Infiniti by Conair CHV29 20 Tourmaline Ceramic Flocked Rollers and Cord Reel, Black
Infiniti by Conair CHV29 20 Tourmaline Ceramic Flocked Rollers and Cord Reel, Black

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Product Description

Tourmaline Ceramic flocked rollers and cord reel combines the powerful properties of natural tourmaline crystals with ceramic heat technology to eliminate frizz and damaging hit spots. Gently styles hair to a healthy , silky, shiny finish.

  • Dual ports emit ions for less frizz and more manageability
  • Instant heat for a 2 minute heat up
  • 12 temperature settings for all hair types
  • Convenient cord reel for easy storage

Customer Reviews:

  • "Reel" excellent item
    The reel out feature is outsanding. My wife loves it ! The unit works great and the rollers are fine. Not too crazy about the roller clips though, so she bought a different clip that seems to work fine. We recommend you try it first because the clips that come with the rollers may work for you. Her hair is extra fine and she need something a little heavier to keep the hold. Highly recommend this product....more info
  • hate the clips...
    Over all the hot rollers are great. You just have to fight with the clips.
    I may just buy another set of clips. Tired of fighting with the one size fits all rollers spring loaded clip. If you don't mind paying a few extra bucks for clips get this product. It does give you a shinny smooth curl....more info
    I love this roller set - it heats up in less than five minutes, and the clips to hold the hair do a really good job of keeping everything in place. The heat settings are also perfect - haven't burned myself like I have with other hot rollers, and the rollers themselves go on smoothly. I love their velvety texture, and the clamps are really easy to use too. I'm usually really bad at curling my hair, but these curlers are actually kind of fun to use, and very easy to put on.

    ...more info
  • My hair and I love it =)
    I bought this to save my fine hair from other more damaging styling tools that make it hard for me to grow my hair out. I use a low heat setting, the curls last all day, and it does seem gentler on my hair than my curling iron. I like them much better than the heated rollers I used as a teen long, long ago!...more info
  • Soft silky curls
    My daughters and i love these. They get pretty hot though. The curls seem to last all day....more info
  • Love these rollers
    After my old Conair Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter died on me, I decided to try these. I like this model better from the get go. The set lasts all day and I like the the temperature control feature. My hair is thick, so I use the highest setting and was pleasantly surprised how curly my hair came out-and stayed that way. The cord rewind is great too.
    ...more info
  • not as described
    I bought this because it contained Jumbo rolllers as part of the set. When it arrived, the largest rolller was 1 3/4 inches , not Jumbo which is 2 inches, I sent it back....more info
  • great gift
    great that you can control the heat of the rollers, hard to tunr the unit on and off...switch feels akward and at times feels like putting a puzzel together, trying to get the rollers back in their correct position......more info
  • Excellent product
    Exvellent product . Works great for a few or a lot of curl w/o burning hair and works quickly so you can do the rush job....more info
  • Great upgrade!
    Love this - even the clips! I've had an old Conair that still worked but looked bad...time to upgrade. I was concerned about the clips because of other reviews, but these are a far cry better than those old stupid metal things! And these got HOT if set at the maximum setting - nice to have a range on them! I've only had these about a month, but I'm happy with them. I love the wind-up cord feature, too. I guess there isn't anything I don't like!...more info


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