Graco Mosaic Stroller in Ionic

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Product Description

European styling meets American convenience in the Mosaic Stroller! This sleek, compact stroller has a combination 3-point or 5-point harness, large parent cupholder, easy access basket, and a removable armbar. This stroller also has a compact fold, leaving plenty of room in your trunk for the rest of your gear! Best of all, this stroller accepts Graco SnugRide and Infant SafeSeat car seats!


  • 3-dimensional, compact fold for maximum portability
  • Removable parent cupholder
  • Multiple-position, reclining seat for child's comfort
  • Large, easy access storage basket
  • Combination 3-point or 5-point harness
  • Removable, padded armbar
  • Canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Padded ergonomic grip
  • Robust, stylized frame for maximum durability
  • Automatic storage latch
  • Front swivel wheels with locks and suspension
  • Accepts Graco SnugRide and SafeSeat infant car seats
  • Removable seat pad may be washed in cold water on delicate cycle and drip-dried. No bleach.
  • Usea damp cloth and household soap and warm water to clean frame
  • Recommended Use: For infants and children up to 4 years old and less than 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26.5"L x 20"W x 41.5"H
  • Width of Handle: 15"
  • Weight: 19.03 lbs.
  • Three-dimensional, compact fold for maximum portability
  • Removable parent cupholder included
  • Multiple-position, reclining seat for child's comfort
  • Large, easy access storage basket
  • Comes with removable, padded arm bar

Customer Reviews:

  • Minor flaws, but you can't cover it all...
    I have been using this stroller for more than a year; got 1-yr and 4-yr old that have test driven this model to its limits; First thing to say, it's odd to find a compact stroller that is able to fit older toddlers if they wanna take a nap, and this is one of them! this is one of its great advantages. On the other side, its is somewhat heavy for an umbrella model, but that hasn't been a problem for me anytime. Still fits easily even in compact car trunks; and the wheels do a nice work when you are on irregular floors (or even sand).

    Now for the dark side: maybe it's just me, but everyone who has kids knows that you learn to do almost anything with one hand; from preparing breakfast to surfing the web, you know what i mean. Well, it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to open this stroller without using BOTH HANDS. It should open with a quick kick but it has NEVER opened on the first try, it's just difficult. Ok then, another minor flaw: the canopy is REALLY small; don't forget sunscreen or a dangling piece of cloth to protect your loved ones from the sun. Speaking of the canopy, the folding design of the stroller makes the canopy edge make full contact with the front wheels; so it will get really, really dirty after... yeah, you guessed it... the very first use. And on top of that, the canopy's edge is always a light color, it only makes it seem worse.

    Maybe i have been too harsh on this one, but be aware that i'm giving it four stars anyway. It is sturdier than it looks, can take a lot of damage and remain unscathed, but has some cons that you should consider.

    Overall a heavy-duty, compact-sized, older-toddler-ready stroller. You be the judge.

    P.S. don't forget to dismount the side vase when you check it at the boarding door on a plane trip. Mine was last seen on a connection between Panama and Cancun... XD....more info
  • Great buy
    Love Graco products! Love this stroller! This stroller is perfect for someone who wants a nice stroller, that is compact when folded. It folds down super easy. I can also get it open while holding my 3 month old. I love that it is compact, but still has the option of adding the graco carseat. This is perfect for when my baby is sleeping in the carseat. I don't have to wake her up to get her into the stroller. I was also surprised by how easily I can turn it and move around in the mall while holding my 3 year old with one hand and driving the stroller with the other. It's super easy to turn with just one hand. Love it!!!...more info
  • Perfect lightweight stroller
    This stroller was one of my best purchases. I wanted a lightweight stroller that I could easily manage through an airport. I recently used this on a trip to florida and couldn't be happier with the stroller.

    The stroller is easy to push and steer, it reclines to any position, basket is decent size. I have the Land's End Little tripper diaper bag, which fit perfectly on the back. My baby easily slept and played in the stroller.
    The front bar is nice because it has some padding my infant frequently hurts himself in my big graco with kicking the hard food tray, so this is nice because he doesn't hurt himself. I easily hooked toys on to the bar and he was entertained for hours.

    The only 2 negatives, small shade and the way it locks when you close it. The shade is too small, but all lighweight strollers have a small shade. I had a Kiddopotamus sun shade on my larger jogging stroller, I just used that on this stroller and it gave my infant all the shade I needed.

    the mechanism that locks the stroller doesn't hold the stroller together securely enough. We bought some velcro and added an extra strap the we used when gate checking the stroller so the stroller didn't come apart when they threw it under the plan.

    Highly recommend this stroller. Actually keep it in our car 100% of the time because it takes up so little space and it so easy to open and close....more info
  • Good Alternative to Bulky Travel System
    We have a travel system, also from Graco, with the Stroller, car seat, and the works, and was looking for something the didn't take the entire trunk of my wife's car like the stroller from the travel system.

    This stroller is fairly lightweigh, folds more compact, and has some features that a umbrella stroller does not.

    I'm over 6'1 and can confortablly push this stroller without leaning over, which is a big plus, and a concern of mine when reviewing other "light weight" strollers.

