WEN Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner - 16oz

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Product Description

Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for fine to medium textured hair. Its natural, astringent and antioxidant properties effectively cleanse while helping diminish excess oil in the scalp and rehydrate dry hair. As a leave-in conditioner, it adds volume and body and may be used as often as necessary to achieve exceptionally healthy, shiny hair.

Customer Reviews:

  • good product
    I love this cleansing conditioner. I have very fine hair and this works great my hair does not seem so flyaway or dry on the ends. Thank you from pinkbshoes...more info
  • supermom12
    This product works good at first, but as my daughter continued using it it started drying out her scalp that she ended up with a lot of flakes and she followed the directions very well. I do not recommend this product it is a waste of money....more info
  • expensive but awesome
    I was skeptical about no suds in the shampoo, but now I realize Chaz is right. Regular shampoo does strip your hair, leaving it staticky and flyaway in my case. Wen leaves enough moisture in the hair to bring out your natural curl. I have very fine hair that gets a slight, very slight, wave when it's dirty, and prefer this formula to the sweet almond mint, which leaves a waxy buildup on the hair. The aloe cucumber doesn't contain this wax--read the ingredients and see for yourself. Yes, I use less than the recommended twelve pumps or whatever it is, but this salve leaves my hair looking great. Several people asked me if I'd gotten a haircut the first day after using it, since my usually limp hair came alive with body. If you're washing your hair every day like most people do, it doesn't take much to keep it clean, just a little gloss. Also I like the time it saves in not having to condition. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great Product!
    The price is a bit out of my haircare budget, but I am very happy with the WEN conditioning shampoo. If it were a little more affordable I would definitely keep using it....more info
  • Great Customer Service!
    I was unlucky enough to order my product during the holiday season so my post office delivered it, then returned it when I wasn't there to pick it up. I sent a note to customer service at Chaz Dean and they were very helpful, re-sent the package at no cost to me, and I was able to enjoy this great product finally. Thank you....more info
  • Great Hair - Great Product!
    I first tried the Sweet Almond Mint conditioning shampoo based on the infomercial. I was very happy with that, however the Chaz Dean "system" was pricey and I always received the styling cream which I never used. So I started surfing and found that I could get just the shampoo AND there were different "flavors"! I bought the Cucumber Aloe to try out, since my scalp gets oily, but the rest of my straight, fine hair gets dry. I beleive I like the Cucumber Aloe even BETTER than the Sweet Almond Mint!
    Make sure you use enough of the product - I have shoulder length hair and use about 10 pumps. It won't lather like conventional shampoo. It WILL leave your hair shiney and extremely healthy looking. No longer am I being told by any stylist that I need a special conditioner to take care of my dry hair. THIS STUFF WORKS!...more info
  • Trippster
    Have used this product prior and liked it - don't think it was any cheaper ordering it on Amazon than directly from company. I selected regular ground delivery and got product in a couple days. Was greatly disappointed when the shipping amount was $9.00 - especially for such a small box! Will probably not order again....more info
  • 911 For Hair
    This product is just as good as everyone says! I saw the infomercial, read the reviews and thought... humm... expensive but I will try anything once... Well.. I will use this product forever. I have thin,fine straight hair.. yes, lucky me. It won't grow past my shoulders... But now... even in the month and half I have used this product, my hair has grown an inch and a half EASY. Which is a big deal for me & my hair! I recommend this to everyone! If you are interested and can afford it... BUY IT!! Even if you are slightly interested... a bit worried about the cost.. TRY IT! I tell you, it is worth it and you will LOVE it!...more info
  • Takes a bit of tweaking ...
    I've been using Wen cleaning conditioner for about 2 weeks, alternating between the Sweet Almond Mint and the Lavender. My hair is long and baby fine and my scalp is oily enough that I've always had to shampoo every day. The first week using Wen my hair looked amazing. It was supersoft and shiny. However about 4 days ago, my hair started looking and feeling oily at the scalp immediately after cleansing. I was so disappointed but after reading the reviews, I decided to try the Cucumber Aloe. I just received my bottle today and I immediately showered and cleansed my hair. I'm thrilled to report that my hair once again looks great--no oil slick on my scalp. I really hope that the Cucumber Aloe will continue to keep my hair looking beautiful and not oily. Just be aware that the different scents each have different ingredients and you may have to try a few before you find the one that works for you....more info


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