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Exercise your right to tone and slim. Fitness Quest Red XL provides up to 24 different workouts. Core rotation teams with resistance for amazing results! Slim. Sculpt. Strengthen your core muscles and midsection with this Red XL... without having to do another back-breaking crunch or sit-up ever again! Red XL's biomechanical innovation targets that stubborn abdominal area, while you're comfortably seated. Heck, you can even tone and slim while watching CSI, your favorite soap or the big game. Users agree: "It's one of the easiest core workouts ever for a healthier you!" Details: Deep padded comfort seat; 80 lbs. of Torsion Max resistance; Supports up to 250 lbs.; Comfort handles; Heavy-duty steel construction; Folds away for easy storage; 36 x 15 3/4 x 23"h., weighs 17 lbs. Workout DVD included. Exercise at will. Order this easy-to-use unit today! Orders must be received by Dec. 10 to ensure holiday delivery. Fitness Quest Red XL

Sculpt and strengthen your core and midsection without doing another back-breaking crunch or sit-up with the Red XL Exerciser. Every workout starts on a deep padded seat with comfort handles. Once you're seated, you simply use the power of core rotation and resistance to tone your abdominal and oblique muscles. As your strength and conditioning improves, you can add up to 80 pounds of Torsion Max resistance to make your workouts even more challenging. Made of heavy-duty steel, the Red XL comes with a workout DVD and nutrition program and supports up to 24 different exercises. It also folds up for easy storage.

  • Seated ab strengthener with comfortable padded seat and handles
  • Uses power of core rotation and resistance to tone ab and oblique muscles
  • Offers up to 80 pounds of additional Torsion Max resistance for better toning
  • Heavy-duty steel construction; supports up to 24 different exercises
  • Includes workout DVD and nutrition program; folds up for easy storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy Workout
    I bought this Red XL Exerciser for an easy workout while at home. It is easy to use and easy to put away. I don't like big workout machines because they take up so much space, but with this you can slide it under the couch or put it in a closet easily. There is a good DVD with the Exerciser and you can just watch that and follow the exercises. ...more info
  • this item sucked
    I used this product 4 times and it was falling apart. This item really sucked....more info
  • Do not buy
    This is a useless product. I do not exercise much, and I do not even get a burn from this machine. The DVD is boring and the instructor speaks in a mono tone. It looks like it is low budget! ...more info
  • ok product
    Just got it. Not sure if it is going to work. It is easy to assemble it. Tends to agree with someone on the fact that the tension is not that strong as you may think even when it is adjusted to the highest level....more info
  • Love my RED
    I Love my 'RED' exerciser!

    I have limited mobility, and had found using a friends 'RED',I had gone down a pants size, using only once or twice a week. My waist and stomach are much firmer and I am strengthening my back and 'core', essential to improving my mobility, even if I am not able to do all the exercises suggested on the DVD included with my 'RED' purchase. So now having purchased my own 'RED' I am able to exercise at my own pace and time constraints at home.