    ...more info
  • My favorite stroller
    I love this stroller. I have it in the black and red. I used it with my son for 2 years and now I am using it for my daughter. It fits my Graco snug ride car seat just right. It is easy to fold even while holding the child and is not heavy. Does not take up as much room as other full sized strollers. I also like the removable cup holder. The basket is also plenty big.

    The only CON i have found is the shade can be pulled off to easily. When my son go over a year old he would pull it off all the time. I had to start leaving it in the car....more info
  • Easy to roll and fold
    I have to say this is one of the best strollers i've had, this is the new generation of safe, easy to fold and carry strollers i've ever had. I had 3 different strollers with my first daughter including a light aria peg-perego but i must say this one is better; and also the Graco company was very receptive and fast solving when the ionic that i ordered came incomplete they answer and solve the problem in a blink of an eye, i recommend this product and graco as great sellers....more info
  • Great light-weight stroller with all of the features of a full-size stroller
    When ordinary umbrella strollers just won't do, take a look at this little number. I love its compact 3-D fold, it is perfect for keeping in the trunk of a car as an on-the-go stroller. It takes so little space in the trunk and yet, when you open it up, it is much more comfortable than a flimsy umbrella stroller. I had a full-size Quattro Tour stroller that was given to me as a baby shower gift, and while it has excellent features, it was just too bulky to be taken on trips. We still use it but only to walk around the neighborhood. I wish I had known about this Mosaic stroller back then, I would have registered for it instead. The fact that it accepts Graco baby car seats is a big plus, and it's compact and sleek design is yet another benefit. Get this stroller and a Graco baby car seat, and you have a very nice travel system that you can take anywhere. The seat is comfortable, padding is adequate, the fabric is no different than any other stroller. The steering is very smooth. The stroller is very maneuverable, which makes it really easy to navigate the narrow store aisles. My daughter has taken naps in it and has been very comfortable. She is beginning to outgrow it though as she is a tall 2-year-old. I wish she were able to use a little longer as I have grown accustomed to the convenience of taking this stroller along on shopping trips. I am very pleased with this stroller and would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great stroller--but I wouldn't consider it lightweight
    I bought this stroller after trying to decide between the graco IPO and this model. As a mom of three this is to be my "forever" stroller--the one that stays in the trunk and will last our family until it's time for grandkids.

    It came quickly and is really good looking. Easy to assemble. It seems very durable and tough, but the tradeoff with that is that it is heavier than I thought it would be. The IPO was lighter weight (by about two pounds) but also had a higher weight limit, so consider that if it's important to you. It folds and unfolds easily and quickly, but it takes up more room in my trunk than I thought it would and it's curved funny when folded so you have to put it in just the right way or it rolls around/tips over. Loaded with features. I'm not thrilled with the adjustment of the seat--my 2 yo is always straining to sit up and the way it tightens, it just won't sit her up any higher. I wish I could tighten it up just a bit. Decent basket size and the handles are a great height for me (I'm 5'10"). Feels solid and rugged, but is narrow enough to fit through most aisles.

    All in all, a good stroller. Look at the Graco IPO before you purchase this one, though, just to be sure!...more info
  • We LOVE this stroller!!
    i can't say enough positive things about this stroller. it's great!! non-bulky & my daughter is very comfortable. breaking it down to store in our small apartment is a breeze as well! my favorite things about the stroller is the storage on the bottom & the height itself, i'm only 5'4'', but i don't have to hunch over to push this & i love that!! it was extremely easy to put together, it took a grand total of 10 minutes. my only complaint is the cup holder wouldn't attach but, i bought a hanging storage/cup holder to take care of that problem.
    i would definitely recommend this stroller to others :)...more info
  • Not Worth It
    Don't bother with this stroller. There are much better strollers out there for the price (Chicco, Maclaren etc). Canopy is tiny, wheels are rickety, stroller is heavy for it's size, if you are over 5'4 you will kick the wheels when you walk. Fabric is unattractive & rough, my daughter refused to sit in it. ...more info
  • Great stroller for taller parents!
    I bought this stroller as a travel system when my daughter was born. It works well because it's not as bulky as other travel systems. I have taken this stroller on public buses with no problems. Also, I'm 5'9" and I have trouble finding a stroller that I don't have to bend over to push. This one is very comfortable for me and for daddy, who is 6'3". When my daughter was one, the stroller was stolen and I bought the same one again. The handle to close the stroller is much better on this newer version and the latch to hold it closed is a little more sturdy as well. Now that my daughter is 2 1/2, we don't use it quite as much, but it's still invaluable for corralling her at the mall. I'm keeping it to use for number 2.

    -folds like an umbrella stroller, more compact than most strollers it's size
    -can be used as a travel system
    -parent cupholder
    -5 point harness
    -nice basket to hold stuff underneath

    -shade canopy is pretty much useless
    -has to be steered with two hands
    -usually need two hands to open...more info
  • Great stroller
    This is the only stroller we have used for our son, now 21 months and am considering buying a second for our daughter who is 4 months. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to set-up and break-down. I keep it in the trunk at all times as it doesn't take up much space. My only complaints are the canopy is too small and I wish the handle bars could be adjusted to a different angle when in use to accomodate a longer stride. Overall I love it and have recommended it to several friends....more info


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