Mistral Soap, Orange Blossom Green Fig, 200 g

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  • 100% pure vegetable soap
  • Mistral shea butter soap is recommended for everyone, even those with sensitive skin
  • Contains shea butter and the highest quality oils of olive, palm or coconut
  • Does not leave a residue and skin feels soft and silky
  • Finished product not tested on animals

Customer Reviews:

  • Soft, frangrant skin!
    The soap is highly scented, natural and gentle. My skin feels so soft and smells great! ...more info
  • Orange, Gardenia, Tuberose
    I love Mistral soaps, but I typically use them as sachets, not soap. I've had a bar of Tuberose soap in with our sheets for two years (one bar for that entire time), and every time I pull out a clean set of sheets they are wonderfully scented with rose. The orange/green fig soap is in with our towels and I love that as well. Gardenia is one of my favorite scents, but I like that one most as a personal soap or in their shea butter hand cream. So many soaps and creams have a weird chemical smell or are sickeningly sweet; these Mistral scents smell like real flowers and fruits. ...more info
  • Shipment was terrible via Amazon

    I usually buy Mistral soaps from shops.
    When I received my package from Amazon, these soaps came 'bruised' and the plastic wrapper torn away from being shaken inside its box package.
    The soap itself was functional, so it was okay.

    I figured if you're paying $7 a bar, you should have an almost perfect bar, asthetically speaking.

    I'll buy from these from the shops next time, not here.
    ...more info

    Mistral, as many know, is a powerful, gusty wind that blows across the south of France. Mistral, as I was happy to discover, is also the name of a line of bath and body products, all French inspired, all lusciously lovely from scented soaps to soothing lotions to rejuvenating body butters.

    Matthew Tilker, founder and president of Mistral, utilizes Shea butter, which is an efficacious natural healer, in a myriad of must-have forms. Derived from the nuts of the African Shea Tree (according to sacred custom the nuts are harvested primarily by women), this butter is highly emollient, a boon for those with dry skin, chapped lips, any number of skin irritations.

    The pure Shea Butter soap comes in a plethora of inviting fragrances, all milled six times (while others boast being triple milled). South Seas is a particular favorite - it's as fresh as an ocean breeze and as calming, soothing as a tropical island. The marine scent is accented with a touch of grapefruit, white flowers and soft woods. An irresistible combination.

    South Seas is a fragrance with which you wish to surround yourself - made possible by the shower gel, body lotion, massage bath and body oil, bath salts and candle all available at very accessible prices.

    - Gail Cooke
    ...more info
  • Best smelling soap
    This is the best smelling soap. Don't even need a scented body lotion when you use this soap even though it is subtle. Stays with you all day. I always feel refreshed when I use this soap and get compliments. ...more info
  • Great smell, thick lather.
    Expensive but worth it. The vanilla soap smells good and has a thick rich lather. The bar is the size of about two Ivory bars..........more info
  • Very nice soap
    This is very good soap, however it's too expensive to buy on a regular basis unless you are rich. Very good quality though and I would buy it again if I had some money....more info
  • its okay
    I love how hard this soap is it will last a long time the scent is milder than I was expecting but the quality is very good....more info
  • A very nice soap
    Mistral soap is a nice luxury item with a very good price, as compared to some other luxury bar soaps. I ordered seven scents, all of which smell lovely. The scents that I got are not overpowering and do not interfere with any other lotions or perfumes I might want to wear. I did not purchase any of the fruit scents, so I cannot comment on them. The soaps are triple milled, give a nice lather and last a long time. They are also paraben free which is a concern to me. I am trying to avoid parabens for possible health concerns, which is difficult, as it seems everything in the USA is made with this cheap stuff in it, so I was glad to find these soaps. The French, and these are a product of France, have scientific studies, stating that parabens may be a possible carcinogen. The FDA is ignoring these studies. Odd that only USA studies seem to have any merit with this agency. I prefer to be on the cautious side. I also love the organic shea butter in these soaps. All in all I found these to be a very pleasing purchase....more info