Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead, Chrome

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Enjoy a spa-like experience every day and reduce water consumption with an Oxygenics showerhead. Other low-flow showerheads simply restrict water flow. The one-of-a-kind Oxygenics showerhead has 16 air intake ports through which air enters, is mixed with water and accelerated out. The result: an enriched shower with up to 10 times more beneficial air/oxygen that improves circulation, stimulates cell activity and promotes healthier, more youthful-looking skin. The modern chrome finishing on this showerhead stylizes and enriches bathroom d¨¦cor while adding elegance and flair to existing fixtures. Oxygenics showerheads use 2.5 gallons per minute or less without "low-flow" restrictors. Conserve without sacrificing a great shower. Designed to save 30% to 70% of water used by traditional shower fixtures. The comfort control lever lets you adjust the spray from "soft" to "stimulating" for a custom shower experience. The patented Oxygenics system automatically self pressurizes to optimize low and variable water pressure, ensuring a great spray in all conditions. This is no dribbler!With a core made of Dupont Delrin?, the Oxygenics showerhead is extraordinarily durable and resistant to most typical showerhead problems. It will never scale, clog or fail, whether it's your first shower, or your 100,000th. Oxygenics showerheads fit all standard showers; no plumber is required. Easy leak-proof installation with Teflon tape (included). Comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

  • Utilizes patented pressurizing technology
  • Comfort control lets you customize your shower from gentle to massaging
  • Guaranteed for life never to clog
  • Modern chrome styling complements any decor
  • Uses 70-percent less water than normal showerheads

Customer Reviews:

  • Oxygenics Shower Head
    Oxygenics 60120 SkinCare Showerhead, ChromeWe really do like this product. If you have water pressure problems this will definitely help. Allows for a harder spray without using extra water....more info
    There are about two thousand showerheads out there on Amazon, and while I can't speak for all of them, I can say this is the best one I've ever used, by far. I live up on a hill and the water pressure is terrible, but this showerhead greatly boosts the amount of pressure I feel, without losing the size of the stream. I'm not sure how the physics of this works; I just know it makes for a great shower, and what is it- thirty dollars? Something like that. If you have a wimpy showerhead get one of these and give it a try. I even bought one for a friend- these are one of the few "gadgets" that I've ever purchased that lived up to it's promise. Excellent product. ...more info
  • Best Showerhead Ever
    This is the second time I have purchased this shower head. I had it in my old place and it worked great! The water pressure stunk and this shower head delivered a wonderful shower. Now I have a new place and replaced the other shower heads with this one. I still have a wonderful shower with all kinds of good pressure. Isn't that what we all want?...more info
  • Great Showerhead
    The gym I belong to uses these showerheads and I have always appreciated them; great invigorating flow, yet a water-saver. So, purchased one for my home and have been getting the same terrific results at what I consider a very reasonable price....more info
  • Poor Performance
    I tried this showerhead because I have very low water pressure. After trying it for a week I replaced it with the original $5 showerhead that I had before because the Oxygenics Showerhead had worse pressure. It may work well in households with moderate pressure issues, but it did not work well for me....more info
  • A wonderful product

    I used one of these showerheads in a hotel once, and had to find one. This is absolutely the best low flow showerhead I have ever used. I highly recommend them!...more info
  • Without A Doubt....The Absolute Best!!
    Without A Doubt, this is the beset ShowerHead I have had in my home. Like others, I have a bathroom with low water pressure in the shower enclosure. On a very recent trip to Las Vegas, I was in 2 different hotels that had the Oxygenics shower head. I fell in love, captured the name, and immediately went to Amazon to find. After reading other reviews, I considered the Delta, but opted for this ShowerHead. My only concern will be what happens over the long term due to the terrribly hard water in my area. It will be interesting to see how gunked up it gets, and can be cleaned....more info
  • Great pressure but slightly noisy
    As others mention, if you have low pressure, this will fix it. The noise is a little loud but the pressure is awesome. ...more info
  • Showerhead works as desired
    I bought this showerhead to reduce consumption of water; there is a drought in our area of the country, and I can't control volume with the shower valve. This showerhead reduces volume very well. There is a plastic valve which can increase or decrease flow, so I can change it as desired during a shower.
    The one thing that bothered me initially about the showerhead was that the water comes out in a slightly harsh way -- it can even feel like slight stinging to the skin. However, I now see this as cleansing or washing better....more info
  • Great showerhead for low pressure
    Showerhead adjusts from low pressure pulse to high pressure, and works well at all pressures. One concern is that the venturi nozzle that allows it to have good velocity with low pressure also sucks in air and can get noisy - definitely much noisier than one of those rain-type showerheads! Overall a good value....more info
  • Works as described
    I have quite low water pressure and limited flow (about 1 1/2 faucets at a time). The shower head works as described, despite less than optimal conditions. It doesn't give beads of water hitting against you, but also doesn't spray around for me as another reviewer experienced. I have two - one gold and one silver for different showers....more info
  • Transformative
    We bought our first Oxygenics shower head a few years ago and have been so impressed by it that we gave two of them to our daughter and her family for Christmas. They are in the midst of rehabbing a house and the shower heads have completely transformed the experience in both of their showers. We also purchased the one I am reviewing now for use in our other shower. There is nothing negative to say about this product. It looks very sharp. It works exceedingly well, and it conserves water. To do so while still providing a powerful shower experience is amazing. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Increased my Water Pressure!
    I bought this item not because I wanted to save water, but because my house has pretty low pressure to begin with and I prefer to have high-pressure showers. It did the trick! It is very powerful and both my wife & I think it is a huge improvement over our previous showerhead. I do have to admit that it is a little odd though, because as you are getting a shower, your head thinks you are getting drenched, but the amount of water that is hitting you is actually pretty low. For instance, it takes longer to get a washcloth wet, even though it feels like it shouldn't. I know I'm not making much sense, but it's a difficult phenomenon to describe! All in all, this is much better than what I thought it was going to be and a wise purchase for us. The only thing that I'm concerned about is that we have hard water and that the oxygenating holes might fill with residue left from the water....more info
  • So Far, So Awsome...
    I keep the pressure on the well low, it helps with lowering the volume of water going into septic (a bit).Showers now feel soo good! Yes I know it is a relatively narrow stream of water but if you have low pressure, by choice or not, this makes it feel like a real shower! You can even effectively rinse out shampoo or conditioner from the scalp not just the hair. If you have low pressure you know what I'm talking about. Not perfect but it makes life better with low water pressure. I've tried three other shower heads, this is my favorite so far!!!...more info
  • great shower head
    it has great pressure and spray..very soothing feeling on the body easy to use and install....most pressure of any jet spray type head ive tried...more info
  • Nothing Like a Great shower!
    A friend recommended this product, and sure enough I love it! It is almost like a light massage in the shower, and for some reason my hair is fluffier after using it! Makes the shower fun....more info
  • over priced for the performance
    The shower head is adjustable from 0.5 gpm to 1.5 gpm. At 0.5gpm - it's hard to get wet. At 1.5gpm - it uses the same amount of water (I measured) as the low-flow shower head I got at my corner hardware store for $6, but the spray is not as nice. And for some reason, this shower head that is marketed as 'low-flow, energy saving' etc. is missing a shutoff valve. ...more info
  • We love these shower heads
    Oxygenics SkinCare Showerhead, Chrome #60120

