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The Firm Sculpting Ball is a great add-on tool to enhance your regular exercise routine. The soft, pliable ball is easy to grip and a safe and simple alternative to clunky and unruly dumbbells. Plus you can build strength, tone your muscles, and shape your body without having to travel to a gym or investing in expensive weight training equipment. Each Sculpting Ball package comes with a thirty-minute video to get you started on your home workouts. Color-coded by weight, this pink ball weighs four pounds.

About The Firm
It all began in 1979 when The Firm Studio opened in South Carolina. By combining cardio and weight training, The Firm recognized that people could burn fat, build muscle, and get the bodies they wanted safely, effectively, and quickly. This cardio-plus-body-sculpting fitness hybrid--called Synergy Training--formed the basis for The Firm method then and is still central to The Firm philosophy today. It didn't take long for fitness enthusiasts to catch on, and The Firm was off and running.

When The Firm decided to share their successful method with people who were unable to travel to the Studio, the at-home workout series was born. The Firm received glowing reviews and top professional awards from the very start. Since then, The Firm has sold more than ten million workouts. Today, The Firm mission is to continue researching and creating superior fitness techniques and products for reshaping and toning the body.

  • Core training
  • Tone and sculpt
  • Low impact
  • Great workout
  • Includes sculpting ball and DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • good itme
    I like it is what I expected. the ball is good and the video that comes with the ball make a good combination....more info
  • Short and sweaty
    like one of the reviewers said before, it looks fairly easy, but it turns out to be quiet hard. It's a good 30 minute workout and I really enjoyed it. It feels like I used muscles that I don't use with my other weight workouts.
    I bought the medium sized ball and I think that was a good choice, not too heavy and not too light....more info
  • good but not best
    As one would expect from the Firm this is an effective total body workout. I would have liked to be more challenged with respect to cardio however, for a 30 minute workout it is very good....more info
  • Tough Workout
    Although quick, using the 8 pound ball proves to be a tough short workout....more info
    Sorry to give such a bad review but I can't in good conscience give a better one. I did this workout one time with the 8 lb. ball and have not been able to do any kind of exercise since. I am entering my second week of taking pain killers for my messed-up lower back. There are several segments (including ab work) where the ball is held with straight arms and moved from the down position to up over the head as well as twisting side-to-side. While doing these moves, I kept thinking that they really did not seem sound for that much weight. Sure enough by that evening I was dying! Perhaps they'd be ok if you used the lightest weight ball. I am in good shape and have actually been doing the P90X extreme workouts. I am accustomed to using 20-40 lb. weights and do Tae Kwon Do and I do not have any back problems. I snatched this up when I finally found it for a good price and did it on an off day. Just be forewarned-it is really easy to hurt your back with this workout. I LOVE ALL the other Firm workouts but will never do this one again. Additionally, when I received this from Amazon the ball was misshapen & the DVD case was broken from the weight of the ball. They immediately sent a replacement which was damaged in exactly the same way....more info
  • Fantastic! Great! Wonderful! Love it, love it, love it!
    I did the workout (with the 6-lb. ball) and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! The moves were easy enough to follow and Tina's cueing is very good. It's a great workout for when you want a light/fun/different/relaxing workout with a bit of resistance. The workout is extremely well-choreographed and it effectively works out your entire body. The high, but not too high, impact sections (plyo jumps, skaters, and jumping jacks) are just right and my core gets worked out throughout. Doing the workouts in the mornings (with the 4-lb. ball and no impact (so as not to disturb my downstairs neighbor)) has been a great way for me to bring myself to fully awake after a good night's sleep. I ordered this workout (with the 4-lb. ball) for a friend, and she likes it, too! I look forward to doing this workout time and time and time again. Great! Great! Great!...more info
    This item certainly did not disappoint! After using it the first time, I knew it meant business. My arms firmed up immediately and after just one use I saw a difference in my body. You don't think 6lbs is heavy until your working with it for 30 minutes straight. I love the fact that the workout is quick, yet challenging. You start doing this workout on a consistent basis AND YOUR BODY WILL CHANGE! I made a commitment to work out vigorously 4-5 days a week, and this sculpting ball is great when I have a crunch for time.

