Philips Avent 8oz Tempo Nurser

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Product Description

The new Avent Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser gives you the assurance of healthy bottle feeding for baby with the simplicity and convenience of disposable, pre-sterilized, pre-formed liners. Reduces colic; liner collapses to reduce air ingestion, spit-up, and gas Promotes healthy, active feeding Works with baby's natural feeding rhythm Easy to alternate between breast and bottle Uses same natural shape nipple as the Avent Natural Feeding Bottle For use with Tempo Wide Pre-formed Liners Includes: 1 - 4 oz. Tempo Nurser 1- Naturally shaped silicone nipple - Slow flow 6 - Pre-sterilized Tempo liners The AVENT Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser works with baby's own natural feeding rhythm to promote healthy, active feeding and reduce colic. With the Tempo Nurser, baby controls milk flow more like breastfeeding, which can help reduce the risk of overeating and spit-up. As baby drinks, the liner collapses to keep air out of baby's tummy. Less air means less gas and colic, so feeding is more comfortable for baby. The Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser uses the same soft, naturally shaped Nipple as all other Avent products which encourages proper latch-on, making it easier for baby to alternate between breast and bottle feeding.

  • Works with baby's own natural feeding rythm
  • Promotes healthier, active feeding
  • Softer, Naturally Shaped Nipple
  • Reduces Colic
  • 6 wide shaped, pre-formed, disposable liners included

Customer Reviews:

  • Avent Tempo
    I love this bottle, it is so much easier to fill with one hand (all us moms know how important that is)! This should have been available long before now. I have lots of the older Avent disposable bottles, and the liners are a pain in the neck to try to get in and filled(impossible to do with one hand)!LOve this bottle!...more info
    I guess that this bottle is ok for home use, or maybe a trip to the store, but if you travel extensively it STINKS for the following reasons:

    Extra caps are not available, so you have to wash the cap before next use (No fun on a plane or in a public restroom with all the germs about...not to mention having to wash it several times on the NY to Bangkok flight).
    The bottle is bulkier than the old Avent Disposable System bottle and it won't fit into the mesh holder in my diaper bag (I could buy another diaper bag, but that would be inconvenient).
    Having no cap at the bottom makes it very easy to crush/crack the bottle (I cracked my Tempo bottle by dropping my diaper bag going through airport security).
    The liners are bulky and take up too much room in my diaper bag/carry on luggage and have to be removed from the box and transferred to a ziplock bag to keep them clean.
    Can't pre-load the drop-in bags with formula to save space in diaper bag/carry on luggage (have to buy the more expensive formula stick packs or deal with the formula dispenser or fun!).

    I wish that Avent would not have discontinued the Disposable System as this product was actually convenient for travel use. Fortunately, Rite Aid makes bags that fit the Disposable System, so I can continue to use my Disposable System during my son's toddler years as a sippy to keep him tidy when we travel....more info
  • Great Bottle
    After hearing about BPA, I worried about my daughters bottles. I tried several, but the only one she seemed to enjoy was the AVENT TEMPO because of it's "similar to mom" nipple. The liners are great for reducing gas, hygiene & are practical. ...more info
  • Did not think they could get better
    I used the original Avent with my son 5 years ago. I now use them the tempo and love them. The best is my husband finds them so easy....more info
  • Great system compatible with the rest of advent line
    My child has been using the clear hard plastic advent bottle since birth. He had used the slow flow nipple and changed through all 4 nipple stages. It has been a pain to clean 5+ bottles a day. With this new system: all I have to do is clean the nipple and the screw on lid. The liners are disposabel. TRAVELLING is a CINCH, On my two weeks vacation, all I have to carry is 2 tempo nurser and as 5 nipples, bottle liners and 2 sippees attachment. All I have to do is wash the attachments at night. BTW, the sipee ad on works with the system if you remove the no spill guard. In case you asked- why didn't I use other travel son would not feed on the evenflo and various brand nipples....more info
  • 3.5 Stars; docked for not fitting on their Isis Pumps!
    I've used Avent for a decade, since the birth of my first child. Baby #4 is now being introduced to the bottle for when I have to go back to work, and so far, he hates the choices thus far (Breastflow & Avent's Tempo). He doesn't like any pacifier either, so obviously it's a breast vs. bottle thing going on.


    As I was saying, I've used Avent products for years (the Isis Duo electric pump *rocks*, as does the handheld manual) without difficulty. Clean-up, easy and I've never needed a bottle brush due to the wide nipple (my pinky tip fits in), and the wide bottle. I've had occasional "leaks" from the bottle, (the older Avent nurser model); this bottle hasn't leaked at all. Generally the leaks (nurser-style or regular bottle) were due to user-error (the cap not twisted on properly kind of thing). As with any bottle, one has to be certain all the parts are on properly.

    However... The reason why I'm docking Tempo is due to the fact that it does not fit Avent's breast pump attachments. The extremely expensive pump I bought (in 2005 when the Isis Duo first came out) requires me to use either the Avent bottles or the older style nurser bottle with a Lansinoh storage bag (which I'd *almost* thrown out, the older bottle, not the fabulous storage bags). What's up with this??? Why have a product that doesn't integrate with one of the most important aspects of baby feeding?

    (And if anyone out there knows of a way to fit the Tempo to the Isis pump, I would *love* to hear it.)

    Other than that, if you are contemplating whether to purchase this product or not, it does the job, is relatively inexpensive (compared to Born Free, Adiri, etc.), and providing your baby takes to it, I'd say go ahead. :-)...more info
  • Love these Bottles + Contacted manufacture regarding BPA after reading a review
    I contacted the manuafacture about the BPA -espcially after reading one review on this site. They informed me that yes the base of the bottle and the base only - contains BPA but the nipple, liners and nipple ring or holder does NOT contain BPA. Anything that the formula touches does NOT contain BPA. So the choice is the consumer. I do not heat formula in my bottles I use the powder version so the formula is always at room temp - that's just quicker and easier for me.

    The best part about these bottles is they do not leak like the regular bottles. As a matter of fact after contacting the manufacture and letting them know about the leakage problem they are replacing all my current bottles with this version for FREE and I didn't even ask. Can't get better customer service then that.

    Bottom line is to have all the facts not just some one's opinion before buying a product. ...more info