Graco Toddler SafeSeat Step2 Reclining Car Seat in Ionic

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Graco Toddler SafeSeat - Step 2 The new Toddler SafeSeat (Step 2) is one of the only toddler car seats on the market that reclines while it's installed in your vehicle. The Toddler SafeSeat is easier to install, because a reclined seat provides clear access to the belt path. Additionally, recline will also provide lots of comfort for your child during road trips. This seat also features an innovative belt lock-off which tightly secures the vehicle seatbelt. The 5-point harness, with patent pending buckle system features afront adjustment which makes buckling & unbuckling more pleasant for both parent and child. This toddler seat is also equipped with a removable cupholder and snack tray for snacking on the go and storing stuff. In addition to the standard features of our Toddler SafeSeat this model is also outfitted with a removable body support and a detachable head pillow for extra support and comfort. With all of these great features the new Step 2 Toddler SafeSeat will serve you and your child well. The Toddler SafeSeat is forward facing only. It is designed for use by children at least one year old 20 to 40 lbs and up to 43 inches tall. Use for: Children at least one year old, 20 to 40 lbs and up to 43 inches tall in a forward-facing position only Dimensions and Specifications Weight: 22 lbs Depth: 24 inches Width: 18.5 inches Height: 27.5 inches Care & Maintenance The car seat pad on the Toddler SafeSeat is removable for delicate machine washing. Drip dry. The metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap and water and wiped dry with a cloth or towel. To clean the buckle, use a damp cloth or sponge. Do not lubricate the buckle. The harness straps may be spot cleaned. Never immerse the harness straps in water. Never use bleach to clean this product.

  • Engineered and Crash tested to meet or exceed standards
  • Easy install with clear access to belt path. Reclines while installed, Latch equipped for easy installation.
  • Includes EPS foam for energy absortion and washable seat pad with 5 point front adjust harness. 2 piece chest clip visually indicates proper position on child
  • Detachable head pillow and deluxe cupholder/snack tray
  • Forward facing positioning for Toddlers 20-40 lbs.

Customer Reviews:

  • great seat! material doesn't breathe
    i love this seat. it is so comfy for my 2 year old. he has been in it a year and it's still perfect. my only complaint is that the shiny material doesn't breathe and his back is always sweaty even if it's just warm out. some of the other colors of this seat are made of better material so i would go with a different color.
    ...more info
  • Great Seat!
    This is the 2nd Step 2 SafeSeat I have bought. It's my daughter's primary seat in my car and my husbands. The recline feature is great, it comfortable, the straps never get twisted. I haven't had an issue with either seat having the wings break off. It is a big car seat, but it fits in my Liberty and Tacoma just fine. Will be buying two moer of these for my son when he can be in a forward facing seat....more info
  • GIGANTIC....
    HUGE! if you have a big car it's fine. it's nice that it reclines, but the sides of it are really high... when you sit beside the baby, you have to lean over to look at him, coz you cant see him from the side. overall though, i would still say it is worth it because of the reclining mechanism....more info
  • A few good features, but returned due to problems
    It was great when we first brought it home. We loved that it sat up high so that our 12 month old could see out the window and that we could easily recline the seat while we were driving. This is one of the only car seats on the market that has this feature. A car seat inspector also said that it was a good, safe car seat.

    After a month or two, the slider for the reline was hard and and harder to pull. Then the straps in the back/inside got all mangled all of the sudden and we had to unscrew it all to get the straps right again. Luckily we bought it from Babies R Us so they took it back.

    Other cons:

    -agree with others cheep fabric
    -it is massive, tight fit for most cars!!!
    -not a convertable seat.

    I would instead recommend the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat in Matrix which we have had for several months and we love it! You get more bang for your buck too because it is convertable....more info
  • Great seat at a great price
    I purchased this seat yesterday in the g galore pattern and it is wonderful. I gave my 6 month old the Evenflo Triumph seat which can go rear facing and moved my 17 month old to this seat. Yes it is big but it really wasn't any wider than the Evenflow triumph seat. It does sit up high and it appears that is for the base which then allows the seat to recline while fastened into the car.