    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage people (particularly women) who are like me - mother of two under the age of 8, full time worker (swing shift), taking 18 units in my senior year in college, and thus a bit "chubby" - to take control of your life and start doing what makes you the most happy. I wasn't happy going into Forever 21 and not finding anything that could fit me. I wasn't happy either in Lane Bryant!! I have 60 pounds to loose, but with commitment and dedication, I am determined to do it. I bought this, Tae-bo Amped (!), and The Firm - and they all work! You just have to buckle down and do them! I have every excuse in the world not to exercise (including a torn MCL in my knee), but I can't be a good mother, a good wife, or a good person if I don't feel any inner joy in my soul knowing that I don't feel good about myself. This is why I took this step to reclaim my life, I hope any person looking for hope does the same. I have been working out since mid March and my husband says my face is getting thinner and my pants are loosening up. I know by the time we take our cruise in September I am going to be in a bikini! My words of encouragement are this: do it, commit to it, and GO HARD. Even if it means the dishes may stay dirty a little longer, or the house may be a little cluttered. It's better than living life depressed and self-conscious. I urge everyone that is reading this to TAKE CONTROL.


    A Mom Who's Doing It!!!...more info
  • Depends on what you're looking for...
    I exercise regularly and eat a pretty healthy diet (85% vegan with occasional dairy), I'm a 37-year-old mother, and I'm fighting the battle of the bulge. I got this because it was only a 30-minute workout, which is something I can squeeze into my schedule. This workout moves pretty fast and it took me a couple of times to get the actual moves. You have to have some aerobic experience to pick up on the routine and the form. There are moderate levels of intensity, which the instructor demonstrates and you can follow other exercisers behind her. I never really got to mastering the video because I sort of gave up, opting for simpler routines.

    It depends on what you're looking for and what type of exercise you enjoy. If I don't enjoy it and look forward to it, I won't continue to do it. I struggled with this a little and I also felt it was too 'young' for me. I'm not looking for a 'hard-core' body. I just wanted some variety. I still pull this out once or twice a month for a change in my routine.

    I was sore after each time I did this. I got the 4-pound ball and found it challenging enough for me. It was great for getting my heart rate up, and I still use the ball in other routines. I really felt muscle soreness in my thighs and shoulders, and it was strenuous on my back, but you can avoid back strain if you maintain proper spinal alingment (with the butt tucked and squeezed.)

    I gave this a 3 only because it isn't a workout that I look forward to doing and, to be honest, it's difficult in that it's probably geard toward someone at a higher fitness level than me, or perhaps someone used to going to aerobic classes. My primary exercise all summer was walking/jogging with a jogging stroller at intervals, about 3 to 5 miles a day 5 days a week. The workout in and of itself would probably be a great workout if you're looking for an advanced workout at a higher intensity. It probably isn't for a beginner. ...more info
  • Not bad at all!
    I did this workout with a 10-pound kettlebell and it was great. I would give it 5 stars if the ab section was just a little longer. But for a 30-minute workout this was nicely intense....more info
  • Great Product
    This product is very neat, and it's great quality. The shipping was fast, and I'm very satisfied with my purchase!...more info
  • Great workout, great price
    This is a great 30 minute workout. I have all of the firm sculpting system workouts and I love this addition. It works you out just as well as the hour long videos, but is a great way to add a new challenge to your workouts. I have the sculpting ball too and together I love them!...more info
  • Firm Sculpting Ball Review
    I am a BIG Firm Fan. I have been using their videos and DVDs for approximately 10 years. I had high hopes for this workout, as I was looking for something different from the tradional Firm step format. Unfortunately I have to report that I was disappointed. When I did the workout, I did break a sweat. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into it and found myself looking at the display counter to see how much longer till the workout was over. It is conventient when I go away as the only pieces of equipment I need to bring are the ball and DVD. But aside from when I travel, the DVD does little more than collect dust on my shelf. ...more info
  • Tougher Than It Looks - Watch the Back
    This workout appears to be deceptively easy, but I worked up a sweat doing it. I liked the instructor, Tina Smalley, and thought she did a great job of cuing. This workout was a nice change of pace and was relatively easy to follow. My only hesitation is that each of the times that I've done this workout, I've felt a strain in my admittedly sensitive back. Be careful!...more info
  • Terrible Workout
    This is my 1st time ordering a FIRM product, and I was happy that the workout is only 30 minutes long. I was very disappointed with the DVD, the instructor is going so fast with the warm up, the cues are awful. But when she gets to the workout she slows down. I sent this back because I knew I could not do this workout....more info
  • OW!
    I bought this from a different vendor and started working out with it immediately, interspersing it with my usual cardio workouts. I usually lift weights, have no prior injuries, and consider myself in pretty good shape as well as pretty used to working out and using proper form (I played a college sport, etc.). After a couple days of using this product my neck and shoulders started spasming and were so stiff that I could barely move them regularly. It was clearly not from the amount of weight since i am used to using much heavier (free weights included). Perhaps I was doing the exercises incorrectly, but that seems like a real risk with a video like this. ...more info
  • A challenging work out depending what ball you use
    When it comes to working out, I do it regularly, however I made the mistake of not starting out light and working my way to a heavier ball. I started with the 6 pound ball and that was extremely challenging for me. I was sweating bullets by the time the work out is done.

