Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier - Black

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  • Improves the air quality of your environment by trapping airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust and pet odor
  • 300% more effective than the competition
  • Affordable, easy to use and energy efficient
  • Inexpensive to operate because there are no costly filters to replace and collection blades are easy to clean
  • 28.5Hx7.5Wx9.5D"
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't count on the warranty or customer service
    I have an Ionic Pro Turbo and it will not stay on for more than a couple of hours before it shuts itself off. It is 2 months old and should be under warranty. I have called 1-800-875-8577 and they ask me to call that same number back but select option 1 for "retail purchase". I tried numerous times but no answer. I emailed and they gave me another number 1-800-554-6051 and they too told me I had to call 1-800-875-8577 and select option 1. After much persistance, I have now reached a live person twice, but both times, they disconnected me after I explained my problem. There is no doubt that they have no intention of honoring their warranty and it is too late to return to the store. Beware this product! Every time I have talked to someone, it has obviously been a call center in India. As an added comment, the blue light is so bright that it is distracting in the bedroom. You'll have to cover it up. ...more info
  • awful
    AWFUL!! at the time i bought this there weren't any reviews to read so i bought it 'blindly'. furthermore, i did not order from amazon...that was my second mistake!! this thing is large, bulky and produces a weird odor (i guess they call it an ozone smell, but whatever it was it was totally undesireable to me!!). i used it for 2 nights and both mornings i woke up all stuffed up and with a headache. the 3rd night i turned it off after about 2 hours and my stuffiness disappeared. i did this twice, just to be SURE. the blue 'on' light is very bright at night which i didn't care for. i have heard others say that there is a strange buzzing/snapping noise after a few days of use and this did not disappear after cleaning it. i didn't experience that but i didn't have it long enough before knowing i wanted to send it right back where it came from!! i bought this product directly from the ionic pro turbo dealer. the shipping took almost a month (i even paid for a 'rush' delivery), plus the shipping costs were awful!! then i ended up sending it back making the shipping costs even higher. so, to make a long story short, it cost about $70 to TRY this product out (it has a 30-day FREE(??) trial)!!! shipping costs are not refundable (at least when buying direct). i didn't use amazon to buy this, but i learned my lesson this time...from now on, i will depend on amazon like i usually do :))...more info