Fisher Price - Laugh & Learn Learning Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

This Vacuum has three modes of play, allowing Baby to role play in Learning, Music and Imagination Modes. In Learning Mode, your child will learn things like opposites, actions and objects through fun songs and activities. Music Mode will get Baby moving with instrumental songs and musical ditties. And in Imagination Mode, your child will hear realistic vacuum sounds and unique sound effects for each activity. Spinning vacuum globe is activated as baby walks around the floor or bats at it with her hand. Requires 3 "AA" batteries, included. Measures approximately 25".

  • 3 modes of play allow baby to role play in Learning, Music and Imagination Modes
  • In learning mode baby will learn things like opposites, actions and objects through great sung songs and appropriate activites
  • Spinning vacuum globe is acivated as baby walks around the floor or bats at it with their hand
Customer Reviews:
  • My little one doesn't play with it at all.
    My youngest had gotten this for her birthday but even though its cute she hasn't played with it yet. It is kinda short considering her age and the age you would expect a child to want to play with this sort of toy. In fact, she's gotten it only in September and I can't even find it in the house. She probably shoved it in the back of her toybox. If you have to make a choice between the vacuum or lawn mower...pick the lawnmower. It does seem like it is made well but if your child doesn't play with it, it doesn't really matter that much....more info
  • Fisher Price Vacuum
    Very Cute. Teaches alphabet and numbers with songs. Bought it for my yr old granddaughter for Christmas....more info
  • Ok for young toddlers but won't grow with them
    I have 3 kids. They are ages 4,2, and 8mo. This toy is way too short and unrealistic for my 4yr. old. My 2yr. plays with the buttons and rotating part but only occasionally. She would rather play with my real vaccum than pretend with this one. My 8mo. loves it for the bright colors. Having 3 kids, I always look for toys that will grow with them. This one is a big disappointment. Its too small and doesn't promote creative play. I can get a Leap Frog toy that will do the same things as this one does for learning. I wish I had purchased the Fun and Magic Vac from Toys R Us for $19.99. Its much larger, solid construction, has beads in the center that move when its pushed, and makes a slight sound when moved....more info
    This is not worth the money. My daughter played with it for a day and that was it... it is not much fun at all. Not many features to play with....more info
  • Good but short
    I read all the reviews on this toy, and I have to agree, it is short. My daughter really likes it though. The only reason I bought it was because it was mark down from $20 to $7, and short or not she loves the vacuum....more info
  • Definitely Disappointing
    As other reviews mention, it doesn't stand up on its own which makes it difficult to store. My daughter is 10 months and she likes the songs and pushes it back and forth, but there really isn't anything exciting about the toy. ...more info
  • Good walking toy
    My daughter loves this silly vacuum. I like the fact that it has volume control. The songs are cute, the vacuum noise inoffensive (when at low volume). It's a great toy for a new walker; it encourages them to get up and move around, and practice walking. I can only hope it translates into a love of vacuuming in her near future.
    ...more info
  • Helped OVERCOME fear for autistic son
    Hi - well, we love this product. who cares if it stands up? it actually never occurred to me to be a problem, but it seems important to others. The only reason I bought a vacuum is because my autistic then 3 year old (now 3 1/2)son and my then infant - now 14 months were so afraid of the vacuum that I could not use it unless I hired someone to take them out of the house, or Daddy immediately took them out of the house as soon as he got home from work. The vacuum comes out ONLY when Mommy vacuums, and now after having this product since Christmas, my autistic son was vacuuming WITH ME - and even banging up against my machine, he was that close. That is so so so cool I had tears in my eyes. They have learned - how to help, how to value cleanliness, and how to conquer fear.

    If your children are afraid of the vacuum, I highly recommend this product. The small size was PERFECT because my 3 year old was so much bigger than the product--this son is 20% over the 100th percentile mark for his height, and it was proportioned to his body the same as my big Dyson is to me, and I'm 5'4".

