Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Product Description

The Phoenix? MB608 Magnetic recumbent bike allows you to sit with your back supported during the exercise. Also, the heart is in a direct line to the legs, which increases the cardio efficiency of the bike over a standard exercise bike.

Enjoy a vigorous cardiovascular workout in your basement or rec room with this recumbent exercise bike from Phoenix Health & Fitness. Boasting a smooth, ultra-quiet magnetic resistance system and a tough tubular steel frame that holds up to use and abuse, the bike is a great choice for beginners and intermediate riders who want to work themselves into shape. The bike also offers eight resistance levels that are manually controlled using a straightforward hand dial, along with secure foot straps attached to the pedals for stability. And thanks to the large, easy-to-read electronic monitor--which gauges your workout time, speed, distance, and calories burned--it's a breeze to design a custom workout for your fitness level. Other details include an adjustable frame for users with different heights, a comfortable step-through recumbent design, and a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. The bike, which requires limited assembly, measures 58 by 38 by 24 inches (W x H x D) and carries a 90-day warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on the frame.


  • Smooth, quiet magnetic resistance for quiet operation
  • Hand dial for easy resistance changes
  • Electronics monitors speed, distance, time, estimated calories burned, and scan functions
  • Frame is 2" round stabilizers and 3" rectangular tubing
  • Frame adjust to different lengths for users of differing heights
  • Dimensions: 58" x 24" x 38"

About Phoenix Health & Fitness
Established in 1998 as a wholesale distributor of fitness equipment, Phoenix Health & Fitness offers a complete line of high-quality exercise equipment to the in-home and light commercial markets. Working with a state-of-the-art computer system, the company can offer "just in time" delivery and other critical services while living up to its standards of reliability, consistency, honesty, and urgency. Phoenix Health & Fitness develops many of its new concepts and products in conjunction with its sister company, Reflex Design, and enjoys a reputation for delivering quality products in a timely manner.

About Recumbent Exercise Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don't take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective workout for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read a magazine while you work out.

The term recumbent literally means "lying down." Exercising in a recumbent or reclining position allows the user to have full ergonomic back support, without causing strain on the arms, neck and shoulders, all of which can be common effects of using an upright bicycle. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program.

  • Recumbent exercise bike with ultra-quiet magnetic resistance system
  • 8 resistance levels with adjustment dial; comfortable step-through frame
  • Easy-to-read monitor measures time, speed, distance, and calories
  • Tough tubular steel frame; sturdy pedals with secure foot straps
  • Measures 58 x 38 x 24 inches (W x H x D); 1-year frame warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great bike, great price
    I've had the bike for about 2 months now. I wanted to start getting some excercise, and didn't want to spend a lot of money. So far, the bike has been great. Easy to build, have no problmes with it att all. More expensive bikes may have more bells and whistles, but this is perfect for a beginner....more info
  • Perfect for Beginners
    I am a beginner when it comes to any exercise machine. I've looked at tons of different bikes, but this one was great for the money. It took a little time to put together, but the instructions were very easy to follow. It works great! The calorie counter and such are not accurate but the timer and miles are right on the nose. It is very quiet and easy to use while watching tv or reading a book. I have found this bike to be the perfect purchase for beginners for the price. If I could change anything about this bike it would be the digital output. It is a little small and very basic. If you are just looking for a cycle to ride instead of trying to keep track of calories, this would be perfect for you!...more info
  • Great product for home use
    Compared to other non-commercial exercise bikes, the Phoenix 99608 is an excellent buy. It was easy to assemble, well constructed, and operates very quietly. It was exactly as advertised. I expect it will provide many hours of hassle-free use. Don't expect to use the bike for hours at a time - the seat padding is not thick enough for that. My only other concern is that the seat may not be able to be adjusted appropriately for a person with short legs. Those observations not withstanding, I would recommend it to anyone who wants an inexpensive home exercise bike. ...more info
  • Awesome Bike
    I love this bike, it is so quiet. It was so easy to put together. I can watch TV or play video games and still get my exercise done. I bike for 90 minutes and burn 1000 calories. I can burn more calories on this than with walking or jogging. With this bike and the proper diet, I've lost 70 pounds, and I'm still losing. The price is now $50 lower than when I bought it....more info
  • Very good cost to performance ratio
    The bike shipped quickly. The shipping box was covered in saran wrap (likely to keep water out and make the cardboard weak - the box is pretty heavy for 1 person to move around). Unpacking the bike needs to be done carefully, as the parts are sort of intermixed in the box and do not lift out easily - in trying to pull out the heaviest item, I dropped it and cracked off a piece of the front cover. Pulling things out from a box laid sideways would have probably been more effective.

