Philosophy The Supernatural Poreless, Flawless SPF 15 1.6oz

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Product Description

have you been on the endless search for complexion perfection? are you looking for a product that will allow you to achieve natural looking skin without overdoing it on foundation? philosophy is about to let you in on the best secret in the marketplace today - the supernatural poreless, flawless spf. this oil-free, tinted foundation primer multi-tasks as a skin perfector and spf while giving you the appearance of flawless skin by helping to even out skin tone and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .

excellent for all skin colors, the supernatural poreless, flawless spf's unique, velvet-like formula can be used to help create a perfect canvas for foundation application or worn alone as the sheerest of perfection for the ultimate supernatural look.

  • A skin perfector and spf

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    I love this product--I wear it by itself and find it superior to a combination of Smashbox primer plus foundation (and that's saying something). My skin looks great--very healthy and very natural, both in photos and in person....more info
  • Bad for my skin
    This product did not work great for me, though I can see why it would work better for others. I have large pores, so daily use of supernatural actually increases my acne. The color of the product is also than I was expecting, so as a redhead I have to add a layer of powder to avoid looking sunburned no matter how little I use. If you are a redhead who likes looking tan it might work for you, but I have to stick to the pale. I still use it as a base on special occasions since I paid for it, but once it is gone I won't buy it again. ...more info
  • Pretty good.
    This is pretty good. It really does smoothe out your skin and hide pores before you put on foundation. It is a little orangey though, so I really don't use it by itself. The added sunscreen is great too....more info
  • It's good...but not necessarily worth of a "Supernatural" name...
    I had high hopes and, honestly, to an onlooker my makeup looks flawless and photographs well. However, as the wearer, my Supernatural Poreless feels a bit slick and paranoia of needing to hit my pressed powder every 5 minutes starts to settle in...although, again, to an onlooker, my face looks picture perfect. So, I suppose it does hide the flaws, but I'm not a fan of the way it makes my face feel. Note that my skin is somewhat oily in the t-zone area...and for reference, I'm in my mid-30s with generally mild complexion, no acne, but larger pores. The Supernatural does minimize the pores and is a good base for its partner powder/mineral foundation, but I can't get over the oily feeling. ...more info
  • Wonderful Product
    This is an excellent product. It looks good under makeup, but even wearing it alone looks good too -- it makes the skin glow and look very healthy....more info
  • Magic Potion
    This lotion is really magic. You know how you get a sample of a skin product and wonder if you should invest in a regular size afterwards? When I started using my Supernatural sample, I knew within 2 days that this stuff was awesome. I blend it with my regular foundation and the finish is so smooth. Without looking fake or greasy. Get it....more info
  • supernatural
    This skin product is truly "supernatural" in the way it feels on my skin. It evens the tone and gaves an awesome finish. I received this product in a very timely manner and was impressed by the packaging....more info
  • I love this stuff!!!
    After about a week there was a noticable change in my skin, it was soft and really looked healthy. People even commented. I use it under the supernatural powder and it is light and great. I do not have perfect skin, in fact I hate my pores, but this looks great!...more info
  • supernatural is super
    This tinted SPF is great for those who need sun protection , but don't want to wear makeup....more info
  • Pretty good product
    This product works pretty good. Considering I have gigantic pores, I guess it works as well as can be expected. I think its a little on the expensive side....more info


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