Taylor 7329 Electronic Lithium Scale

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Product Description


  • 1" LCD readout
  • Easy to clean black mat with silver platform
  • Accurate to 330lbs by .2 lb. increments
  • Instant on-auto zero
  • Long life Lithium battery included

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Scale
    I am very happy with this purchase. It does the job and I like that you can jump right on it rather than doing a tap first. As far as the weight fluctuating thing. It's good to keep in mind that your body weight naturally fluctuates through out the day and can be as much as five pounds. The best thing to do is to weigh yourself every day at the same time. The most accurate body weight is when you first wake up. There is no need to keep weighing yourself several times a day. I would recommend. It is very stylish and blends in with the bathroom decor. ...more info
    Simply it does all the things a scale is supposed to do. Reliable and takes a licking from bumps.
    Good product...more info
  • Bathroom Scales
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom. She enjoys the easy-read digital display. She seems pleased with them so far!...more info
  • Lithium Scale...
    It's really awesome.. and so accurate..
    And I guess it's kind of a lucky charm.. I dropped some 20 pounds in two month since getting it :-)...more info
    I hate to be a party pooper but this scale was not consistent at all.
    I tried it 7 different days and got fed up with the fact that it's readings would be all over the place. One time for example the reading was more than 5 lbs different from the previous use. Yes I calibrated it before each use. Because it never gave consistent readings I say it is not accurate. I don't think I am being too hard but I expect much closer readings than it had. It is very small but I knew that and that didn't affect my rating.

    I returned it an bought a Tanita HD 351 here and am quite happy with it.
    However it is nearly 4 times the price of this one which may lose it a lot of sales. But as the old saw goes you get what you pay for. Mostly.

    I am happy for those that like the Taylor, that's terrific. Unfortunately the one I received was not worth a higher rating.

    ...more info
  • Love this scale
    I just love this scale. It's accurate with easy to read large, digital numbers. I have hardwood floors so I haven't tried it on any other surfaces....more info
  • Not very accurate
    Maybe I got a bad scale but mine was not accurate at all. You could weigh and then weigh again and the weight would vary by at least 5 lbs. Maybe the other reviewers who found it accurate are smaller people but at my weight (210 lbs) the accuracy was not good. I returned this item....more info
  • Nice stylish scale with large readout
    We bought this scale as a basic bathroom scale for adults. In general, we like it.

    * Stylish construction
    * Large digits are easy to read
    * Calibration is simple and fast

    * Although the top surface seems like strong metal, the bottom feet that actually do the weighing are plastic and feel cheap. That said, we've never had a problem with the feet.
    * Scale needs to be recalibrated every time you move it. Recalibration is very easy and fast (you simply tap the scale and let it adjust itself), so it shouldn't be a problem. But if you move it often, just be aware that you'll need to recalibrate....more info
  • Super Accurate
    I bought this scale after I realized my old HealthOMeter dial scale was off by as much as 30 pounds! It is incredibly, scary accurate. I can stand on it 10 times in a row and get the same weight each time. I love it and it really lets me know how I'm doing with my weight loss since it measures to the nearest .2 of a pound. I love it and feel that it was a great value as well being of great quality....more info
  • Worthless
    When I first got it it looked to be a good buy for the money. Worked well for about a month before breaking. It just stopped working one day. I did not drop it or otherwise cause damage to it that I know of. It worked one day, the next it didn't. Now all it displays is either "0.0" or "Err". Save your money avoid this scale....more info
  • works fine
    scale is pretty light, so easy to move around. It does need to be on a hard surface to work. It would give you an error if set on a carpeted surface. It's not the most fancy looking scale, but it'll be fine for the bathroom. The lithium battery is included. I would prefer the reading field and number to be bigger since I'm nearsighted. ...more info
  • No battery included and absent customer support
    Item arrived with no battery even though the box says one is included. Manufacturer customer support is not responsive....more info
  • Repeatability
    Seems accurate, but the best characteristic is that it is dead on repeatable. Our last scale would vary by up to 2 lbs depending on where you stood. This one always displays the same weight no matter where you stand.
    A good basic scale without a lot of useless bells and whistles.
    ...more info
  • Very good
    I went on it several times and it show the same weight (sometimes some weights are always off by 3-5 lbs.) It is very light-weight to carry and perfect size to fit any where in any rooms. Also, very thin which you can put upright against a wall to hind it away for company. Great scale, highly recommend....more info
  • it is not that accurate..
    It is not accurate, just step up 3 times or more, and you will fine they will be different....more info


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