    My 17 month old sat down in the seat and did not want to get out...he was in heaven! This seat was super easy to install with the seat reclined like the directions suggest - easy to get the belt into the belt path (my older van doesn't have latch). The harness straps were super easy to adjust to the right height - and tightening the straps while the child is in the seat is just as easy as an infant in the infant seat! Much easier to adjust than my evenflo seat (with the upfront knobs).

    The g galore fabric is stylish and super soft - I read the complaints about the ionic pattern and the stellar pattern.

    Overall a great seat. I'll be curious to see how it compares to graco's new seat the nautalis that comes out this week....more info
  • Very tall car seat!
    The car seat seems comfy and roomy, but because of the recliner option, the car seat is about 3 inches taller than our other carseat. I have a Jeep Cherokee and I have to fold my 3 year old in half to get him in the car seat. ...more info
  • very pleased
    I really like this car seat. It is much easier than another car seat I have for my daughter. It is very easy to adjust and doesn't pinch her....more info
  • Perfect for long vacation drives, but man what a moose!
    It is always hard on little kids to go on long car rides. My wife and I have a rough riding pickup truck to pull the camper. We leave in the evening and hope our little one will sleep for the long ride. Often times her head would bounce, wake her up repeatedly, and it would frustrate her terribly. This car seat solved our troubles. With it's excellent reline feature, our little one can take a long nap even in our bouncy pickup truck. I am so thankful that we found this car seat. The only disadvantage to this car seat is that it is a MOOSE. It is absolutely huge. When we put it in the back seat of our compact car, it takes up a majority of the rear seat. If you have a compact car, or other children will be riding in the back, beware. Otherwise, this car seat is most excellent for the back seat of a pickup truck or a van. Pefect for long drives....more info
    The seat fabric is very, very, very cheap! Nothing of what I would expect from Graco or a carseat priced at $130. Besides that, it's nice....more info
  • SafeSeat Ionic - disappointment
    We purchased this after reading reviews in the most recent Baby Bargains book by Fields. It had strong reviews. We returned it after a 2 week trial run. It was so heavy, my wife could barely lift it. It was so large that our (skinny) two year old barely had enough room for his legs behind the passenger seat of our mid-size sedan. Finally, whatever the material is - it looks cool, but made our kid sweat like crazy. We thought we would try it and save some $$$ instead of buying another Britax for the 2nd car. After we returned it, we bought another Britax after all and are very happy with our final decision. Save yourself a lot of trouble and do not buy this carseat. ...more info
  • Pretty good
    The car seat is quite large, but I like how it is easier for my toddler to see out the car window. The box was really beaten up when the package arrived, but the car seat was just fine. The car seat is very comfortable for my toddler and I feel it has fit the bill. ...more info
  • Defect
    I did a lot of research before purchasing this seat for my 1 year-old who outgrew his safe seat step 1. The seat is big and bulky which is what I expected from reading the reviews. The issues I had with the seat is that the even though I pulled and tugged to tighten the straps they would not tighten enough for my liking safety wise. Then because the straps would not tighten enough the chest clip kept sliding down and the straps would be slipping off of his shoulder. I am disappointed because the safe seat step 1 was awesome no complaints at all. I liked how easy the cover could come off for cleaning purposes. I loved the recline and how easy it was to install, but the clip that you use behind the seat to ensure that the seat belt stayed where placed would not lay down flat it kept popping up which defeats the purpose of making the seat belt stays nice and snug. So long story made short, because it would not safely secure my son I returned it and purchased a Graco Nautilis which can go to 100lbs and change into a booster, he loves it he is so much more comfortable in it and fell asleep in it on his first ride, he also can reach his cup holder and his secret compartments as well. It is more expensive but worth it because it converts into a booster and hopefully will be his last car seat....more info


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