    Bike setup is easy enough, just follow the directions. In all, it took me about an hour. There is a piece of black plastic used to make adjusting the leg length easier that is a bit difficult to get exactly in place - I hammered that part down to get it to sit right.

    The bike itself is very nice. When they say silent, they mean it. You can peddle and watch TV (or whatever) without having to turn up the volume or annoying other people nearby like a treadmill would. The adjustable resistance will do for anyone looking for a basic workout. The reader works well enough, although I'm a little doubtful about how they count calories burned. At 5'6", the bike leg length was perfect, but it might be a bit of a reach for someone shorter than me. Once assembled, it drags around easy enough for me to be able to move it between my tv and my computer. If you are going to try and use a laptop while peddling, i recommend getting one of those adjustable 'laptop stands/desks' so your neck doesn't have to stay craned in one direction for the duration of your peddling.

    4/5 stars because I was annoyed the front panel cracked open when I dropped it due to bad packaging technique. The bike maker could have also figured out a way to make the peddling motion capture energy to power the display instead of requiring batteries. No other complaints. Great for people who don't want the knee/foot pressure of running, want to stay indoors, want a recumbent bike for multi-tasking, or have the requirement to not be plugged into an outlet to operate....more info
  • Great exercise
    I bought this bike a month ago and it is great. I like the low profile so that I'm not bumping my knees into anything. It's quiet and my thighs are shaping up rather nicely. I cannot believe the price. I came back and ordered one for my mother as well. My husband had no trouble assebling them and even he was impressed with the quality at that price point....more info
  • Great Product
    The bike is great. It was very easy for my husband and I to assemble. It's very quiet. I read while pedaling. The only drawback is if you are shorter than 5'2", I don't think you would be able to reach the pedals very comfortably. I'm 5"2" and I just make it....more info
  • Exercise and watch TV!!
    I bought this for two reasons: 1. I wanted a way I could exercise in the comfort of my own home, and 2. I read a review that said it was easy to put together. Upon arrival, I did find a crack in part of hard plastic, but it is only a cosmetic imperfection. The bike did prove to be relatively easy to put together. I would like to say I have been using it faithfully, but time is an issue. I do like the fact that I can either watch TV or even catch up on some reading while I am using this machine. Don't get me wrong, I can't stay on this thing for long. It does seem to provide a good workout and I look forward to making a greater effort to use it in the near future. After all, summer will be here before we know it....more info
  • This bike was a steal!
    The bike shipped promptly, was easily assembled by my husband in about 30 minutes, and is everything the other reviewers says it is. It is SILENT, even when I'm biking fast (well - fast for me is 20 miles an hour). It is built well and seems very solid, although you can move it around a room pretty easily. It does not wiggle or bounce you, which makes it nice for reading. It is also nice that the controls do not block your view to the television. The calorie counter is not accurate. It shows the same number burned in my first 30 minutes at 20 miles per hour, as it does for my second 30 minutes at 15 miles per hour. I still gave it 5 stars though, because without knowing your weight and body fat percentage, no machine will accurately tell you the calories burned. I got rid of an elliptical trainer to buy this, because in order to go fast enough to get a good cardio workout on the elliptical I had lots of hip joint and knee pain - not so initially, but my body adjusted and I just couldn't work up a sweat even on the highest tension without the joint pain. I am getting a great workout on this bike, set at a level 2 difficulty, with no joint pain. Because there are 8 levels, I will have no problem continuing to challenge myself without having to just go faster. ...more info
  • excellent
    My husband bought this for my birthday and I love it!! Very quiet so you can watch tv or listen to music while working out....more info
  • Great deal
    I ride my bike about 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes each time. It was a great deal for the low cost! Time goes quickly! It's so quiet you can watch tv or read while you ride. The pedals clicked at first but when I set the seat back one spot, it stopped. I would definitely recommend this bike. It's great!...more info
  • Excellent exercice bike for an excellent price
    This bike is easy to assemble, very quiet and very compact. It does not occupy a lot of room in my living room, I can watch Tv while biking. I am very pleased with it....more info


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