    when Mommy's vacuum gets put in the closet, so does their vacuum. hooray for my brave boys! :)...more info
  • Hard to Hear to Laugh and Learn
    My daughter loves this. I have purchased so many of the Laugh and Learn items for her. I was a bit sad with this purchase. You cannot hear the toy-it almost sounds like it might have a bad speaker. Everything I have gotten is louder than this. She still loves to sweep the floor. It is just the right size for her to play house. I am going to contact Fisher Price to see if there might be a defect, because this is not the quality that I am used to with them....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    with extras! Not only does it make great vacuuming noises but also plays songs and the ABCs! Super cute and my 1 and 4 year olds love it!...more info
  • Great for Toddlers
    My 20 month old daughte loves this! She can't quite push it, but pulls it everywhere and loves to hear the music it plays. I would recommend it, but not sure it is worth full price. We paid $7.99 on a great Amazon Christmas sale and it is worth every penny of that!...more info
  • It's just O.K.
    My son got this for his 1st birthday, and it took him a couple of weeks to balance walking with it. I definitely think they should have made the handle to stay in an upright position rather than how they did. I definitely don't think he'll get a lot of use out if it because it is so small. He's only one and it's the perfect height for him now. I can't imagine he'd be able to use it in a year or so. ...more info
  • Bummer
    I like that this toy has volume control and the songs are cute. Unfortunately, the fact that it can only lay on the ground (the handle does not stand up) makes it a difficult toy to play with. I would not advise getting it for a child who can not walk well (and it is too short for kids who can walk well). In all, a bummer. ...more info
  • Fun for older kids too
    My 10 month old and three year old both play with this toy. Their favorite mode is the one what makes the vacuum sound when they move it. It has other play modes and sings songs, etc. I was a little skeptical of it, but when I saw it on sale here I decided to try it. It's much more fun than I would have thought. A lot of the reviews are negative because the handle can't be locked upright. That would be nice but I understand why they don't make it that way. My son isn't walking yet and it's easy for him to crawl over and start playing with it and pushing it. It it was locked upright he either couldn't reach the handle or would tip it over on himself....more info
  • Not what I had in mind
    I bought this for my daughter's 1st birthday last August. She loves our real vacuum so thought this would be great. She doesn't even play with it. I have the same complaint as another mom that the vacuum doesn't stay upright--truly annoying! It's just a colorful, noisy toy that looks like a vacuum. A few little things would probably make this toy more enjoyable.
    1) Have a extra setting that allows it to only make a vacuum noise
    2) Make the vacuum arm stationary and the whole thing balanced to be upright (there was never a need for the arm to recline)
    3) Add an extendable arm that can be locked in place as the child grows and a 5 inch oversized rubber socket end would be an added bonus that I know my baby would love ...more info
  • Disappointed :o(
    My son received this toy for his 1st birthday and the only thing that kept his interest was the spinning bit in the middle. He does not walk independently yet so he can not do much more with it.
    I was really disappointed that this toy does not stand upright on its own!
    The picture shows it standing upright and I thought mine was broken when the handle plonked to the floor. I was wrong and surprised that they could not include such a simple feature. This is basically useless unless your little one is a confident walker. (and likes vacuuming!)
    Out of all the toys this is the least played with. It takes up a lot of space unless I store it against the wall.
    My little one and I usually love Fisher Price toys but I felt they could have done more with this. I Hope my son finds it more interesting when he is older.
    I have it 2 stars for the middle spinny bit and the songs that are cute and catchy. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the little ones.
    My husband and I, bought this vacuum cleaner for my nephew for his 1st birthday. He loved it and still loves it at 2 years of age. Whenever, I bring my son over who is the same age, the two of them always fight for this vacuum.
    Others mentioned that the vacuum is too short for the their toddlers but not for our toddlers. Perfect size. It makes sounds and it sings. My nephew already knows the melodies. After one year of usage, none of the parts have broken....more info
  • NOT impressed with this Laugh and Learn product
    I like most of Fisher Price's Laugh and Learn products so I was very disappointed with this vacuum. I have similar complaints as the previous review:
    1) The height of the vacuum is VERY short. My daughter is 20 months and on the short side. She almost has to bend over to use it already. I don't know how they market this for up to 3 years of age. It would definitely be too small for a 3 year old.
    2) The big purple wheels in the back turn but there is this plastic molding that is in the shape of a wheel underneath the vacuum cleaner that doesn't turn at all. It just drags on the ground. So this would be ok if you use it on carpeting but on hardwood floor, it almost scrapes up the ground. I don't understand by they didn't make this front "wheel" actually spin too.
    3) The vacuum doesn't stay upright! It's a pain to store because I have to prop it up with something. If i don't, it just lays on the ground and takes up a lot of space. Everytime my daughter is playing with it, she has to bend all the way to the floor to get to the handle.
    4) There aren't many features to this at all. The only features are the on/off switch and the wheels/front part that spin and make music. There is this red knob and green spinning ball that do nothing at all.
    5) I don't know why this is called "Laugh and LEARN". There is really no learning. They sing the alphabet so fast that I can barely keep up, let alone a 2 year old.
    I haven't looked into any other toy vacuum cleaners but for the price of this, I would have expected it to do a lot more and have better features. ...more info
  • Cute, but small
    This vacuum is very cute and has realistic sounds along with its musical and learning modes. Two problems I have with it are:

    1) It's REALLY SMALL. My daughter is 18-months-old, of average height, and the handle is a little higher than her waist. I couldn't tell this before I bought it because of the way the thing is packaged. Had I known, I might have opted for a different vacuum.

    2) The handle doesn't stand up like a real vacuum, so the wheels always roll out to make it lay flat. Kind of a bummer, but I wish I could just store it in a corner like I do a real vacuum.

    One good thing is that it has a volume control, so it's not that loud....more info