    Look out world!...more info
  • reviewing it
    its a good piece of equipment,,, HOWERVEr you must be re-tightening the nuts on the handles,, or else ill turn loose too quick. Good for someone not heavy...more info
  • Absolutely Horrible
    Do not waste your money on this product. There is so many other machines out there that does a much better job. If your looking for ab equipment, the ab roller is probably the best out there to date. This machine is a total waste....more info
  • Not suited for anyone on the shorter side
    I really liked the basic idea of this swivel stool, but I am a 5' 3" female and to use this product sitting you must be a taller person with longer arms....more info
  • eh...
    It came very fast. It's pretty cool at first. It doesn't seem like you are getting much of a work out if you're not on it for at least 45 mins. But it is fun, easy to use, and easy to assemble. Works good as an office seat so you can type and exercise at the same time....more info
  • Easy to use
    Red Exerciser was pretty much what I expected. It's nothing high-tech or amazing, but it does help target your core. It's easy to use & doesn't hurt my back. Amazon had a better price on this product than the manufacturer's website....more info
  • save your money
    Do yourself a favor and save your money. I hate crunches and thought this machine might be a way to get easier results, but it's a joke. I do crunches for about 10-15 minutes before I work out. If I do them right, I'm sore the next day. The problem is, I hate every minute of them. I bought this machine and used it for nearly 30 minutes. My legs hurt from holding them out but I felt nothing in my abs. Nothing. I turned the resistance all the way up too. Also, the DVD that comes with it is a joke as well. Where did they dig up this George Pou guy? Terrible. The ONLY way I could see this machine doing you any good is if you don't work out at all and are totally out of shape. In that case, I suppose a little is better than nothing. But do yourself a favor, save your $$$$, lie down on the floor, suck it up and squeeze out some highly effective, FREE crunches. PS...I gave it 2 stars by accident and couldn't doesn't even deserve one....more info
  • Lame Ab Workout
    This is a boring ab workout machine. It works your abs some but does not entice. The next ab assistant I'll be getting is one of the big workout balls. I had one before and my daughter took sissors to it. Many more excersies with the ball, virtually as many as you can think of. But this piece of equipment is totally lame. The video that goes with it is absolute crap as well. A big buff guy and two hot chicks who he bosses around and tells them how rich he is because of suckers like me buying his stupid product. ...more info
  • Red XL exerciser
    The Red XL really helped tighten my midsection and thighs! I highly recommend this product...more info
  • It's kinda like that favorite bar stool that swivels...
    It's small and compact. Found it is comfortable and if you do the workout it does work. As soon as I took it out of the box found it to be solidly built. Despite seemingly to be solid I did find the tensioner control should supply more maximum tension setting. And, a screw hole was incorrectly manufactured, the threads were stripped - but I forced the screw in there anyway, it's not coming apart now... Just another fitness machine. You could do as much with a stool that swivels....more info
  • Bought as a gift, thinking of getting one myself
    My mother saw this on television and wanted one for Christmas. With her health issues she cannot do high impact exercise and wanted something she could do at home. She really seems to like it and I am considering purchasing one myself. Obviously it isn't a machine for someone who does a lot of working out and exercise, but for someone like us, who doesn't and realizes that we need to find some way to do some exercise, it works well. My plan is to put it right in my living room and use it while I watch tv! I've tried that at my mom's and I really liked it. An added bonus is that I got it here on Amazon for about half the price it would have been anywhere else.
    ...more info
  • Too soon to tell
    I have just begun to use the RED XL so it is too soon to tell if I will get results. It is an easy use, however, that does not mean I will achieve the results desired....more info
  • A Satisfied Customer
    After reading about so many people's negative experience with this little machine, it might seem strange that I'm very happy with it. All the parts arrived in proper condition, assembly was easy. The basic workout DVD is a good start for someone my age (62). Mr. Pou is obviously a body builder and not a TV personality, but I'm excercising, not looking to be entertained. I've only been using it a short period of time but already see and feel results. I work up a moderate sweat, and keep the tension on it's tightest all the time. I also like to just sit and swing on it while watching t.v. My waist is getting smaller and I am tightening up. So far it's delivering what I was looking for. I have a tricky neck from a childhood whiplash and a bulging disc in my lower back. I am able to do crunches now without hurting either my back or my neck. So, I extend my sympathies to those who are not pleased or received defective equipment. But here is at least one, bona fide satisfied customer....more info
  • Great way to burn 400 calories while watching TV
    This is an inexpensive machine and when you get it you can see why.
    Still probably worth the money if you actually use it while watching tv.
    For people who essentially want the machine to show up and the weight to come off might hate it as might those who think feeling the burn is the only way to go but I think its the best way to burn about 400 calories while watching a single tv show without killing your back.
    You can sustain the zero resistance level twist for an hour straight and break a light sweat, lo level cardio. At that rate (as a tummy toning cardio machine - for which it is excellent!!!) you can burn between 7 and 9 calories per minute. I know this because I also own the body bugg calorie management armband and measured calories burned for a one hour work out. I loved it because Its a great way to avoid just sitting there when you want to watch tv. I've killed myself with brutal kick boxing workout for the same calorie burn in shorter time - this is less stress on the back. I thought the video was a demonstration and I recommend only using it once to see the different exercises. As a workout video I give it a negative 3 out of 10.
    The absolutely best thing is that this isn't a HARD workout but it does burn the long term (45 minute to an hour) calories. Because of that I think its sustainable motivation- people who hate their workout machine will not use them and they end up in the garage.
    This is my new tv chair....more info
  • I already gave this thing an appropriately bad review -once-. I want my 'helpful' votes back!
    Apparently they have enough clout to make the bad reviews disappear...ok, try try again: Ninety Percent of the benefit that you might get from this machine is from lifting your feet off of the floor. The twisting may feel somewhat strenuous, but it's because of the tension created by your feet/legs being lifted up , not the twisting itself. In other words; you don't need this machine, you don't need anything, just sit anywhere with your feet suspended off of the floor. A little twist wouldn't a swivel chair? That's all this thing is, and not a very good one....more info
  • Gentle Exercise
    I really like my Red Exerciser and recommend it. It's perfect for older people and people who don't want to go to a gym....more info
  • The swivel broke within 10 minutes
    My 125# wife used the thing for no more than 10 minutes before the swivel broke on the bottom. I thought no problem with the warranty. I called and called and finally got put on hold for over an hour. Then when it went thru they were now closed and please call back. I tried a couple more days and never got thru. I have since decided to redesign the broken part and try it again. I might as well. The rest of the parts look pretty sturdy but the most loaded part is cheap plastic. I would never recommend this item to anyone in its current form. They will not be around very long with the quality of this product.

