Madhava Pure Organic Raw Agave Nectar, 23-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

16 FL oz Pint Bottle with 23 oz Net Wt Organic Agave Nectar

  • 100% Pure and Organically Certified
  • Low glycemic Index
  • Suitable for all sweetening use
  • Use as substitute for sugar, corn syrup, honey, and artificial sweeteners; organic and kosher
  • 3-year shelf-life; pours easily; dissolves readily in liquids; imparts silky texture to baked goods

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product
    Agave is all natural unlike Splenda made from sugar. I use it in baking, sweetening drinks, waffles and cereal. I'm diabetic and agave is low (27) on the GI. Even if you're not diabetic, use it. This seller is the cheapest....more info
  • Tasty sugar alternative
    This product is very tasty and I keep it on hand to use for a sweetener in lieu of sugar. The only problem I have had is that some of the bottles of the dark amber nectar fermented and I was told that this happens from time to time, but very seldom and the bottles were replaced by the Madhava company. I chose to purchase the light as I like to buy in bulk and store it and not worry about it fermenting. I like both flavors, but probably prefer the light nectar taste. I like to give away bottles to visitors in our home, too. Makes good stocking stuffers as well! ...more info
  • Love this Agave
    I am a total Vegan. So no honey for me and refined sugar is bad for you and worse is artifical sweetners. Spenda animal tests! So I tried the agave and it is so great! I am hooked. I use it all the time with my tea. Delish!...more info
  • just a tip
    agave nectar is the best tasting sugar substitute i have had thus far,it sweetens your drink without any funny aftertaste.i can never have too much of the stuff in my house...more info
  • excellent natural sweetener
    This is an excellent product. It is low on the glycemic index, which makes it an excellent sweetener for diabetic and borderline diabetic individuals. It does not crystallize like honey does, nor does it have the strong flavor of honey. Instead, it sweetens gently. It can be used for almost any purpose that sugar can, including baking. I rarely use sugar or honey any more since I have begun to use this agave nector....more info
  • I love agave!
    I stopped eating refined sugar a of couple years ago and agave has allowed me to have sweet foods again because it does not cause my blood sugar to change excessively (aka it is a "low glycemic index" food). Modhava has a really nice product, and Amazon has the cheapest prices I've found (and I've looked!). You can use it in baking, but don't use as much because it is sweeter than "regular" (granulated white cane) sugar. Use about 2/3 as much for the same sweetness, down to as little as half as much. It has a very neutral taste so your food won't taste any different with agave substituted. However, it is a liquid (obviously) so it adds a bit of moisture to your recipes and for baked goods you may have to reduce another liquid in the recipe slightly to compensate. For every cup of agave you may need to take out about 1/4 cup of other liquid to achieve the same result - but the rule won't always hold so experiment. In drinks or homemade ice cream (a great use!) the added moisture doesn't matter at all! I am sure agave is going to become extremely popular, it is such a fantastic, healthy, delicious, convenient sugar replacement. Enjoy!...more info
  • Delicious Madhava Pure Organic Raw Agave Nectar
    Yum, really tastes great and low on the glycemic index.
    Madhava Pure Organic Raw Agave Nectar, 23-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)...more info
  • Great product!
    I love this stuff. It is a great Agave Nectar product that tastes great and is at a really good price. I will keep buying this when I run out....more info
  • I like it better than honey
    Seems I take a lot of my food cues from Best Life magazine. A recent issue mentioned agave nectar as a substitute for refined sugar, and I'm trying to cut my use of refined products of all stripes, so I ran to Whole Foods and bought a small bottle of Madhava agave nectar. I was hooked immediately. The consistency is thinner and the taste is lighter and milder than honey, but I use less to get the same amount of sweetness. I normally use it in my tea (Celestial Seasonings African Tea, Madagascar Vanilla Red, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)), but I have also put it on whole-grain waffles (and I've been known to just take a swig when I need a shot of something sweet). As a bonus, it doesn't crystallize like honey does.

    It's good stuff. I love it. You should try it....more info
  • Perfect for baking recipes
    Excellent inexpensive product, great for a lower glycemic and healthier choice over sugar in baking and cooking. Also, makes a great pancake syrup with a little maple extract added to it....more info
  • No more refined sugar for me!
    I love this stuff! It has replaced refined sugar in my diet for the past two years and allowed me to break my "sugar addiction" cycle, since it doesn't cause my blood sugar to spike & drop. It can be used as a sugar replacement in most recipes.
    LK...more info
  • Agave nectar
    Received what I ordered in a timely manner. Contents in good shape and product is excellent....more info
  • Agave- raw, organic
    This is definetely the best tasting agave nectar I have come across thus far.

    A word about the "precautions" against agave:

    While I do not believe that agave has much nutritional value (it is also a simple sugar), I still do not see how it can be so bad for someone's health when used in moderation. It certainly is not worse than sugar. I have used agave in recipes, adding only 1/4 a cup where over 1 cup of sugar was needed. This significantly cuts the calories while maintaining a sweet flavor.

    I would caution anyone against using too much of anything, whether it's a natural or artificial sweetner. In the end, one should take empty calories and simple sugars at face value. However, when given the alternative and possibility to use this great sweetner in moderation, I would recommend it against table sugar. You definetely end up using less, and it even tastes better.

    On a side not, I would recommend a mix of agave and a tiny bit of stevia for use in baking. ...more info
  • Agave Rocks!
    I love Agave! It is one of the best tasting sweetners but has the added benefit of a low glycemic index. This means I can make tasty desserts that even my grandmother with diabetes can enjoy. The light/raw version is a good replacement for corn syrup in pies. The amber version is great to use in place of honey or syrup. You will enjoy it!...more info


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