3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filter - 20x25x1

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Product Description

If you're looking for the cleanest air possible, the Filtrete Ultra Allergen filter is the best 1-inch disposable filter on the market. It removes allergens like Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mite Debris, Household Dust, Lint, Smoke, Pet Dander, Smog, Bacteria, and Virus carrying particles. Like all 3M Filtrete filters, the Ultra Allergen filter lasts for 3 months, and is electrostatically charged, which helps it to attract even the smallest particles without restricting the airflow in your system.

  • The best 1-inch filter on the market
  • 25% more efficient & 15% better airflow than the Filtrete Micro Allergen Filter
  • Electrostatically charged fibers grab troublesome particles from the air
  • Meets the American Lung Association's "Health House" Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
  • 3M Microparticle Performance Rating: 1250 - MERV Rating: 11 - Filter Life: 3 Months
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product, fast delivery
    This is a fantastic product; although it may seem a bit pricey, it is worth it! Product was delivered fairly quickly to my home. Great job!...more info
  • A great filter!
    I have always used filtrete products, my new apartment has this odd size filter. None of the local stores carried a filtrete in this size. Thank you Amazon....more info