    ...more info
  • Red XL
    It's a fairly good product, the biggest drawback being even when turned up to full, the resistance is pretty wimpy.

    Fred Read...more info
  • red exercisor review
    The red exercisor was easy to put together. I was worried it would be complicated but it was not. The exercises are easy to do, maybe a little too easy. I don't find the "resistence" button really makes a huge difference. The first video is really basic, but it does give a routine for a good start. This doesn't strike me as the machine to create a big difference in inches, but it seems to be helping with basic toning. I don't feel a real big effort from the exercises, but they do help. The good thing about it, is I can expand on my time on the chair, and that increases the results. The video is pretty cheesy - they could have selected and filmed with a little higher quality, but it gives a good beat to stay motivated....more info
  • Poor Customer Service
    I rec'd the exerciser about a montha not able to use it because the 4 screws that hold on the handles were missing...I have had no luck trying to obtain these screws from Target, I get the unaround ....if I return it ...I am out the $14 shipping....The company needs to make good on this product, but I am at a loss where to contact to get these screws I need.......more info
  • Didn't seem like a waste at first...
    I really enjoyed using the machine so far. However, it already broke! I haven't even had it a month and it is totally broken. I am looking for a way to get it fixed but it is looking like I'm either going to have to ship it back and wait 6 weeks or buy a new one. What a waste!...more info
  • Yikes...
    I have this on loan from a pregnant friend who wants to use it after birth to trim her belly. I'm a fairly inactive student who exercises when she remembers, so I am in no way strong abdominally.

    I sat down today with the DVD to see how this product works. I have an exercise ball with a dvd as well as a Power 90 series from a decade ago on VHS that I still use on occasion. They both are substantially more motivating than the joke of a video they threw into this product. It is really more of an instructional usage video than a workout, but the host doesn't even explain what he's doing and why. During periods of his "workout" he was sweating, stating he was burning, etc...I had the RED on the highest tension and was not feeling a thing! I even went back to adjust the exercises to try to find a "sweet spot" in the movements to target my go.

    I get much better results from 10 minutes of pilates floor work for my core than with however long this DVD lasted. Even the exercise ball provides better resistance with your own weight for crunches.

    Maybe for those who cannot tolerate the range of motion required to work out in other ways will benefit from this product, but as another reviewer mentioned, just use a swivel chair for the same results. I can sit here in my computer chair, hold the desk and turn/curl for the same effect. If you are not physically able to do cardio, spent $14 on an exercise ball and just SIT on it while watching tv. It's tons cheaper and still works your core.

    And save yourself the frustration of even putting this DVD into your player. The most this guy says is "what's your favorite color?" (it was literally 4 or 5 times) and the two girls in the back mumble apathetically, "red...."...more info


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