Accuflora-Controlled Probiotic Acidophilus Delivery, 240 Caplets

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Product Description

Rich meals, dairy products, preservatives, stress, age and hormonal changes can all affect your bodys digestion. As a result you may experience stomach upset, bloating and changes in regularity. Accuflora? can help naturally improve your digestion and regulate your body's internal balance.

  • helps digest milk products
  • helps to counter unfriendly flora
  • supports immune system function

Customer Reviews:

  • accuflorafan
    This product is the best! I have IBS & this solved my problems. I have taken other probiotics with horrible results. I'm not sure why this is so much more effective, but I never want to live without it!!!! ...more info
  • Great product
    I have tried other probiotics and I like this one the best. It does what it is supposed to do, which is keeping your colon functioning like it should. Two tablets before bedtime when you are experiencing troublesome flatulus(gas) usually results in relief the next morning....more info
  • Pro-biotic suggest by my doctor
    Pro-biotic was suggested by my doctor. AccuFlora is about a third as expensive as the acidophilus offered at my clinic's pharmacy, but takes two pills instead of one. I think I feel better and more balanced....more info
  • The noble side of germs
    Ahh, this stuff is great. I have been an avid fan of all forms of Acidophilus, whether in it's natural state found in yoghurt to all kind of pills and caplets for years. I know eating vitamins and nutrients in the natural state is the best, but hey, when in a rush I take all the help I can get and I have definitely noticed results with the supplement so why stop now.

    Acidophilus is a generic name for a whole group of probiotics, added to milk products that aid in digestion and help fight all kinds of immunity problems. The healthy bacteria such as the L.acidophilus inhabit the mouth, intestines and the female regions and protect them from hostile germs and organisms. This strand produces lactic acid that creates an unsavory environment for unhealthy organisms. I started taking these years ago when I had some infection, the female kind, really not fun, and along with garlic pills it really helped my body fight. This is especially good for those who are on birth control, something that can also have certain negative effects on the female body, making it prone to infections. The friendly germs help replenish the natural flora and help reduce overgrow of yeast. This is also excellent to take during winter and change of season times when colds and feeling icky are easy to succumb to. Also an excellent boost for the immune and digestive system this is a great tool to help the body stay in good shape without having to use antibiotics to cure small woes. This product can help the body in production of folic acid and niacin, a neat home made factory that doesn't require me taking any more vitamins!

    My aunt swears that Acidophilus combined with the garlic pills makes her hair grown like crazy, hard to tell for me since my hair is so long but hers was short and she loved the effect and who knows maybe it does help. I really like the Accuflora brand because after I take the caplet I don't feel any side effects of swallowing pills and I always make sure to carry some with me if I forget to take them in the morning.

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • Good for Yeast Infections but did nothing for stomach problems
    Bought this over 3 weeks ago based on the comments, and the fact that having a yogurt every day is way more expensive. I have IBS (C) and suffer from constant gas and bloating. Unfortunately I haven't noted any improvement in my condition whatsoever. However, my twin sister had a yeast infection and decided to take a few capsules...she was very impressed that it helped. I've subsequently ordered the Accuflora-controlled probiotic acidophilus, which based on the comments is more suited for IBS sufferers. I clearly ordered the incorrect ones, but will continue to take these, at least until the new set arrive, and because probiotics are good for you, especially if you've taken a regiment of medication as I have over the years....more info
  • Digestion Problems
    Accuflora-Controlled Probiotic Acidophilus Delivery, 240 Caplets
    From the first day I noticed that I had relief from digestive disorders. It has made a great deal of difference in my life. ...more info
  • Great Stuff!
    I have been using this product for approximately two years. It's a great product for digestion and I wouldn't be without it!...more info
  • Excellent acidophilus solution. Doesn't require refrigeration like most
    AccuFlora Pro-Biotic Acidophilus is an effective acidophilus solution that does not require refrigeration, a big help if you are on the run. It provides all the GI benefits as well as convenience. The tablets are large but are easy to swallow. I have been using this brand for 3 years and would highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • A quality product
    I have suffered from digestive issues since childhood. After recognizing an intolerance to lactose and soy, and eliminating them from my diet, my health issues improved... for a while. I have had irregular movements since I can remember, and though this issue improves greatly after a colon cleanse, it relapses after a few months. Many years ago I consulted a Naturopathic Medical Practioner who recommended I take a pro-biotic. I forgot about this advice until recently, when I had become fed-up with constipation.
    AccuFlora is an inexpensive savior for those of us with digestive issues. Since taking it every day, I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall well-being - from a complete lack of gas (and gas-pain) to regular movements to heightened immunity to common illnesses (I seem to be avoiding office colds and coughs..!). I indulge in a little dairy at the holidays (cheese is my weakness and I'll also allow myself to eat small amounts of dishes with butter or milk as an ingredient) and usually I suffer heavily from my 'holiday eating' choices... This year has been different! It only took me a couple of days, as opposed to a week or two to get back on track. I definitely recommend the use of pro-biotics - death is said to begin in the colon, and I intend to keep mine as healthy and functioning as possible with the use of products such as this one.
    Clear your colon, clear your skin, clear your mind! Our bodies are a wonderfully complex and interconnected system that require quality inputs and regular maintenance to develop and maintain that delicate balance we call 'health'......more info


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