuum. I sent the vacuum to them for repair. Four months latter no replay from comany....more info