Newair AH-210E Remote Controlled Electric Heater with Ionizer

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The NewAir AH-210E space heater offers oscillating heat and ionic air purification combined with stylish European design. It also features a high quality LCD screen which displays the current room temperature, the desired temperature setting, as well as many other features which can all be set and controlled by remote control! This versatile heater uses standard household electric outlets and consumes 750 watts on the low setting or 1500 watts on the high setting. You can opt to have the heater oscillate to disperse the warmth over a wider area or it can be focused in a single direction for constant output to a selected area. The design features of this heater makes it an excellent option for anyone who needs a heater that can move with them from room to room a the aluminum core construction lightens the overall weight (just 7.7 pounds!) and helps to keep the noise from the motor to a minimum, while the integrated carrying handle blends in beautifully with the overall profile. The NewAir AH-210Eas low profile base provides excellent stability for the heater and gives you peace of mind by featuring a built in tip-over switch.

Customer Reviews:
  • No Good
    I ordered 2 of these units for my kids' rooms. The first one was cracked when I opened the box. The second one had a missing On/Off button. They sent me 2 new ones...First one was cracked from the bottom up and on the second one the screen was pulled out from the unit...definitely a safety hazard for my kids. I have requested a full refund. I won't try another one of these. We'll see what happens!...more info
  • Acceptable
    I use this heater in an enclosed section of my shop that is 7X20'. It takes longer than I would have expected to bring the temp up to 68/70 degrees. After the temp is up it does an acceptable job in maintaining the heat. I would buy a unit that has a stronger fan next time....more info
  • Poor quality - nice design
    Ordered two of these - shipped separately via Fedex. One would not even power up (missing the rear power button) and the other had scrambled LCD controls and locked out. Both had plastic fragments rattling inside, which fell out the bottom. Customer service promptly replaced them with two other units that actually functioned but still had plastic fragments coming out of one and a loud fan on the other. No indications of UL approval. I've been told I will get a full refund. Too bad, I really liked the design....more info
  • My Favorite Heater Ever!
    Needed something to warm up my chilly bedroom. This heater was the perfect match. Oscillating feature heats everything up evenly and timer allows me to set a time for it to shut off after I go to bed.

    The auto shut off tip-over switch at the base is nice safety feature. If the unit falls over, it will turn off automatically. You need to remember to put unit on a hard enough surface to keep it from engaging though....more info