    I love a shower head that puts out a strong spray and have tried several different types, but have found none I like better than these. We have them in our home (where we have good water pressure and city water) and in our lake cottage (where we have weak water pressure and are on a well), and they work great in both situations. I even take one with me when we go to Florida and stay in a rented condo for a couple of months in the winter. Our son visited, and loved it so much that he now has one, and we have had other guests as well who have done the same thing. If you love a good strong, but comfortable, shower, no matter what your water pressure situation is, this is a great product....more info
  • Oxygenics Shower Head
    I bought this shower head to replace the standard head that came with the house, which is just too sparce of a spray.
    Initially, the Oxygenics spray felt too forcefull and stung a little like being on a speedboat in the rain. Unfortunately, our shower hardware does not allow you to turn down the pressure without turning the water colder. Also, I didn't feel I was getting a good soak. Immediately after a shower, it seemed I had already toweled off somewhat compared to my standard shower head.
    It may be worth a try if your hardware allows you to turn the pressure down while maintaining a hot shower. Otherwise, I'd try something else....more info
  • $12 waisted on shipping
    I was very disappointed in this product. It does, indeed increase the pressure, but less water is used. The result is a sharp mist. The farther away you are from the shower head, the worse it is. I could barely get the soap rinsed off of my legs. Returned it....more info
  • Overall am impressed
    I bought this showerhead to replace my current low flow showerhead. I am happy with it overall, however it is a bit on the loud side. I don't think it is quite a 747 in volume, however I do have to turn the radio louder. Also, I have noticed that I need to turn the water hotter. Overall I think it's a good showerhead and would recommend it though....more info
  • Works as advertised
    As was stated in other reviews, this shower head is in fact louder than other shower heads. So much so that it is hard to hear my shower radio, even turning it up a little. However, with the fact that it is using only 2.5 gallons per minute and the feeling of higher water pressure than I felt with the old shower head, I think I can put up with the noise. It also helps me rationalize those long showers....more info
  • oxygenic showerhead
    I think the product is excellent. It is my second. The first one became someswhat clogged up on account of hard water in the wells here. ...more info
  • Not the best shower head
    I was excited about this showerhead after reading up on it through the company website but was dissapointed with it's performance. The way the waters feels through the oxygen system isn't to my liking, but I guess it's just personal preference. One thing that I really didn't like was the fact I wrote the company about an exchange and never heard back from them....more info
  • Save Water & Luxuriate
    Bought 3 of these for home on St. Croix (cistern water source) I just sent 4 of them down to friends in Nicaragua (where there's no water pressure. They said it's heaven. I am too oblivious with regards to the oxygen thing. I just know the product creates luxuriant water pressure (Without stinging needle spray), has never clogged and saves water which is rare on St. Croix(water that is)....more info
  • Best Showerhead Ever!
    I now have 2 of these showerheads and they are superior to anything I can find locally (Well, they used to be sold at Sharper Image before the chain went under).

    The showerhead isn't fancy, it is just really really strong. Like, I don't need a washcloth anymore strong. If you like a powerful shower and don't want to waste gallons of water taking it, this product is for you. ...more info
  • This thing is great
    If you have low water pressure in your home, this is what you need. It turns a dribble of water into a power washer. I've had one for about 7 years. Looks nice and is easy to adjust. ...more info


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