Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia by Fun Unlimited Inc. - 30 Count Assorted Flavors
Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia by Fun Unlimited Inc. - 30 Count Assorted Flavors

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Product Description

Power-Pops is a great tasting gourmet lollipop that gives you energy and helps you lose weight! B6,B12, Hoodia,guarana,supercitrimax and l-tyrosine. Diabetics can even use too. children too. Obesity has just overtaken smoking as the number one preventable disease! Order yours today

  • If there was a great tasting "gourmet lolli-pop would you use it?
  • Fun,enjoyable,lollipop,delicious,satisfying
  • change the candy you eat and fill full! takes away the afternoon sugar blahs
  • Try it for 5 days and see why you will love them! FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $35.00
  • helps you drink more water and therefore you are healthier

Customer Reviews:

  • Great flavors
    Love the flavors--they keep me from getting bored. The texture could be a bit more smooth. ...more info
  • Great for appetite control, but have not lost any weight yet.
    I have had these for three weeks. They seem to really curb my hunger and they last a really long time, but so far I have not noticed much of a weight loss. I like most of the flavors but a few of them were awful. I did order two more bags to give them a chance, but this time I ordered from another source so I could pick out the flavors that I wanted...only saw the assortment at Amazon. I am buying them just for the fact that they last so long and they keep me from munching. I should eventually lose weight from that one benefit alone....more info
  • We'll see (ingredients are definitely misleading)
    I just received this product and popped a pop immediately---I know hoodia works and if you hate to take pills (like I do) then I thought this was a great alternative.

    They taste great. I tried the rootbeer. Tasted like any rootbeer pop I've ever had.

    It lasted 40 minutes---great!

    It is a little bit gritty---I guess that's the ground up hoodia because you can see flecks of it in the pop. You don't really care as you lick it, doesn't seem like a big deal---except after 40 minutes, uhhh---yes---your mouth starts feeling it. Let's put it this way, I probably can't lick another one until this evening or tomorrow. It's not painful, but you are aware that your mouth is getting a little rough.

    I would think they could do a better job with getting it smooth.

    Here are the ingredients which are a little bit misleading. Guarana (what is that), L-tryosine, Citromax, Hoodia, Vitamin b12, Corn syrup, sugar, natural colors and flavors. Now this is disappointing because I thought it was going to be just or mainly hoodia and I know hoodia is all natural. It says the pops are all natural, but I don't know what these other things are.

    I am giving it 3 stars because I really like the idea of a lollipop and it tasted exactly like one. No aftertaste. They do taste good, I would eat another one right now if I wasn't afraid it would make my mouth too raw. Hoodia works, I know that, and this method of delivery is a lot better for me! But I am troubled by the other ingredients---I don't think I would have bought it if I had known it's not a whole hoodia pop. I have ordered them now, so I will give them a try, but I think it is definitely misleading. Now I have to go figure out what I just ate.

    I'll be back with an update.

    ...more info
  • Taste good, not really takes my hunger away
    Well, this product taste good, but I really doesnt see any change on my apetite, they are great like a free-gulty snack, but expensive...
    But I said everybody is diferent, maybe it wasnt the product for me....more info
  • Satisfies sweet cravings
    These pops taste better than you'd expect; I particularly like the cherry, watermelon, and pink lemonade flavors. The other flavors are Green Apple, Pina Colada, Rootbeer Float, Cinnamon, and Butter Pecan. They all taste good to me, and I'm pretty picky. They definitely help in a big way if you're trying to diet or watch what you eat.

    If you're a "bored eater," who snacks late at night or when watching tv (like me!) I highly recommend getting these... they satisfy the urge to snack, and at under 30 calories each you can do so without feeling guilty later. They also take a nice long time to finish, longer than say, a Tootsie pop, so the activity of eating one is satisfying.

    My only complaint is that the consistency of the pops is a little rough, which can make your mouth feel kind of raw if you eat too aggressively. I'd compare it to how a sour gummy candy, like Sour Patch Kids, can sometimes leave your mouth feeling sensitive afterwards. I also wish you could specifically buy flavors you like, rather than a large 30 pack... but I suspect that will happen if more people start buying them! So buy away!

    ...more info
  • fash shipping!
    Not sure if the product does what it claims, but it did help with that occasional sweet tooth. I guess for the price I'd try to find a sugarless candy to do the same thing, still they were shipped fast and they tasted pretty good!...more info
  • power Pops
    The pops taste great. I don't know if they actually work because I was able to eat only one. It aggravated my acid reflux. I would recommend that anyone with acid reflux not eat them. ...more info
  • multi-purpose craving curb
    Someone once told me that a good aid for quitting smoking is lollipops. The nice thing about these things is that they have very few calories, hence helping to curb any side-effect weight gain from eating lollipops when having a craving.

    They also taste really good. I've enjoyed all the flavors so far, especially Pink Lemonade and White Chocolate...more info
  • tasty little things!
    They're greeeeat! They do curb your cravings IF you are drinking water throughout the whole day with it. Typically, you should be drinking 1/2 of your weight in ounces everyday anyway, which will make you feel better over all, including not feeling as hungry. But one day I noticed (an hour before lunch) that having one of these pops was like popping an Aderol! Holy cow the energy I had was impeccible! I was focused, I was awake and it was fun! That is, if you like feeling like that. I haven't had that buzz since but I'm not eating the power pops as much as I did before- just trying to conserve them! I recommend this product to those who love to drink water!...more info
  • Did not work for me.
    I guess it is true that every body is different because this product surely did not work for me - not at all....more info


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