    I have ordered the 4 pound ball and will start with that until the 4 pound becomes too easy for me to use.

    Overall its a very good workout, and challenges all your core muscles to the max. ...more info
  • Really good workout for core as well as cardio
    I Loved this workout it really got the heart rate up and gave me a good cardio workout as well as toning. For those who said it hurt their back or neck you have to roll your shoulders back and down and relax your neck also you have to have your abs tight throughout the whole workout or you will strain your back. I will rotate this workout it's Great!...more info
  • Better than I expected!
    I decided to take a chance on another Firm video after the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout with Allison. I would dread the workout because it was so long, and I wanted something shorter, more challenging, and with less flailing and hopping around. The sculpting ball workout was the answer.

    I only bought the 6-pound ball because I didn't want to overdo it, and I wanted to be able to make it through the workout with the ball. It definitely has toned and shaped my arms, back, abs, and thigh. I do it twice a week, alternating with cardio on the elliptical trainer twice a week, and also pilates twice a week. I was doing the elliptical and pilates for a while, so I could definitely see a difference after adding this workout!...more info
  • 8 pound sculpting ball
    A great addition to a home workout kit. Perfect for core work. It will definitely take your ab workout to the next level! I love the 8 pound ball. :)...more info
  • Packs a punch in 30 minutes!
    I really enjoyed this workout. Whatever ball weight you choose, you'll get a solid complete upper body workout. It targets everything from the arms, abs & core, back & chest. In fact, the ab section at the end is excellent. I really feel it with the weighted ball. Be advised, there isn't much for the lower body; but it's fun & Tina cues very well. Even if you're experienced at sculpting workouts, you'll be surprised how heavy 6 or 8 lbs really can be. There's something here for all levels.

    It's only 30 minutes; but you'll sweat & burn calories. It's great if you're short on time or want to use it as an add-on. The ball works you differently than traditional dumbbells and that's great for muscle confusion. It will help you continue to see results.

    I gave it 4 stars for very minor reasons. One, while 30 is nice for the reasons I stated, I really would have preferred it to be 40-45 minutes. Also it would have been great if the ab section at the end could have been chaptered so it would easy to add on to another video or use in place of another workout's ab section. (Be careful if you sweat like crazy--that would be me--you may have a hard time holding it between your knees during this section)

    ...more info
  • Not your usual FIRM workout, but still very good
    I am sort of a workout junkie, to be more specific, a "FIRM" workout junkie. I like how intense the FIRM is, and I sort of look for that in the workouts that I do. Now this workout is good, not as intense as the TransFIRMer workouts that were just out. Don't get me wrong: I have the 6lb ball, and you use it for 90% of the workout. At the end, I was definately ready to put it down, so it did work me out.
    Pros: Different change of pace using the ball; lots of moves that strengthen your core; a fun and different stretch at the end using the ball; Tina Smalley is a precise leader that is easy to follow.
    Cons: I miss the old FIRM master instructors that were in all the other videos. Just Allie and Allison were in this one. They didn't even introduce the others. There was no changes in weight, which used to be the way to spot an "ineffective workout" according to the "old" FIRM tapes. And lastly, In my humble opinion, the ball is a little gimicky. ...more info
  • Time & Money Well Spent!
    This workout is short but you will feel "worked out" when done. Tina cues well and the workout flows very smoothly. No awkward transitions. The ball is used for both total body toning and 4 limb cardio. Your core and abs get a great workout too with both traditional and functional moves. I enjoyed the change of using the ball instead of dumbells. Definitely "shocked" the muscles!...more info


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