Dynaflex Pro Sports Gyro Wrist Exerciser

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Product Description

The Original Dyna-Flex Pro Plus Gyroscope Ball Exerciser is designed with a high performance rotor, which can reach speeds of up to 10,000 RPM and puts out 38 pounds of torque. It also features a new "thermo band", which aids the user in controlling this powerhouse. The DynaFlex Pro Plus was designed to aid in sports rehabilitation and conditioning of the lower arm. It is being used for carpal tunnel syndrome, by musicians and for improving performance in sports. The new Dyna Flex Pro Plus comes with a removable top cap, which allows the insertion of the optional speed meter. The speed meter, when attached to the Dyna-Flex Pro Plus, gives the user the option of 3 separate work out programs. The Dyna-Flex Pro Plus is perfect for anyone who engages in repetitive wrist and arm motions, either at work or in sports (e.g., golf, tennis, etc.). It strengthens your wrists, arms, grip and range of motion. We challenge you to take hold of the Dyna-Flex Pro Plus when it's moving at 10,000 RMPs!

  • Have fun while relieving carpal-tunnel and arthritis symptoms
  • Use as a strength and coordination builder

Customer Reviews:

  • It works
    I am disappointed at begining because the rotor would only spin for about 20 seconds. But after couple practice, the rotor can spin long long time. It really helps me to exercise my wrist to relieve my pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.I have fun with it. My whole family love it. ...more info
  • Nice
    Great wrist exerciser! Whats nice is once you get it started, it will go and go, and will stop instantly when you want it to. It has a cool feel to it, and really helped my wrists and arms. I recommend to get the starter dock for it, but I can start it now without it. ...more info
  • frustrating!
    This is something with a very long learning curve to figure out how to get it to work. Four adults played with this for over an hour before someone was able to get it rolling. It takes a while to get the "feel" of how to get it spinning and especially how to keep it going. The pull string and rolling the gyro by hand get it spinning just barely fast enough to begin the necessary momentum to put the gyroscope into a motion that allows it to accelerate. Only then, if you do the exact correct hand motion to encourage it to spin, will you get it to work. Until you get the knack it is very frustrating and a device that you could easily pitch in the trash as unreasonably difficult to operate. Trust that it can be done and once you "get it" it does just what the manufacturer says in terms of excercising your wrist and forearm. We found that starting it with a Dremel tool on low speed with the rubber sanding drum accessory (minus the sanding band)gets it going quickly and easily and is a great aid in training you what it feels like when it is up to working speed. Be prepared to be pissed off for a while when you first get this! I only gave it a 3 star rating because I am still ticked off about how hard this baby is to start but once it's going it's a 5!...more info
  • an nice toner minus weights
    just got this and the reviews are true. takes awhile to get used to, once you got the gyro spinning you got have the spinner outward and rotate wrist, once its going it generates force you instantly feel it work out your arm without the heavy weights. it does what it says. i highly recommend it....more info
  • great product
    Since purchasing and using the dynaflex, I have increased strength in my wrists and hands. It has truly helped to improve my workout! My personal trainer is happy with the results....more info
  • Really funny
    Very good product, you really feel the effect in all your arm and it's super funny.

    Thumbs up for this!...more info
  • Gryo exerciser
    I found this product to be adequate not quite up to my expectations. I found it a little hard to get started and not quite resistive enough....more info
  • How to start the ball
    I bought this product a few years ago, and could not start it for months. My husband got it started for me, and I needed him around every time I had to use the ball. Eventually he cut one of my daughter's shoe laces, and suddenly I did not need to call him everytime I wanted to use the ball. I have since purchased more of these Powerballs (but from another manufacturer whose product was better). This one started making noise, and stopped spinning as smoothly.
    For beginners, you need a string about twice the thickness of the string that is shipped with the ball. Once you get it started, there's no turning back. It has helped to ease the pain I get from Carpal tunnel syndrome....more info
    I wanted something to strenthen my wrist for tennis and the sports chalet guy showed me this. He got it started for me and it seemed so easy, fun and really a good workout...HOWEVER, getting this home and watching 4 videos, all on youtube bc the software that comes with it didnt work, I still can't figure out the exact rhythm, all i know is sometimes it works, but most of the time nothing...i thought my ball was bad until i read some other reviews about it being so difficult to start... not woth it, very dissapointing......more info
  • If I could get it started...
    After watching the instructional cd, I still couldn't get it started. I have tried multiple times, and just when I get it going, I start using the movements it says to, and then it stops. I was going to return it, but since it would cost about half of what i paid to send it back I figured I'd just keep it and try and sell it to someone else...more info
  • gyro ball
    good product .In my opinion this gyros and its insides should be made out of metal because they will last long that way....more info
  • Works pretty well.
    The initial start up can be difficult. The guys who said it doesn't work and returned to the store, gave up too easily and don't know what you're missing. The trick is to get enough momentum on the initial spin. After that try changing the grip to work on various part of forearm. Interesting "toy"....more info
  • Dynaflex Exerciser - Good for healthy hands
    The Dynaflex Exerciser is wonderful to increase strength in healthy hands. If serious conditions exist though, such as prolonged osteo-arthritis, the device is difficult to maneuver properly. A therapist's or Dr's permission is suggested to prevent further injury if your hands, fingers, wrists, etc. have restricted movement....more info
  • Excellent product, fun exercise for your arms and hands
    At the begining I thought this was going to be another of my useless gadgets but when I learned how to use it and start using it regularly I liked it very much, I have it on my desk and use it every day.
    Exellent work out for hands and arms....more info
  • Wow!!! What a GREAT exercise tool!!!!
    This is a GREAT exercise tool if you want to exercise your forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. There are NO batteries, you can exercise while doing other things, and you are in complete control so you can exercise as intensely or as gently as you want. By switching back and forth, right side for a while, left side for a while, right, left, etc., you can exercise for as long as you want. What a great idea....more info
  • Returned to store
    I carefully followed the directions and couldn't get it to work with or without string. Was a hassle to fool with. Tried Dynabee at the PT clinic and didn't have a problem. ...more info
  • Good Product. Crappy Company
    I bought this powerball and used it for around 3 months. It suddenly stopped working right so I contacted the manufacture about this problem. They fought with me and were terrible. Amazon replaced it free of charge and that company will never get another order from me again. Amazon has a great policy and plan to buy more from them in the future. DynaFlex should be put out of business for my 1 week struggle!...more info
  • Working out on the couch.
    The Dynaball is easy to use from anywhere, even on the couch, It really works your arm muscles. After showing friends they bought one....more info
  • Gives a great forearm workout!
    This device gives a forearm workout like nothing else. I was very impressed with how quickly and intensely it works the muscles of my hands and forearms....more info
  • Very effective
    Very effective
    A bit tough to hold when you get really fatigued. I'd like to see a version in which the whole thing has a non-slip covering rather than the current narrow band.

    Definitely recommended....more info
  • negative review
    had a pro gyro years ago... this new ones quality has NOT measured up. the gyro was noisy and you could feel that the rotation was not smooth. would have returned it if I bought from a physical store like academy, sadly the shipping charges is not worth the gyro to do it. please buy the powerball model instead that has a better gyro much more smooth and quiet....more info
  • This makes exercise fun
    It took awhile to get the hang of keeping it spinning, but once I did I found that it was actually fun to use. I was even more pleased that I experienced an almost immediate improvement in the pain I had been experiencing at the base of one of my thumbs for the past 6 months, a symptom apparently similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. Based on my experience I definitely recommend trying the Dyna-flex ball....more info


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